Internet corruption fraud last year, live e-commerce, community group purchase into new disaster-stricken areas

With the two major top streams of the live e-commerce industry, Viria was killed, and the Internet industry also ushered in the “peak” of the anti-corruption anti-fraud case in 2021.

According to the “2021 Internet Anti-corruption Survey Report” issued today, the Nandu Commercial Data News Department shows that the market-raising supervision continues to strengthen, and the Internet companies that promote anti-corruption compliance system construction will further increase. At the same time, the number of anti-corrupted anti-fragage cases is also refreshed again. In 2021, according to the internal notification of the enterprise, the public account exposure, the public inspection and taxation and other official agencies and the media disclosed Internet corruption fraud were more than 240, a year-on-year increase of 153%. A total of more than 300 employees have been expelled or transferred to the judiciary, and the number is doubled last year.

Among them, live e-commerce and community group buy become


The new high-risk field in the Internet corruption fraud, is also the youngest industry.

This is the third consecutive year of the Nandu Commercial Data Office for the third consecutive year. The report shows that with the rapid expansion of platform businesses, traffic, resources are monopolized to individual oligarchs, which also leads to partial platform companies to be enlarged. In addition, in two new fields of live e-commerce, community group purchase, capital disorderly expansion, leading to excessive short-term effects, scale effect, resulting in huge hunting space.

However, as the government’s compliance supervision, the warning effect of the media continued exposure and focus case, the construction of anti-fraud system in the Internet industry has also been rapidly accelerated. “The rigid constraints of the Internet Enterprise System are getting higher and higher, and the compliance management is constantly increasing. The announcement of the fraud cases will also increase. As the fraud case breaks through the situation, the intervention of administrative supervision and criminal law enforcement increases. The illegal and even criminal cases investigated also increased. “Jiang Xianliang, a senior partner of Beijing and Law Firm, and the Dean of China Compliance Research Institute.

[Overall Overall]

Last year was doubled

Internet compliance management is increased

The report shows that 22 Internet companies have disclosed or exposed the fraud in 2021, an increase of 29.4% year-on-year. The exposed fraud case has a total of more than 240, an increase of 153% year-on-year, and the number of cases exposed in 2020 is close to 100.

In 2021, the Internet fraud referred to Suning Tesco, Qihoo 360, orange heart is preferred, US group is preferred, box horses, Youku, Tencent video, shake, fast hand, Sina Weibo, Vipshop, cool dog, BRIC , Xiaomi, Huawei, Shentong, Zhongtong, Sheng Yong, Yu Fail, Qian Fang, Tianjin Unicom, China Cable TV Network Co., Ltd., in addition to traditional Internet big plants, scope to live e-commerce, community fresh, telecom operators New areas such as logistics, video platforms.


According to the report, there were 7 new Internet companies that exposed the corrupt fraud case in 2021, and 7 companies were established within 10 years. The youngest enterprise was established for only three years, all of which were live e-commerce companies. In addition, the community group purchase business team of orange-hearted preferences and the unfamiliar group purchase business team is less than two years.

“The new trend involved in the case is not accidental. The root cause is that the industry’s employees need to improve the staff of employees; on the other hand, these rapidly developing industries, very prone to management short board, especially compliance management, unable to follow In, the management layer has a weak sense of compliance, and the corporate compliance culture is seriously lacking. Therefore, the fraud behavior is easy to send. “Jiang Xianliang, a senior partner of Beijing and Law Firm, and the Dean of China Compliance Research Institute.


In terms of the number of people, the report shows that more than 300 employees have been expelled or transferred to the judiciary in 2021, and the number is doubled last year. In contrast 2020, there were 17 Internet companies to expose the fraud, a total of more than 150 employees were involved in it.

For the high incidence of fraud cases in the Internet industry, Jiang Xiangliang said that the Internet enterprise is a private enterprise, and the probability of obevenment of employee fraud cases will increase with the continuous expansion of the company. Second, the rigid constraints of the Internet enterprise system are increasing, and the compliance management is constantly increasing, so the announcement of the fraud will also increase, and with the exhibition of the fraud case, the case of the legal boundary increases, administrative supervision and criminal law enforcement The intensity increases, and the criminal cases that are investigated are also increased.

