Temperament woman “shirt” beauty! Type 5 style, 31 sets, guarantees no resume

Wen: Luo Wei

Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion to wear a trip, and become beautiful and never get lost.

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How to wear spring shirt? Today, it is still the protagonist.

Is it horizontal? What is wrong with beauty? On the contrary, Luo Wei feels that [beauty and fashion] is noble, not an awareness of freely perfunctory.

A kind of survival

Art experience

, Through life daily; a kind of confrontation

Life attitude


, Achieve a beautiful life model. I like to dress up, wear a decent, and it is a kind of courage from not yetful.

Everyone who has met, Luo Wei will always be respectful and sincere. Of course, I said that I may not have to be bright and beautiful, the branches are proud, keep at the minimum.

Clean and tidy


I am very can’t stand it.


It is not enough to pay attention to the image instrument, and the daily life is meticulous and the interpretation is exhausted. Just this business


It has long been solemad so-called superficial skin.


Therefore, Luo Wei is sharing with extremely serious attitude


I hope you are also! Depart from the heart, vying, serious and affectionate, never live up to.

For example, these days have been in progress; for example, today is about to play today.



Wearing a manual.

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Wear “shirts” for many years, is it wrong? Don’t understand these 2 points, then match it without help

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➝ Key words refining

At the beginning of spring, the shirt debut. One of the trendy magic wardrobes of a workplace, what kind of one is as beautiful? Combined with different colors, version,

31 sets


5 pieces


Shirts are as follows:

White shirt

: Xiao Liyuan collar, loose version, soft and elegant, single wear, superimposed is a good hand.

Pink shirt

: The color is sweet, the style is neutral, it is naturally adjusted.

Denim shirt

: Classic Danning fabrics, wise blue, casual, and great harmonious holy products.

Wavelet shirt

: Black bottom white point, neutral lapel, set retro and formal.


: Lasta Miki, side fork, two big pockets, lapels, and nano.

Everyone should be based on their own career, like, temperament,

Type, color, quality, pattern

Infine the adaptive element, create a exclusive

Style shirt

Together, we will take a year and four seasons.


Fashion clothes, not only with aesthetic vision, but also the total PK at the smart level.

First: White shirt

How can a white shirt have? The dullness of autumn and winter is the light of the white stack; the joy of spring and summer, it is the purity confession that is getting concentrated.

The master that truly wear, never know about a perfect


Thumbs up. When spring is getting angry, one beige


A round neck white shirt, a small black pants, is a fresh fashion sign.

Yes, clean tightening

I like the single item that is soft and soft. Like a lightweed dress, a romantic half dress, these spring breeze fashionable, with this, white tone, simply perfect.

Elegant beige, preemptive to elegant woman’s flavor. A spring green point


As if the magic stick is activated. It’s flat, and you can’t hide the bright spring.

Wearing white shirts


Selling force fit. After all, it is not too much to embellish it. When cooling, the thickness of the black coat is also covered with the inner rejoicing.

A bright yellow trousers, a long necklace, personality shoe bag, and even the hoop, all the joy. Spring is coming, a river spring water to the east, old days, can you?

Take warm and cold, prevent can’t fight. Maybe a black high-neck sweater existence, just saving this helpless weather, also give the white shirt endless mix and match



The version is loose, some of the woman’s flavor fermentation, which is a must-have detail pursuing elegant. Choose a black skirt of a bias, a pair of black neutral leather shoes, just do it.



Sweater stack

The big is, is there a casual style? The vitality from the Spring girl summoned and broke out in an instant. Creamy yellow trousers is accompanied by exquisite maintenance.

Forgot, white shirt


However, the last move fashion killer. I don’t know how to wear, let the jeans servo, come back a little active shoe bag, the accessories embellishment, that effect … hehe.

Second: Pink Shirt


I really want to make Calls for this Call. Used in a neutral outlined shirt, which is unique to match. The color is light and elegant, the style is handsome, please go to the heart.

For its match, please remember the following points:

Heavy color color

All items must be critical. The pink shirt, the primary match problem is:

How to color

. Choose the supporting role of the cake, blow the pink, not to wear.

+ Tender yellow

The flexible powder is covered with a tenderness, and the neutral contour is shaken. Cute fresh, it is still the body of mature adults. Even if you take a black coat, you can get a fashion product.

+ Jeans

Fake thinking, pink shirts with blue jeans casual collision, full of fashion sparks. Taken from the classic red blue CP, along with consistent stunning.



: Pink is elegant, full of blue, and the tone difference between the larger, the hipster capital will rise. On the contrary, when jeans are dark blue, the effect will tend to be gentle.

Come, the same pink shirt + jeans, only



A sort of


The style is very different. Have a handsome, more street, and playful appearance make people feel unforgettable.

Pearl necklace, handsome hat, is an indispensable family.


mash up

At the stylish home of the mix and match, there is no half of the complaints. Balance is sweet, tune the woman’s taste, who is it? Specially designed a beige skirt for a pink shirt, and the open skirt is full of big dramas.



The more sweet, the more elegant, the more compared the conflict of mix and match, the better the effect. Mastering this heart method is the essence.

Pink shirts and sweaters match, not only mixing, but also the interpretation of the stacked. At this time, the pink is like a fashion play of the body, fulfilling the fashion play of white sweater and small black trousers.

The neckline, the wrist, the sweetness


It can be all spring heart.

Third: Cowboy Shirt

Always, Luo Wei wants to shout for a denim shirt. Classic


Danning shirt


At least 3 years, no, may not be out of 5 years to 10 years.

