BP machine, big brother, cerebral gold: different intergenerational national tide memories


Pants, frog mirror, flower shirt

After the reform and opening up, accompanied by the economic development, the richness of the substance, the update of the concept, and the winding style have changed. The monotonous dress is abandoned. The young people have begun to sprout, flared pants, frog mirrors, and flowers in the streets.


In 1984, the Chinese women’s volleyball team was on the Los Angeles Olympic Games, and the boots wearing the female row of women’s shoes were a domestic brand back. For a time, the loan to become a legend, white canvas shoes, red backward logo, becoming the most extraordinary tide in the 1980s. The annual sales of the pull-back will be as high as 800 million yuan.




The recorder and TV, refrigerator, washing machine, called “four major pieces”, in the age of the material, and a recorder is both strength and fashionable. The recorder brings the pop music into the 1980s, wearing a petunter, shoulder tuning recorder is the most fashionable match at the time.


Rock music

Cui Jianqi, known as “rock godfather”, has a rock in the 1980s, and every you are eager to shout out the voice of the voice began to hang a guitar. This is the Testament of China’s rock music, let the people who deeply embed music in countless hearts to the top of the stage.

Hazy poem

Reviews of Xu Jingya in the “1980s: The Wind of the Poem”: “By 1989, the trend of huge poetry continues for a whole 10 years.” In the 1980s, the poet enlightenment After the reform and opening up, the Chinese poetry, the whole people wrote poetry, and the whole people’s read poems became an era.

White rabbit

There is a saying – “Seven large white rabbit milk candies, equivalent to a glass of milk.” One dairy candy held in the palm of his hand, slowly lick, slowly bite, full of rich and sweet milk flavor.

Jianli Bao


Jianli Bao is “healthy, vitality”, in the 1980s, Jianli Baotian profit once up to 130 million yuan. Jianli Baohong is full of Jiangnan North, once known as “China Magic Water”, but also becomes “China Olympic delegation preferred drink”, which is later listed as a national banquet drink in the Great Hall of the People.

In the 1990

Li Ning

In 1992, Chinese athletes wearing Li Ning cards in the Olympics – this is the Chinese people wear domestic brands to participate in the Olympic Games, tomato scrambled eggs, and start their households. After 80, in the memory of 90, the primary and secondary school phases wearing a pair of Li Ning sports shoes were special cool things.

BP machine


“Lumbar BP machine, hands holding big brother” is the standard of hidden people and rich people in the 1990s. The BP machine is from the numbers, and then to the Chinese, people enter the instant communication era, greatly improve the efficiency of people and world connections.

Big brother


At that time, I had a “big brother” about 30,000 yuan, it is because of the expensive price, “driving Santana, playing ‘big brother'” to become a symbol of luxury and trend. Some young fashion girls use this communication device by the trend.

Little king learning machine

In the PC game, the host game has not been popular, the little Banta learning machine has become the video game representative. “Super Mary” “Temple” “Tank Wars”, etc. After the little king brought 80, the happy memory after 90, who is in the slogan – “Xiaobao Qi Le is endless”.

Step by step high renewal

Like a reader and a learning machine, it was originally used to learn, and finally became the best partner for entertainment. Step by step in 1995, it officially entered the reuse machine market, soon became hot products, and students in the 1990s were almost people. Many people have a reciprocating machine to make a cover, clearly listen to music, but the experience of practicing English listening.



In the 1990s, the popular music is high, and “Walkman” debut. It is small and portable, or put it in the bag, or don’t be on the waist, then hang a pair of earphones, gently scream, and fashion.

Household computer

The computer “flying into the home” in the late 1990s, entered the private consumption field, and the computer model purchased from 286 to 386SX, 386DX or even 486. The Great Wall, the wave, the same party, etc. have become a domestic brand of households.

BBS chat room

Since 1998, I entered the Internet era. The Internet surfing is the most cost-effective thing. The BBS chat room opened a new era of Chinese people across local and sprinkled expressions. “Bihai Yinsha” broke through 590 million times with a cumulative visit to the largest public chat room, “Dinosaur” “I poured” “Diving” “886” and other first batch of popular words quickly spread in the chat room.


In the 1990s, the half-Wan Jiangshan, China Taxi, basically mastered in the hands of Xiali, and the spectacular scene of Xiali Street. Xiali took the sales champion throne for 18 consecutive years, which is cheap, oil-free, and is known as “China’s first god”. It is proud of the group for a while.


Brain gold

“This year, there is no gift, and the gift is only backed from the brain.” A taste of the slogan seems to be magical, let the brain white golden all over the country. Brain gold became a generation of memories, and dominated the China Health Products Market for many years, and after 11 years, it created a sales amount of 10 billion yuan.

Scene comedy

From the story of the editorial department to “I love my family” “waiting room story” “The Northeast family”, “Leisure Master”, etc. Reflecting a lot of reality, detonating TV screens in the 1990s.

In the early 21st century

mobile phone

In 2000, China’s mobile phone production exceeded 100 million mark, waveguides, step by step, Dongxin, and the first letter and other domestic mobile phones were unveiled. The most prosperous waveguides also created “waveguide mobile phone, fighters in mobile phones” such a populated slogan. People bid farewell to “Big Brother”, from Xiaomingtong to color screen, mobile phone enters the age of hegemony.


The computer is slim from a bulky desktop to a lightweight machine that makes the wireless Internet access is better, and the Internet has become unprecedented. Lenovo, Shenzhou and other domestic laptops also comply with the trend, the less thin.

QQ Show / Space / Pet

With the birth of OICQ, a penguin became a very identified identification. Later, OICQ became QQ. On this social software, people played a more personalized net name, and they kept replacing QQ show to make themselves look more cool, raise cute pets, and opened a very social function. space.


The MP3 at the time was sought after as today’s new Apple phones, which were compromised, easy to carry, and can be connected to the computer through the USB cable. MP3 is essentially a music player, but it is also one of the essential items that are cool and trend.


Network song

Entering the 21st century, the online songs rise, the tape is no longer a source of single acquisition music. The “The first snow in 2002” in the 2002 Snow “sang the street alley, Yang Chen Gang’s” mouse love rice “is the magical,” two butterflies “let Pang Long go all night.

Quick tide card

Writer Guo Jingming once wrote: “I started thinking that Giordano and Banni are famous clothes. There is no Meestus, there is no Metriwei, and there is no Sen Ma. “These 2nd centuries, the fast-moving tidal cards have evoke a generation of people, leading the fashion trend of Chinese young people.


At the beginning of the 21st century, Bosideo was developed rapidly. Through the planning of series activities such as “Challenge Everest”, China has set off a strong wave of Bosidene, and Bosideng realized the perfect combination of brand first and quality first, and lay the residence of the cold service industry.



At the beginning of the 21st century, non-mainstream “murder” styles were gradually popular in China. Although contemporary aesthetics is not optimistic about murderous murder, all kinds of stars have followed, and the murder style will bring climax.