Southern Reporter Statistics found that in 2020 and 2021 Internet corruption fraud cases, nearly half for the company’s proactive disclosure, including issuance of the company or publishing an announcement in the entire network. Among them, Xiaomi, Drop, Tencent founded the “Department of Control Internal Trial Operator”, “Wind Control Compliance Department”, “Anti-Dragonfly Survey Department”, regularly released regular behaviors such as corruption and fraud in the company. Another 40% of the cases come from the court judgment, and the procuratorate / police / tax bureau is announced, and the rest come from the media disclosure report.

[Post analysis]

Four high-risk positions: business expansion, procurement, sales, operation

Common four sessions in the Internet industry corruption fraud, including business expansion (BD), procurement, sales, operation, which is also the most frequent position in “explosion” over the years.

“The company’s internal corruption behavior, said that the employee uses the work to facilitate the personal private ownership, and the company’s economic and reputation caused damage. BD, procurement, sales, operations in these four positions, BD, sales are driven, commercial bribery The temptation and possibilities are large; the procurement and operational positions, due to their mastery of the probabilities of the property and the property, the possibility of infringement of property and internal bribery, “Beijing Yizhen and Law Firm, Senior Partner, China Co-Compliance Research Institute The dean ginger is called.

Traditional industry corruption fraud spread to the new retail platform

From the business expansion corruption case, the people’s procuratorate of Jing’an District, Shanghai announced that the sales manager of a branch, and its job responsibilities are business expansion and merchants maintenance, and they are looking for qualifications in their business packages. Store, talk about cooperation, please enter the “hungry” online platform. Zhang is the boss of Fangmou’s business package. Zhang has run a business license and catering license of two catering stores, but it is a sign.

In June 2017, Zhang was in contact with the platform customer service, let him hang two stores in hungry platform and plug in a certain 5,000 yuan in cash. Fang Mou knows that the company does not allow merchants to repeat online with the same business address, still use the convenience of the position to help Zhang’s business store repeat. Later, Zhang found a side of Fang, let him find a way to improve the exposure of the catering store. Some as a sales manager, knowing the company has a dollar spike, giving a good marketing policy for a good merchant, will be allowed, and the position is convenient, and it is preferred to take these subsidies to the catering store.

In addition, according to the judgment of the referee’s document network, Tencent’s commercial expansion regional manager Xia, using the convenience of his position and position, illegally accepting the property of 750,000 yuan, and seeking benefits for others. The specific violations include accepting bribes, helping the bribe people to cancel the wind control of the relevant company’s merchants, and the merchants of bribery competitors.

It is worth noting that the procurement posts are more than the retail industry, from the traditional retail enterprises to the new retail platform rise in recent years, they are strictly presented to the procurement position, but there is still the frequent cases of corrupt fraud.

Typical, such as Ni Mou, during the daily procurement manager, using the convenience of the position, illegally accept the supplier of the legal representative of Shanghai Adaise Trading Co., Ltd., the defendant Lu Mouhui, a total of RMB 1.43 million (through bank transfer) Way to pay for the company in the company where Lu Mouhui is located. In April 202, the People’s Court of Beijing Haidian District made a judgment of the case, and Ni, the defendant Ni, was sentenced to three years in prison, and fined RMB 12 million. The defendant Luo Hui crimes against non-state staff, sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for two years, fined 40,000 yuan.

In the operational position, the Internet content platform is common mine area including hot spot, live operation, etc. Such as the short video platform two employees are sentenced to the bribery. According to the judgment of the Chinese referee, the byte beating two employees have a total of more than 580,000 yuan to receive the money given by others, and push the other party’s designated content, and two people in the Haidian District People’s Court sentenced two people. Personnel accept bribes.

The judgment shows that the two defendants of the case were Wang Madi, Zhang Mou welcomed, and it was 90. From September 20020, 2018, the defendant Wangmoui served as a shake in Beijing Weike Vision Technology Co., Ltd. – Content Operation – Hot Operation Position, responsible for the hot search, then transferred to the shake – hotspot – Content planning position. From January 2019 to August 2019, the defendant Zhang Welcome to Beijing Floor Jumping Network Technology Co., Ltd. to serve as a shake – content operation – hot business position, responsible for the joining hot Search.

