15th floor finance | “Nanny aircraft case” parties Lin Shengbin offered all the goods in the name of the wife

On June 30th, the survivors of Hangzhou “Nanny Heritage” were publicly announced by their own new life, and they had once again married their wife. This news triggered netizens to talk about, these four years have been created “deep” people, the male owners who started the children’s clothing shops, and the male owners who have opened the childrens in the store have remained remarried and let the public question their true purpose. Beiqing – Beijing headline reporter combed discovered that three companies, who were jointly held with ex-wife Zhu Xiaoyan, have entered the liquidation program, including the case before the case, before the case, including 100% of the company before case All enter the liquidation program, Lin Shengbin is the head of the liquidation group. At present, there are 4 companies in Lin Shengbin’s non-clarified enterprises. They all have been established in 2018. There is no wife, and the name of the wife and her family on his business verse.

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Taobao shop products are all under the shelves, less than 2 years of sales of more than 20 million yuan

On July 3, Beiqing-Beijing headline reporter saw that Lin Shengbin’s Taobao store “Yushi’s life brand store”, all goods in the store have been removed, “Sorry, there is no related baby”.

However, from the latest store dynamics, on June 28th, the store is still updating “Meng Wa Waition”, the children’s model show “European gauze, the princess dress” price of 139 yuan, 59 monthly sales, 171 babies. Among them, many people are rushing to Lin Zhenbin: “I bought it for my sister, she liked, support Mr. Lin. There is also a comment after the incident, “Silent, this shop will never buy again, I hope the boss will be a conscience, and this comment has received 105 praises and 32 replies.

In 2019, Lin Shengbin appeared on the Internet with the identity of the “Tongyu’s life”, and the store also sync in Taobao. He said that three years ago, I discussed this children’s clothing brand three years ago, before he did a men’s business. This name also contains three names of three children: Lin Yiyi, Lin Yuya and Lin Qingqing. He wrote the homepage of the store: Let every child grow up and healthily, it is the driving force for me to do this now. I am going to stay in my life, waiting for a long time.

For a long time, due to Lin Shengbin’s aura bond, the business of the store is not bad. Beiqing – Beijing headline reporter saw that the opening time of the store September 6, 2019, less than 2 years, but already has 1.2 million fans, and it is a five-crowned shop. According to the Taobao credit rating, the five crown represents 200,000-500,000 credit rating, of which 1 point is added, and the middle review is 0 points, the bad review is 1 point, according to all praises, the store has sold at least 20 Thousands of single, according to the price of more than 100 yuan in the store, the conservative estimate sales is more than 20 million yuan.


Lin Shengbin opened live band more than a year, and the sales of sales of 750,000 yuan.

On the evening of April 20, 2020, Lin Shengbin came to his own shop Taobao live broadcast, opened his own live band career. He sold in the live broadcast is a men’s clothing. He holds five six clothes, one by one in front of them, and tells it from person to test it, introduces the upper body effect: “This T-shirt we have two colors, white and gray, see Is it clear? “” Height 170, 110 pounds What code? 1 plus is enough. “He also issued a large coupon and other” welfare “, indicating that this is the purpose of his live broadcast:” I haven’t seen it for a long time, and the live broadcast is chatting with you, give you benefits. “The number of people in the live broadcast rose from 10,000 to 100,000.

In addition to Taobao, Lin Shengbin is also live in platforms such as hanging. According to the hugage data platform information, Lin Shengbin has conducted four live broadcasts in the last 30 days, on June 5th, June 12, June 17, June 26. He mainly sells two men and women in the live broadcast, and there are 28 items on the shelves, and the viewing number is 484,000, and the number of people watching the number is more than 700,000. 4 live sales of live sales of 29.9 million, averaging 7.48 million. For example, he sells a “casual buck pants”, with more than 3,000 sales volume, price of 139 yuan, sales of 400,000 yuan.

On the list, Lin Shengbin ranked “Belt aquatic / men’s women’s clothing / Japanese list 62”. However, the data shows that the number of fans is 2.52 million Lin Bin. Recently, it is facing the problem of fan loss. In recent days, he has “flourishing” more than 10,000, and the number of points is reduced by 187,000.

Another platform melon data shows that Lin Shengbin has four live goods in the past 30 days, with sales reached 43.23 million yuan, with an average sales of 10.81 million yuan. At the same time, the other children’s clothing brand account under Lin Shengbin has a live sales in the past 30 days reached 8.98 million yuan.

As can be seen from his live data, Lin Shengbin’s MCN institution is “Gathering Life Hall”, the agency surveillaar Star has established and controlled Hu Haiquan. In September last year, Lin Shengbin and Hu Haiquan also participated in a public welfare e-commerce live.

According to reports, the gathering star is a newly retail innovative MCN operation service platform, and the original immersion scene is broadcast, and the “gathering library” quality life concept, integrated star Daren traffic, mature supply chain and quality marketing Content resource, forming a star + Daren matrix live broadcast, ecology, all-round empower brand marketing. The agency also gave investment in Xiaomi Technology for supply chain integration, team construction and marketing and other aspects.

