Small princess remembers – these classic red winter skirts worth each small princess!

In the cold winter, many small princess’s mothers found most cases, the baby wearing a thick coat, and no longer be like summer, casual summer skirts can make small The princess’s cute and beautiful, exudes the taste of Loli and the lady.

In fact, even in winter, the skirt still can become the protagonist of the small princes, the cold is warm, and the beautiful is still lucky. In the winter skirt, the classic little red skirt will always be the most, it is not easy to obey, come to Shake’s shopping carts today, what are the classic red winter skirts of the beautiful new horizon?

High-end atmosphere,

Female treasure

First choice

Whether it is Christmas, New Year, or a birthday meeting, a banquet flower, the baby will always have a need to wear official and grand, a set of gorgeous and textured clothes perfectly solved these problems.


Shawl small coat + vest dress + hair band decoration, eliminating the mother’s matching troubles. Classical gorgeous shapes, put off the baby’s noble retro temperament.


Leisure is official,



Princess dress

When you meet a party or take the outside shot, I deliberately dress up and feel awkward. Can you still wear daily? This princess skirt, comes with casual and dignified temperament, very suitable for taking pictures.

Strip shawl, under the garden, leisure European and American wind, wearing a baby very playful. When the cold, we will take a jacket at will, and the mesh is placed, and it is natural, and there is no feeling.

Casual princess wind, cute and ocean

Doll dress

In the warm winter, when you go out, you always hope that she can be free, unconstrained, and the style simple doll dress is very suitable for the baby’s out.

Leisure doll skirt version, with a small coat, very lively and playful. Out of travel or slippery, let the baby constraint, very foreign, fashion.

Lady little fragrance, no fear cold



There is a weather that wear a skirt is slightly thin, plus a coat, and cover the skirt inside, want to happily wear a skirt, try the skirt coat.

The small square is designed, generous, the cuff is the tight 9-point sleeve, the black sweater in the bottom of the bottom, reveals the sleeve of the sweater, look very good, the skirt is decorated with wood, and the small aroma temperament is jumped. In front of you.

Traditional new year wind, must-have for the New Year

Girls trap cheongsam dress

Exquisite embroidery patterns, as well as the tray of the oblique design, very traditional cheongsam, the lower body is improved, more suitable for the baby, fashionable and not the traditional beauty.

Every little princess is worthwhile, wearing a princess dress giving a baby, not only look, but also contributes to temperament, hurry, add a hot warmth of the fire in winter!


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