In July 2019, Wang Mou Di received a total of RMB 9050, and pushed the content of Wang’s designated content. From August to August 2019, Wang Mou Di received a total of RMB 5.76 million, and the RMB 220,000 was given to Zhang. Wang Mou Di sent Wang’s designated content to Zhang Welcome, Zhang Welcomes the above content to the hot list.

For the above-mentioned reasons, Jiang Xiangliang pointed out that “Objective These behaviors will exist in different levels in the company’s development. On the one hand, it is the greed of people’s own existence. On the other hand, although it is precise, it does not mean There is no vulnerability in the system and its implementation, and the employee does not dare to commit, until you don’t want to commit, and then you can’t make it. This is a process of improvement, not a chance. “

Middle and high-rise corruption cases



It is worth paying attention to the corrupt fraud cases exposed in the past two years, the simplicity of high-level management personnel in the enterprise has emerged, and the high-level executives include presidents, executive presidents, chief strategic officers, executive vice presidents, assistant general manager, deputy general manager, etc. And, middle-level management personnel include regional person in charge, department head, director, business manager, etc. Compared with the corruption cases of ordinary employees, the amount involved in the middle and high-rise anti-corruption cases is generally higher, low, and tens of millions.

For example, Yang Weidong, president of Ali’s Cultural Cilv, and President of Youku Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., according to the judgment, the people’s court of Hangzhou Yuhang District, found that 2016-2018, the defendant Yang held a network technology ( During the president of Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as a company), using its full operation, management of the positions of the relevant platforms, and the receiving, the bribery of business cooperation units is more than RMB 8.55 million yuan. The defendant Yang’s crimes of non-state staff were sentenced to seven years in prison, and they were confiscated to 2 million yuan.

In addition, according to the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission is announced in December 2021, the original executive president of Shentong Express Co., Ltd. Shenmou and the executive vice president of Zhongtong Express Co., Ltd. is given to Yogen (formerly Zhejiang). The Provincial Department of Economic and Technological Development Zone, the party committee, secretary of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Economic and Technological Development Zone Branch Party Secretary, Director), 379 million yuan and RMB 379 million, accounting for more than 7% of the bribes of Chicang.

According to the disclosure of the referee, Zhou Senxin, who has served as a live broadcast of Cool Dogs, using its management live platform to fully work, and a part of a company employee defendant Yang, Hohou’s stop-changing link, canceled the agency qualification Or directly pressing the guild operation to the next recharge agent or the leader, platform anchor, etc., the platform, etc., it is necessary to pay nearly 5 million yuan.

The executive is always a high-risk zone of corporate corruption, and the executive corruption case exposed in 2020 and 2021 is very frequent, and the number has reached the sum of 2015 to 2019. According to Nandu reporters, there were nearly 30 middle and senior management personnel involved in the Internet anti-corruption case since 2015 to July 2019.

“The reason for the frequent fraudulent exquisite is that senior staff members have more convenient conditions, objectively giving him more temptation and escape of sanctions. On the other hand, people with high rights are not more Strong self-discipline, greater greater greed and adventure. “Jiang Xianliang pointed out that” senior fragile cases will not only bring direct economic losses to enterprises, but also due to fraud cases exposed companies in combination There are major vulnerabilities and deletions in terms of management, which will affect the evaluation of the public’s compliance management capabilities, affecting the long-term interests of the enterprise. Therefore, the fraud cases of ordinary employees affect the short-term and individual interests of the enterprise, and the exquisite cases affect the exquisite cases. Long-term and overall interests of enterprises. “


Inner ghost

Turn into telecom fraud

It is worth paying attention to the first time of the communication industry to participate in the telecom fraud case. On March 30, 2021, Zhejiang Ningbo police notified: Ningbo police recently cracked a major telecom fraud case, criminal suspects use operator system internal permission to sell more than 900 million, illegally profitable 50 million yuan, related fraud case 70 Rest. The current case is under further investigation.

This is also a tribute to the “inner ghost”, the use of operator system vulnerabilities (helping information network criminal activities). The notification released by the “Ningbo Public Security” WeChat public account showed that the above more than 900,000 communication numbers were attributed to Guangdong, and Liu Mou, who has long-term underground cooperation with the illegal SMS interface gang, is the person in charge of the NMS Center of South China Communications Operator.

