How many pants do you have for fashionable fine? Comfortable, wearing foreign air and temperament

Pants dress, showing your attitude and fashion taste. Every set of stings behind you, there are many minds and accumulation. A woman who is really known as a fashionable cream is set to have a perseverance and keen vision of ordinary people.

Pursuing fashion journey, actually requires great courage. Do you have a courage when you born in each new single product?

Just match the shape of the pants, how can a simple trousers that per day? How can we properly wear a new pattern, grasp the distribution and look personal? The best answer is hidden in the most common clothes skills.


Pants dress display lines are essential

The simplest pants is nothing more than solid colored fabric design, clean and neat two straight rows of straight rows, shaping longitudinal lines after wearing. The more you pick the trousers, you often get more favored, if you can understand the shaped styling of the legs, you can show the simplex daily matching Fancy.


With the part of the body, we can see that the line of the trousers is in these two parts.


1 hip line


Woman’s hip line is a high-level sexy maximum murder. We don’t need to wear tights, deliberately outline full of hips, and formulate it slightly with waistline, you can make your body look very superior.


In this way, when picking up the pants version, it can be slightly harvested with the spatial feeling of the buttocks, properly reduce the waist circumference, form a wide narrow contrast of the waist hips, and the smart S-shaped curve is more precious.


2 leg lines

The leg line is a major key key, especially the longitudinal extension in the visual sensation. Using the pants to decorate the legs, it is the most convenient way, only need to pay attention to the color and version of the pants, you can adapt to all types of body characteristics, slightly a suitable shoe decoction, pants will make your body The lines are very beautiful.

Trendy essentials standing 5 pants

Chapter a pants that suits you, is not a simple matter. The more basic type, the more it is difficult to match the novel effect. Really fashionable essence is wearing these five pants, you have to be ready, ▽


First type: straight jeans → wild leisure

From the most foundation, the most casual daily style, we started, jeans undoubtedly become a lot of girls. This trouse pants have laid a lot of clothes that have a lot of dressing space, the shape is fat and the shape and dark, the body is thin and short chooses light and slim, the design of the flexible selection of brown pants can be injected to the shape Multi-novel elements.

+ Wear small white choice wide leg straight jeans

For fashion elements, it is easy to look at the cave pants that wear too novel avant-garde. Combined knitters and shirts are refreshing and casual.

+ High Pick-type figure

The superior body condition is to be a highlight of the clothes, such as a high-tech woman, wearing jeans, choosing a small feet, pulling long leg ratio and line feeling, wearing flat shoes, showing the proportion of the body, Casual daily shapes can look very eye-catching.

The second: nylon pants → gentle elegance

The thick niger can become a single product choice for winter and spring, the nylon fabric itself has a certain thickness. You can do a single piece, you can use the autumn trousers, and the leg-shaped woman does not have to worry about the legs. It seems special expansion.

+ Lazy style elevated leg nylon pants


It is a thickness of pants in itself, and if you can relax version design, it is easy to control lazy style. For example, with long windbreaker or woolen coat, combination of wide-leg nylon pants, let the stairs of the body are hidden in the clothes space, and do a high line feel.

+ Cone nylon pants


If you want the body line to look cleaner, a combination is more suitable for commuter dress, it is better to choose a tapered plate type nylon pants. More obvious small feet is designed to make the leg lines look more refreshing, so when you match short sleeves or high heels, it is also more suitable for the style of daily workplace.


Third type: suite

The essential single suit in the suit has a very hot trousers, itself has the design of the hip slimming, which can make the waist hip curve and the leg line showed the fullest.

+ All kinds of colors of suits

Don’t just be limited to pure black suit, jumping out of traditional suit set, we can use sweaters, sweaters, shirts, vest, etc. Jackets in coats, update colors can update different clothes, age The big woman can also wear a sense of fashion.


The fourth type: clouds

Pure white fabric wide-leg pants, we call cloud trousers, after taking the color and version of the trousers, we can put more energy and detail on the design of the top. The style of the cloud pants itself is biased toward elegant atmosphere, and the corresponding clothing design should not be too cumbersome.

+ Matching solid color sweater


The clouds of the bunch of clouds are very small, with a pure-colored sweater top, very distinctive age-friendly and casual sense. If you want to make your temperament look more noble, it will be a good choice for high-heeled shoes.

Yunxia pants have pure white background, but don’t worry about it, because the loose design of pants is really fascinating, the legs are thick or thighs, and women with thigh muscles are ideal for wearing this trousers.

+ High waist clouds

Since there is a superior version of a wide-leg pants, add the detail design of the high waist, it helps to divide a more superior shape when mixing with short clothes. High waist helps to draw long legs, and the flat shoes are also appropriate.

Fifth: Pants

From the 1970s, the popular flared pants began, which is really a retro preferred item of the street trend. The laid knee section can show the leg lines and proportions, and the magnified calf trousers is quite retro popular charm.

+ Denim petter

Young women are very good at using casual feelings and retro feelings to show fashionable temperament, cowboy flavors can meet your clothes needs. Women who have a big fumes can choose from solid colored denim pants, with bat shirts or denim jackets look extreme trend.

+ Colorful flare pants

Love the retro trend girl knows that color is the meaning of the flared pants, the warm red, refreshing green, gentle yellow, can add fashion fashion for the flavin pants. Colorful flared tricks combine the solid colorful shirts to deliver different styles of the same set of shapes.

Stylish girls are often prepared with four trousers, which one do you prefer?