Joy & Peace 2018 autumn and winter women’s shoes: sweet, Ouyang Nana with boots, let you be a winter!

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真美诗 (Joy&Peace) 2018秋冬女鞋:景甜、欧阳娜娜同款靴子,让你美一个冬天!


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After entering the autumn, I have written a doctor to concave shape, but after entering the winter, add a pair of warm and enough handsome shoes just need, today we talk about how the shoes are mixed, in order to match the cold, look good, but also Ignore …

真美诗 (Joy&Peace) 2018秋冬女鞋:景甜、欧阳娜娜同款靴子,让你美一个冬天!

Recently, Joy & Peace 2019 autumn and winter series have been interpreted by all walks, Ouyang Na, Jing Sweet, Wu Ming, Dong Jie, Li Wei, Chen ignit, Xiongqi, Zhang Binbin 8-bit IDOL, they or unsolved or independent, or elegant or elegant or elegant Confident, from the screen to everyday, express the love of life and work with shoes.

There is a pair of good shoes to have just needed in the winter, it’s time to add a pair of shoes!

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Socks / self-contained high level

A pair of profiteless type socks, perfect match metal, tightening, hard shape and modern style, although the sock boots can be equipped, but my most recommended still use it to take short jacket, super high Feel the long legs of Ouyang Na.

Ouyang Na Na’s Tongmei Shi (Joy & Peace) Star Star Black and Simple Sount Boots, proportional height and wide-hearted design, trendy close-fitting high-tech fabric and socks style, in busy days, bring you Firm power.

真美诗 (Joy&Peace) 2018秋冬女鞋:景甜、欧阳娜娜同款靴子,让你美一个冬天!

The magic of the sock boots is, no matter what you match, there will be no sense of violation, Dong Jie is the same as the special beauty poetry Joy & Peace Ye black hollow noodles wide-hearted boots, how can the classic style wear wild, the weather is cold, you can match the long coat And handsome and elegant coexist.

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Sweet November 6, 2018 Beijing Airport Street Shoot: Dressed in CK (Calvin Klein) Chalk Leather Short Jacket, with R13 Black Jeans, Stepping on Joy & Peace Boots, Cardi (Chloe) Handbag, Dai Ruslan Baginskiy Greek Fisherman Hat , Dior Sunglasses

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Chelsea boots / retro Yinglun wind

真美诗 (Joy&Peace) 2018秋冬女鞋:景甜、欧阳娜娜同款靴子,让你美一个冬天!

More classic British wind Cut Silang boots are also a popular boots in recent years, with pants or jeans can be described as the most classic. You can also choose a more inflatable, such as a pointed, sequin patent leather, broadband, etc. It is simply a perfect match. If you have a retro hat, create a “Ya” gentleman style in minutes ~

真美诗 (Joy&Peace) 2018秋冬女鞋:景甜、欧阳娜娜同款靴子,让你美一个冬天!

Joy & Peace is a black and white stitching to Gorecy boots, elegant color and splicing design, avant-garde urban women’s trendy choices; broad-fold design has super power, help you open!

High heels / Party Queen must preparation

It has been in the last month, followed by Party and various dating, you have to prepare a pair of thin shoes, ready to fight at any time, high height and delicate, wrapped pointed shoes, easily show the slim legs.

Xiong Qi recommended the real beauty poetry (Joy & Peace) autumn and winter series ornate coffee velvet drill, high heel shoes, delicate velvet full of retro and advanced temperament, upper mosaic blue white color colored drill and rose gold bee decoration, elegant and playful.

Cat and shoes (3-5 cm), the style is not like high heels, so naked sexy, there is a little girl’s light, from comfort, still wearing, is suitable for more people, wear Wu to understand the same paragraph Joy & Peace retro metal deduction and leather small high heel, classic black leather is mixed with retro gold, even if it is a day, it is necessary to be exquisite.

Best CP for small boots / coats

真美诗 (Joy&Peace) 2018秋冬女鞋:景甜、欧阳娜娜同款靴子,让你美一个冬天!

Some minds for the ankle boots, afraid of the shortness of the legs or thick legs. In fact, in the chosen payment, the style of the tip shoe or the side zipper is fine. There are also many pointed ankle boots on T stage this year. This design is largely lengthened, regardless of the coat It is the most exclusive CP.

Words and men’s tickets or girlfriends watching movies, come to dinner, of course, it is necessary to easily! Joy & Peace “cream fine with leather small boots, elegant curves, charming color, leisure and hipster match.

Boots / you are the longest leg

However, the best choice for shoes is still over the knee boots, the gas field burst, creating two meters long legs in minutes. Change the boots to Changbo boots will be warmer, walk the wind, haha! With sweaters, you can easily out of the street, free comfortable Fan children to wear a kind of cozy and idle, boots can choose Oversize profile, making an empty swaying feeling.

Chen Flag Treatment, the classic suede, the sleek, the long boots, turned into fashion people, go to drink tea, go shopping, to see the exhibition, see the people you love, go to “waste” the most beautiful time Bar!

Leather shoes / wild real wear

The little sister is a pair of shoes every day. The little brother is not much, and the little brother is simple. A pair of Zhang Binbin with the same paragraphs, the autumn and winter series Italy imported in the Qing Dukuki ripple skating shoes, highlighting the elegant and quality, perfect HOLD live every day, always Sand out of male god!

When you change the season, you don’t need to buy a lot of new clothes. If you can find a pair of good shoes, a pair of fun, it is enough to fit your shoes.