Invitation show, during work, Liu uses system internal permissions, privately built internal cloud servers, and the rental overseas server IP is the springboard, realize the connection platform and telecom server, and more than 900 million Guangdong communication number certified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, The illegal SMS interface gang sold to Panmou is illegally profitable to 50 million yuan.

In addition, in the past two years, the corrupt fraud in the past two years also includes the IT department, the director of the Intellectual Property Office, the supply chain business expansion expert, the project producer, and the company.

Typical cases in the supply chain, such as September 29, 2020, Zhejiang Rookie Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. (later referred to as rookie company) business expansion expert Jiang Hongping’s non-state staff to accept bribes, sentenced to ten months in prison, probation for one year. In addition, November 22, 2019, Zhejiang Rookie Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. Senior Operations Hu Xiaohui was sentenced, August 24, 2018, the rookie company logistics expert Hu Hong was sentenced.

【Behavior analysis】


Reason for involvement

: Accepting bribes, duties, sneak evasion

According to the report, common behaviors in the Internet corruption fraud include: accepting bribes, duties, stealing taxes, brush single arbitrage, defrauding platform subsidies, leaks business secrets, conflicts, personal violations, misappropriation of funds, forgery / resume / seal, etc. ,bribery. Among them, accepting bribes and positions of the occupation is the largest, more than 60%.

According to the judgment of the judgment book network, Suning Yi purchase chef home improvement company’s home improvement building materials center basic building materials business department business management manager Feng Yan is facilitated, and Changzhou Corino Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. (Suning Tesco platform is called O’Rehinde Flagship Store) Manager Xie Fuxing, using Suning E-Commerce and Comgnorated KA Agreement on sales of 2.5 million yuan, can enjoy 4.5% commission returned, in the company’s real sales Without the agreement, the joint invaders of 2017 Suning Tesco should not return the commission of the company. Xie Quanxing has passed the illegal provision of Corino to pay 368,500 yuan to Suining Tesco Company, and then Xie Quanxing has extracted 300,000 yuan and sealing fraction.

In addition, from March to June 2018, Feng Yan has been convenient, knowing that Lin Ren Mountain is in the illegal activities of Suining’s sustainable settlement, and still introduces the company under its management category to Lin Ren Mountain, and is in Suining. The commission received by Suning from 6% is adjusted from 6% to 0.6% -1% to reduce the crime costs of Lin Renhan illegal activities. The amount of the above-mentioned decline is 363.358 million yuan, and the defendant sealing rock is illegally profitable for 20,776 yuan.


Some Internet companies set the “high voltage line / red line”, and conflict with conflict with the company’s interests and conflict with the company’s interests.

For example, in 2020, the Drop Statement Department and the multi-sectoral cooperation, took the initiative to attack, investigate and deal with various fraud, corruption, etc., mainly concentrated in falsification, accept bribes, conflicts, conflicts and information security violations.

Among them, the original dripper Fan Mounie deliberately concealed relatives in his tenure, and a number of violations provided the company’s important business information to relatives, and brought huge losses to the company. Initially, the drip company requires Fan Ni to be unable to pay, the company relieves its labor contract, and adds it to the recruitment black list, the drip and related companies will never be hired.

In addition, the original drip staff Chen Moumao exports the company to the important document of the business secrets during his tenure, bringing a large loss to the company. Initially, the drip will be lifted with Chen Mou’s labor contract, and join the recruitment black list, the drip and related company will never be hired, and the civil lawsuit against Chen Mou is invaded. .

In the perspective of the Popula Vegetarian Risk Governance Team, more and more companies have increased anti-fraud from system control, auditing monitoring, risk management, data analysis, etc. in order to more effectively identify suspicious transactions and fraud. The work of work. However, there is still a series of difficulties and pain points, such as internal investigators, exhausted, traveled, not formed, unfair, not perfect reporting mechanism, not followed by implementation; management report The channel personnel are insufficient independence; when the fraud case is exposed and investigated, the personnel involved in the case and the loss cannot be traced; lack of diverse, systematic investigation and evidence collection means, fraudulent behavior cannot be confirmed.

【industry analysis】

New trend of fraud:

Community fresh, live e-commerce, logistics


Three major

New disaster-stricken area

From the past five years, the head enterprises in the platform e-commerce, logistics distribution, community fresh, video platform, take-out platform, live e-commerce, etc. have exposed corruption fraud.

