JK, Lolita flows into the campus, a girl in a plaid dress, is the child who is free?

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Parents will face a lot of problems during the process of growth.


With the development of children, they will become higher and higher for appearance and external pursuit, especially in a certain age stage, the aesthetics of girls will connect with pop seamlessly, wearing dressed and make parents feel A bit of a bit.

When I chatted with the office colleague in these days, Wang Jie complained that they were wearing a woman.

Wang Jie’s daughter just came to junior high school this year, because the little girl was born, Wang Si it was also a more open parent, so her daughter was very free to dress up.

As long as you don’t violate the school rules, you don’t wear a wonderful dress and hair dye. Wang Jie will never ask.

But the sister is helpless, as JK, Lolita’s rise, the little girl is now “brainwashing” by these style.

There are five or six pieces of lattice short skirts, and there are two Lolita skirts that look very cumbersome.

But the daughter said that the same class girlsman handed a plaid dress, compared with it, their clothes were already less.

After Wang Jie was 80, she frankly herself 40, but the mentality has been very young.

I thought I could accept a variety of new things on the way to accompany my daughter’s growth. I didn’t expect JK and Lolita. I haven’t experienced a beautiful feeling, but I still rejected.


There are a lot of parents in life and kings, a Bao Ma has a similar problem in the background.

Bao Ma said that her daughter is a primary school student. She started to make Lolita in the fifth grade, not only combing the double horsetail every day, but also asked her to buy all kinds of small skirts, stockings, black leather shoes on the Internet.

Bao Ma is very worried about this. On the one hand, she knows that she must respect the child’s preferences. On the other hand, Bao Ma feels that Luoli Tower costume is not a common clothing in normal life, her daughter is indulging to this kind of niche. Hobbies, walking in the street will be seen by people.

Indeed, the development of the times makes culture have become more diversified. When JK, Lolita flows into the campus, the aesthesis of children will be influenced by the trend. In this regard, what parents should choose to support or stop?

Let’s take a look at the opinions of netizens:

@ 妈: Reliever, get the beauty of this style of clothing, the daughter’s sixth grade, there are many girls in the class, I think it is better to uniform, I am not interested in this, otherwise I definitely stop.


@ @ 风: Now the little girl likes Lolita, just like the princess dress with us, as a parent, I don’t think there is no need to stop, wait until the child has grown up, and the aesthetics will change.


@ 花 溅泪: Do not oppose it, do not support, children like to buy two pieces to meet her hobbies, but absolutely can’t add fans, the main tasks of children are still learning, once that is addicted to wearing, they will affect the school.

@ 呜: Do not affect learning, do not have a lot of money, don’t stop, otherwise it is easy to trigger the child rebellion, then this is not a bad hobby.


When the aesthetics of the child are contrary to themselves, shouldn’t you let your child have freedom?

Everyone has freedom, but when the child’s mind is not mature, the parents have the right to supervise the child’s dress, such as some children who are in violation of the school rules, do not meet the students, or primary and secondary school students dyed Wait.

As a pop element, JK and Lolita do not have a parent imagination, “ten evils”, many parents’ opposition is not because its nesters are contrary to their aesthetics.


Therefore, when the child’s aesthetic and parents have collided, parents should give their children the most basic respect, don’t be rebuked, ridicule, even destroy their children’s preferences.

This will only hurt the child’s self-esteem, giving birth to the child’s rebellion, causing a parent-child contradiction.

If the child is addicted to the dress, and therefore affects the achievement of learning, parents can change their children’s attitude through communication, telling children how to balance their interests and learning.

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