According to information, the end of 2020, Lin Shengbin lived in a single live sales in the survival of the survey of 5 million yuan. Among them, only the “Lindsheng Bin Luola home textile special” on November 7, 2020, with sales of 5.795 million yuan.

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All companies before the case of arson, there is no wife, Zhu Xiaoyan, where the business layout is canceled or clear.

Beiqing – Beijing headline reporter saw on the sky-eyed app, Lin Shengbin has 13 companies, of which 9 are in business, 3 logout. Since June 22, 2017, the three companies he and Zhu Xiaoyan have entered the liquidation procedure, including 100% of the company in the case, all of which enter the liquidation program before the case. Group heads. According to the “Company Law”, the first order of shareholders who have died has enjoys the right to inherit the shareholders’ equity, that is, after Zhu Xiaoqi died, Lin Shengbin and the parents of Zhu Xiaoyan have inheritance. In this way, Lin Shengbin’s unknown enterprises under the name of 2018 were established after 2018. There is no wife, and the name of the wife and her family on his business verse.

At present, the three companies that have been logged out are: Hangzhou Xia Wi Clothing Co., Ltd., established in August 2014, was established in 2015, Xihu District, Hangzhou, Xihu Tongxian Shop and Founded in 2018, Lei Gugxiang Clothing Store.

Hangzhou Xiafang Clothing Co., Ltd. has a registered capital of 500,000 yuan, and Lin Shengbin holds 80% of the stock, and Lin Yun Ting holds 20%. However, in July 2015, the company was included in the business unusual list of business in Yuhang District Market Supervision Administration in Hangzhou. Subsequently, the company liquidation canceled in 2016.

There is only 40,000 yuan in the registered capital of Lei Gexiang clothing store in Zhangzhou City. After opening, it is logged out.

Hangzhou Xihu District Sui Xiaotian Package Shop is a physical store, Lin Shengbin holds 100%, the store is located 588 HZ4004B shop, No. 588, Gudun Road, Xihu District, Hangzhou, this address is in Hangzhou Xixi City, but the store has also been logged out.

Among the companies still in business and business, the earliest was established in 2010, Hangzhou Ruishang Clothing Co., Ltd., and Lin Shengbin have served as an Executive Director and General Manager, a legal representative, shareholder, and the company’s registered capital of 1.5 million yuan. Among them, Lin Shengbin received 60%, and Zhu Xiaozhen received 40%. However, the company is currently displaying “in clearing”. The reporter saw that from 2018, the company’s business state is already “suspended, rest industry”.

Another “Hangzhou Pen Clothing Design Co., Ltd.” was established in 2014, Lin Shengbin held 60% of 300,000 yuan, and Zhu Xiaoyan received 40% of $ 200,000, and the company’s annual report showed that enterprises have passed from Zhu Xiaoqi. “Close business, rest industry”, currently “is in clearing”.

In addition, Zhu Xiaoyan also has an holding company named “Hangzhou Yushu Zhengyi Dress Co., Ltd.”, she holds 90%, Lin Shengfeng holds 10%, and the company is also in the liquidation.

In 2014, Lin Shengbin also served as the supervisory of Hangzhou Military Clothing Co., Ltd., but did not hold the stock, by Li Jiaon.

In the same year, Lin Shengbin has also established Hangzhou Ke Building Clothing Design Co., Ltd., and the payment of 800,000 yuan holds 80%, Lin Shengfeng recognizes 20,000 yuan of shareholding. The legal representative of the company is Lin Yiheng. The company is currently in the clearing, the head of the liquidation group is Lin Zhibin.

In 2018, Lin Shengbin entered the stock of Hangzhou Macheng Co. Lin Shengfeng held 5%. According to the annual report of the company, this store has no online store, belongs to the physical store. Lin Shengbin has also established a Lei Gugxiang clothing store in Zhangzhou City, which has been logged out.

In 2019, Lin Shengbin has owned the “Guangzhou Xinyi Investment Consultant Co., Ltd.” and passed the company. Zhejiang Wuge Clothing Co., Ltd. The latter registered capital is 10 million yuan, Lin Shengbin indirectly holds 10%, in addition, he also serves as a person in charge of Zhejiang Wuge Clothing Co., Ltd. The company was included in the operating exception list by “Unable to contact the property or operating place” by the registered residence or business place.

In the same year, Lin Shengbin also established Hangzhou Lohas Geometric Brand Management Co., Ltd., as an executive director and general manager, registered capital of 5 million yuan, including Lin Shengbin as a major shareholder, recognized 95% of shares, Lin Yunting received 5%. Currently, enterprises have opened normally.

In May 201, Lin Shengbin established the latest company, “Hangzhou Yuhang Lin Shengbin Clothing Co., Ltd.”, Lin Shengbin 100% share, and served as a legal representative.

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