Among them, the community is fresh, live e-commerce, and logistics is a newly added area in the past two years. Southern reporter combed to discover that live e-commerce has two major minerangers: an anchor stealing tax, investment “hidden rules”, common corruption of new retail platforms such as community group purchase, for violation, the benefits, defrauding platform commissions, in addition to the logistics industry is exposed Corrupt fraud cases are concentrated in the regional team.

Industry insiders said that in two new fields in live e-commerce and community groups, capital disorderly expansion, leading to excessive short-term effects, scale effect, resulting in huge hunting space.

Logistics industry area

Team fraud


In the corrupt fraud case exposed to the logistics industry in the past two years, the figure of regional management personnel emerges frequently. In addition to executive executives, the corruption fraud in the logistics industry happens in the regional business team.

SF Group Investment LTM Service Merchants released the Nance of Jie Dabu, in the first half of the 2020, in the first half of the year, since 2020, the audit department has discovered and investigated and investigated 15 cases of “fraud red line” case, including more than 10 people The red line “is dismissed, many partners have been pulled into the blacklist due to participation in fraud, and many people are transferred to the public security judicial organs for suspected crimes.

The violations are mainly focused on facilitating private benefits, using company policy vulnerabilities. For example, the original Jiangsu province network management is convenient to use the authority, and the benefits of a number of franchisees will be accepted by borrowing, 利 利, etc., and the fictional joining area fraudulently intended to transfer the extension. Its behavior violates the “red line”, and will be resigned, and the surplus X is due to the suspected “fraud” and has been enforced by the public security organs.

For another example, Zhanjiang District Chen X-Xi, Chen X flying franchisees, using the company’s policy vulnerability, false brush single sets of huge subsidies. Its behavior violates the “Followering Red Wire”, which has been pulled into the blacklist of never cooperation. At the same time, Chen X Xi, Chen X Fife is suspected of “fraud”, has been criminally detained by the public security organ.

In addition, Aneng Logistics also exposed the regional management team corruption fraud. He once served as a region in a region of a region of the Department. Refund all illegal income.


According to ANAN disclosure, multiple outtime abnormal retreats in the area of ​​Wu, causing the high alert of the company’s audit supervision department. Combined with the relevant reporting materials, the survey found that Wuomou did not act, chaotic as such a behavior, and the problem of multiple feedback on the outlet did not resolve timely and effective, suspected of violations of multiple outlets, deposits caused their retreat, resulting in the company Major losses and negative impacts. After mastering a number of evidence, Aneng has released a message on Wuwang’s penalty within the entire network, and the list of non-honest people in the enterprise anti-fraud alliance, and then submit evidence to the local Economic Investigation Brigade to investigate .

“The number of regional teams involved in the quantity of the fraud, which shows the high-risk zone of fraud, and the discovery of corporate compliance management is unable to effectively monitor the risks of compliance risk. The deep level is because the monitoring of corporate compliance is not in place. Monitoring is not in place The means of compliance management cannot follow up. After the risk is constantly accumulating, it will produce a variety of serious fraud. “Jiang Xianliang said to the Nandu reporter, in response to such circumstances, corporate compliance management needs to strengthen compliance power equipments It is recommended to equip the regional team’s compliance officers, which can be part-time, but if the key area can configure full-time compliance, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection of compliance risks and increase the inspection supervision. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the reporting efforts of violations.


Community retail

The starting stage is huge

The community group purchase track has just been in less than 2 years, but has been exposed to many corrupt fraud.

The first is December 20020, the US group is preferred to report that the US Group is preferred in the provinces of Shaan Ning (Shaanxi, Ningxia) province, and has been criminally detained by Xi’an police because of accepting bribes. It is reported that the Majets will be asked to accept a number of grid partners to bribery, and shall be criminally detained by the police at suspected non-state staff.

The case is defined within the US group as a “preferred first case”, which is the US group’s preferred business since its establishment in July last year, the first internal inflationary violation of illegal cases.

At 10 am June 17, 2021, the Shaanxi Beilin District Court publicly opened a case in the court to hear a case of non-state staff. The case under the case of the case, the first non-state staff received bribery this year, and the case has been widely concerned by the society due to the preferred senior management of the defendant Military Department, and many senior executives from the US group related enterprises. The court participated in the side.