Unlike the thick leisure of denim jackets, it is more beautiful, it can be elegant, handsome, can be casual … hundred change to you can’t imagine.



The handsome style of the most like the cowgirl shirt is in the style of the world, and the world is not convinced, and the cool handsome is not awkward, and I am the style of the king. A white t-shirt, a black beam tide pants, plus a neutral shoe bag, come, just wear it.

Compared with handsome

Sweet and cool mix

The technique is blurred in a denim shirt. Maybe cater to the aesthetics of women, but it seems to be a bit constant.

What’s the problem? The sweet style of the half skirt is too abrupt, with a small association with the denim shirt, or almost no. It may be much better in the style of replacement of partiality?


Let the denim shirt raise the risk of “death”. If there is no sprinkle in the bones, you can’t wear enthusiasm.

Be careful when wear it. Give more easy or exaggerated accessories, the more you are, the better.




Relatively speaking, the mix and matching of the denim shirt is most secure. Take a little bit


Attribute, as a role, it is not easy to make mistakes. The prostitute, or a beautiful lady, so wearing the most decent.

+ Trendy wind

It is unresolved, and Yue Yue is. Choosing a bright

Tender yellow

Pants, in the denim shirt, external rice color suit, a set of high-profile and connotation lines come out.

The brown bag is embellished, echoes everything; the silver pointed single shoes appeared, cool is still exquisite.


+ Calm sect

Always remember, basic color + foundation color, saying that a calm sector of a two Suitable for workplace, or wear when you want to express your strength. Like black skirt, beige windbreaker with denim shirt,



Big winner.


After the big base is determined, the fashionable play is in the small matter of the shoe bag.

+ Stack

Wearing with white sweater, only from the neckline, the cuffs are exposed

Denim Blue


The form of small area is more difficult to make mistakes. The semi-skirt at this time is not high, and please wear.

Fourth: Wavelet Shirt

Cute wave point, appearing in the neutral shirt profile, what kind of fashion spark will be aroused? It looks like classic, as if it is official, more sweet and gentle, let people feel infinite …

Such shirts are obvious compared to common streamless shirts


. The best, the match is related.



Come to a jeans, the fashion charm is too worthy of cheering. Black bottom white point, there is a very even-moving shop, bringing some handsome, taking a shot with the casual style.

Yes, the cool power of the silver shoe bag has long been fixed.

With sweater, jeans stacked, there are less women’s taste, and other exquisite details are needed, such as pointed single shoes, gentle jewelry, etc.


Lili’s workplace emphasizes that there is a skillful, highlighting powerful strength. Choose a black semi-skirt with it, a large-scale black book,



Naturally controlled.

Brown square bag, pointed single shoes, is strengthened, more refined maintenance.

If you want to express your vitality, it’s fresh.



The trousers are assists in artifacts. The unique spring hue is not kitcrancy, but it is calm and fashionable, just right.




Cool wind

Bouquel, cool. It’s fashion, it is a disaster. With the wave point shirt, it uses a large black to sit up the atmosphere, and it is completed.

High heel

Introduction, for exquisite women to give more space, it is also an important part.



Sweet wind

Black and white, the upper stabilization is sweet, with the white skirt cooperation, is the sweet wind of the wavelet shirt. Foot canvas shoes, add a few more casual elegant.

: The style of the half-length skirt is as partial, partially neutral, and is more closely related to the relaxation of the shirt.

Fifth: Shirt Skirt

Finally, let’s take a look at the shirt skirt. In classic collection, set



The shirt skirt is a rare item. Since the 1950s, the entire fashion circle is popular.

Its match is wearing. Mastering different techniques, no different from sesame.


Tip 1: When the skirt is

Although a single-row buckle, it is incompatible with the common dress, but still does not hinder itself.


fact. I didn’t sprinkle the H-type, no waist, no curve, but hidden more chic.

Pick with a person’s bag, one of the transfer lines, two to the waist style. The put is not equal to not exquisite.

Tips 2: Mixing

Come into a suit, let the casual shirt skirt directly board the room. The hall here is a workplace, which is more decent with the taste of killing rivers and lakes. However, the premise is to handle the drag of the hem.


Tips 3: Large waist


The beige shirt skirt is a series, when the skirt is worn, this move is too bold. The icon is more trendy, in Luo Wei, add a slim foot

, One arrow three carvings, don’t be too high.


It is best to have nine stovepipe style, of course, the straight pants of the narrow pants tube is also good.

Skills 4: When the outer set

Single-breasted shirt skirt in the end, when



It is its most pleasant way. Handsome, lofty, leisure, instant allocation. This is its true color than to play the pattern.

A white t-shirt, a fresh trousers, a pair of canvas shoes, with it with it. It is seamless.

I am unwilling to love beauty, and I am playing a big play at any time. For example, shirts


. Very challenging approach, testing your body, temperament.

Ok, the 31 sets of 5 basic shirts have been shared, I hope to have a little inspiration to you!

Please pay attention to Luo Wei, see you tomorrow!

I am Luo Wei, regarding the management of the image as the homework you have to do, use the beautiful image, the beauty of the mood to meet the bloom of every day in your life.

I am not only sharing, but I hope to help you build your inner aesthetic system and mental nourishing system. Internal and external repairs, it is beautiful!

If you have confusion, you can privately, welcome to leave a message, we grow together on the road to become a beautiful road!

White shirt

White shirt