In court, the Tribunal, in September 2020, the defendant Madao served as the channel management manager of Xi’an Branch of Beijing San Express Online Technology Co., Ltd., responsible for recruiting the preferred business distribution partner of Shaanxi and Ningxia Regional Mission.

In November 2020, the defendant Major used its position to determine the position of the joint partners, and passed the bribery by others or directly received the bribery by the bribery, and 7 companies that determined by the bribery Become a branch of the United States and the United States and the United States, the branch of the United States, and the crime involving two provinces, four or four governments, and seriously violated the company and corporate management order.

Fresh retail platform boxes are also concentrated on a illegal employee issued in August 2021. According to media reports, most of the employees in the notification come from the sales and sale department, and the proportion of proportion obtained from the supplier is up to 20%. Among them, Li is a sold-off personnel in Hangzhou, the commercial group commodity sales center, and the company charges 2% of the purchase amount of 2% of the company during the purchase of a company in Hangzhou, Hangzhou, China. As a return, Li maintains the opportunity and business volume of the supplier to supply brand commodities to the boxed Major Hangzhou region. From June 2009 to September 2018, Li took advantage of 480,000.

Li Mou and Zhengmou, a fresh fruit and vegetable salesman, and Zheng Mou, charge a high return through resource inclination. Among them, in 2019, Li Mou requested the supplier friends to buy fruit, after the two suppliers have purchased more than 60 million yuan from their friends, Li Mou has received more than 120,000 yuan. And Zheng was charged nearly 2.70,000 yuan in April 2018 to 2020. During the period, the person in charge of the supplier of the associated business is also borrowed 1030,000 yuan.

In addition, in the beginning of 2021, the brownd of the community group purchase platform of the bricks was exposed to defraud the fraud of the platform commission. According to the orange heart, the original orange heart preferably BD Wang is in the office, using the position of the position of the registered registered head, after the illegal means is malicious, defrauding the platform goods and commissions of more than 200,000 yuan. In January 2021, Wang has been criminally detained by the police, and the case is under further investigation.

In the view of the industry, the start-up Internet corporate fraud case is related to the industry development model, especially if the capital is welcoming, and the company is competing. It will be more likely to breed fraud.

“More than the Internet, many companies are not perfect in the early days, the rules and regulations are not perfect, only with the rapid expansion of the business, indistries,” Dean of the Shanghai Finance and Legal Research Institute, said, “But Internet companies have It is often designed to design a lot of subsidies for scale expansion. Internal personnel may have a huge subsidy to fake, or only ‘related households can get subsidies, the consequences bringing the result is not but without boosting the business The subsidy has anyone who has no corresponding person, how to avoid falling into his own pockets, which is a cautious consideration when the Internet businesses need to be carefully designed. “

“The internal corruption of new retail enterprises such as community group purchase must first affect the supply chain mutual letter, whether it is platform and online outlets, or suppliers and community group buy platforms, this mutual trust can improve the cost of supply chain, reduce efficiency, In the past, the user experience will be greatly reduced. “Pan and Lin analysis pointed out.


Steal tax

Amazing amount


As a emerging industry, live e-commerce has been born since birth, and five anti-corruption cases have been exploded. One of the cases and the company’s internal staff are suspected of accepting bribes, and the duties are invaded. The other four cases are related to the anchor individual income tax, which is Zhu Xihui (net name: Sydney), Lin Shanshan, Li Zhiqiang (Hanfan Chief Strategy Officer) and Wei Ya In addition, the anchor of autonomous payment taxes also reached a thousand people.

From the case of involving the case, the amount of the tax-in-the-ranking taxation is very huge, far exceeding other industries. From the perspective of the age of the case, the live e-commerce related enterprises are relatively young, Sheng Hao culture and modes are registered in 2019. It is not only three years in 2019; Yu Sail and e-commerce is registered in 2016, and the establishment time is not By 6 years.

“Enterprises break through a certain size, such as revenue 50 million thresholds, the company’s management method does not follow, there will be confusing, this is a common problem of many entrepreneurial Internet companies. And these confuses are rapidly developing during the enterprise Fortunately, if the industry has developed bottlenecks, enterprises entered the stock game in advance, and the internal personnel of the company cannot meet, corruption is becoming more serious. “Pan and Lin pointed out that from the live e-commerce fraud, an anchor tax evasion It is an example to establish a bad role in the outside world. Future tax on the e-commerce industry may not only be limited to the anchor, live billing hidden rules, and destroy the price transparency, increase the water sales of e-commerce commodities.

The current high-frequency fraud behavior of live e-commerce industry is mainly bribery, duty invasion, and sneak distinguished personal income tax. Among them, most of the exposure of the tax evasion is from the regulatory authorities, and the standardization of the anchor taxation of the entire industry has become an irreversible trend. According to Xinhua News Agency, there have been thousands of online anchors actively self-investigate taxes. On December 22nd, the Taxation Bureau of Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Beijing issued a notice, requiring a star, anchor to self-examination, and actively report and correct tax-related issues to the tax department before the end of the year.

Most of the exposure channels of stealing taxes last year, most of the regulatory authorities, can see the normation of the anchoring of the entire industry has become an irreversible trend. For example, last year, in the relevant notifications of the aquatic punishment, it is difficult to see “Big Data Terminal”, it is not difficult to see that the big data technology has played an increasingly important role in the taxation of new state economies. With the online four-phase online, big data will also make stealing taxes.

With the online four-phase online, big data will also make stealing taxes. The fourth issue of the fourth phase of the fourth phase of the Fourth Group. Since 1994, the gold tax project has been in the first phase, the second phase, and the third phase of today’s four phases. The biggest feature of the four gold tax is the information network verification system, which has built the information sharing and verification of the information sharing and verification between the participants such as Ministry of Party, the People’s Bank, and the bank, realizing the mobile phone number of the enterprise, the company’s tax state, and the enterprise registration The registration information verification three major functions. Cai Chang, Professor, Central University of Finance and Economics, Cai Chang, director of the Legal Research Center, told Nanyu reporters, and the four periods of the gold tax will be more intelligent. “If some tax avoidance phenomena is discovered in the region, it is easier to pass the big data. Technology to find these illegal parties. “


In addition, although the current e-commerce industry is disconnected, the position of the occupation is only one, but the feedback from the industry is in the event, such incidents have not been seen, and this “hidden rules” have not been remedied by most enterprises.

Sheng Hye Culture is shown that the investigation of the Sheng culture and clean government supervision department is verified. Since October 2020, Sun Xue (Flower Name: Snow Snow) During the employee of the company, use its responsibility for nourishing tonicity positions, accept The cooperation is huge, and the medium is full, causing huge economic losses and reputation damage, suspected of non-state staff to accept bribes, and crimes of duty. There was a rumor that Sun Xue was born in 1999. It has received 3 million yuan within a year, but this statement has not been confirmed.

Some insiders told San Du reporters that the big anchor investment was originally “fragrant”. Some merchants cannot enter the head anchor of the head through normal channels. They can only “find the relationship.” There have been a merchant to tell the south of the reporter, the head anchor is 200,000 yuan on October 20, the first day of the first night, and some merchants spend millions in order to find the relationship.

For beginner-type enterprises should avoid internal fraud, Jiang Xiangliang, the president of Beijing Wei and Law Firm, and the Sino-Co-Compliance Research Institute, Jiang Xiangliang, should strengthen compliance management from the following aspects: establishing a standard of employee business conduct, clear behavior red line, Cultivate compliance culture; increase accountability, implement zero-tolerance, improve the fraud case; increase the constraint of the warning education, improve the system’s shocking power through illegal violations; leadership leads the first to lead the demonstration effect to employees .

“Sub-initiated companies can introduce international consultants, to standardize, standard enterprise models to renovate the interior of the company. This is more worry-free, and the supply chain relationship. Other Internet companies can take business responsibilities The way to determine the way, clarify the rights and responsibilities, and more rights have more responsibility, and strengthen internal management. “Members of the Ministry of Information, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Executive Economics Research Institute of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law And Lin said.



Prevention beforehand, things to respond, technical upgrade

South Bugu:

Our statistics found that more than 240 Internet fraud were exposed in 2021, an increase of 153% year-on-year. What are the reasons behind the number of growth?

Puhua Yong Road China Legal Accounting Service Partner Zhao

group :

The Internet industry is compared to traditional industries, light assets, fast pace, heavy output, and employees have average the average age. With the rapid development of enterprises, many practitioners have mastered their positions that do not match their sections, and the internal management control of the enterprise is not adjusted in time to accommodate the prevention and control requirements of fraud, producing the space of the interests and exploits the fraud, and breeds the soil of fraud. .

With the increase in the supervision environment and the increase in the anti-corruption of the Internet industry, many corruption changes are transformed into “internal digestion” into “active exposure”, which also adds the public to the public’s understanding of Internet fraud cases to a certain extent.

From the positions involved in the fraud, it is mainly concentrated in BD, procurement, sales, operation. Why is these four positions become a corruption fraud high-risk area, and all major companies are strictly preserved but still have been banned?

Zhao Qun:

The above departments typically involve large capital exchanges and contacts with external personnel, such as customers, suppliers, etc. In the process of funding, the internal control of the company has not formed effective closed loop, and the chance of fraud will result.

We discovered a trend: the proportion of executives participating in the fraud is high, can you analyze the causes and what more risks bring to enterprises and society?

In the fraud cases participating in business executives, business executives usually use their special status and power in the enterprise, over, on the internal control, from top and downcomer fraud. There are many reasons why senior fragments. From the fraud triangle theory: First, there is a higher approval authority, master more core information, but the corresponding regulation may be weak, so there is more fraud; secondly from All aspects of pressure, such as enterprise executives may face more radical performance assessment requirements; Finally, fraud people will find excuses for their own behavior, if they think fraud is for the company interests. Existential existence is widely influential, and the amount involved in the case is large. The behavior of executive personnel is directly affected and even determines the future development of the company.

In the case of exposure in the past two years, the number of regional teams involved, especially the regional person in charge, this phenomenon is the revelation of corporate compliance management?


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The regional management of the group has large path-diarams, sinking, team dispersion, which provides opportunities and conditions for fraud, internal and external collusion, improper profit, etc. In the past, enterprises may invest more investigations in clues and cases, not paying attention to the construction of systemized fraud to prevent control mechanisms, strengthen anti-vads consciousness and culture, leading to corporate employees to understand the importance of anti-aftertasis, and the fraud incidents are in different regions. Multi-point frequently.

Enterprises should pay attention to the construction of anti-fragage compliance mechanisms and systems. By regular fraud and compliance risk assessments, identify fraud signs and signs, combing existing prevention and monitoring control measures, timely discovering control loopholes, and proposing optimization improvement suggestions to reduce Due to the control of risk loss and violation problems due to the control of the absence. At the same time, fraud risk awareness training should be carried out to help employees identify potential fraud, improve their anti-fraud; finally supported the supervision mechanism to report the supervision mechanism to create integrity and integrity. Under the multi-tube, cultivate anti-fraud cultural soil, and realize the risk of fraud.

Internet companies that expose anti-corruptions are getting more and more young, such as community group purchase, live e-commerce has set up for less than 3 years, how to look at this trend?

In recent years, with the birth and development of emerging industries, managers have a young trend, and the fraud form is more diverse. Traditional anti-vads technology is difficult to deal with new economic crimes in recent years. We need to use more mature and comprehensive The fraud measures to combat such crimes. However, it is limited to various factors such as demographic, means, resources such as fraud, such as: such as the supervision personnel who fail to fully understand the risk of emerging business, massive data without system, effective analytical tools and means, resulting in many companies may not It is possible to explore the root cause of economic crime, which in turn cannot reduce the possibility of fraud from the root cause.

It is recommended that small and medium-sized Internet companies can take what measures to strengthen compliance management and prevent fraud?

With regard to strengthening compliance management, preventing corporate fraud, companies need to be able to meet, flexibly. Specifically, the actual resources and needs of the enterprise can be considered in front of prevention, incidental response, and technical upgrading. Including the establishment of sound fraud risk prevention and control system, cultivating employee anti-fraud consciousness, cultivating enterprise anti-fraud cultural soil, achieving exact control of fraud risk; in the fraud signaling Real-absorbent clues; through data technology tool development, improve fraud monitoring skills, and help companies achieve the level of fraud prevention and control, minimize fraud risk to enterprises. Loss.

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