Lazy little sister super love suggestion, in the summer, not only cool, but also fashionable, fast Get

For those sisters with long legs,

How to show your big legs and show temperament

It is a difficult problem.

Especially in the summer, show your own legs, but not only sexy and fashionable, but also referring to it.

So when choosing the clothing item, you need to think about it seriously.

In the fashion world, there are many costumes that can show their legs.

For example, shorts is a kind of clothing item that is typically demonstrating legs.

And shorts also have a lot of styles and types. If you don’t want to spend your mind, you may wish to choose a continuous shorts.

Connected shorts


Many steps that can save a lot in the wearing area.

Lazy little sister super love continuous shorts, in the summer, not only cool, but also fashionable, fast Get, how is the long leg? Try the joint shorts, personality and trend, and the legs are relaxed.

Characteristics of continuous shorts

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Handsome and personal

If you want to know how the continuous shorts should choose, then you must first know what features of the continuous shorts,

For example, a continuous shortage is a very handsome personality.

The context will give people a sense of sexy and handsome,

Although the coil shorts are less cloth, the temperament will not weaken, but it will be more personal.

Cool and sexy


Second, the continuous shorts is very common in the summer.

So, the continuous shorts will inevitably have a cool feeling.

I can’t let the shape are too hot.

So cool clothing style,

It is inevitable that women’s temperament makes more sexy

If you choose some sexy styles on this, then you don’t have to say it.

Siligate shorts

Sling continuous shorts


The style of the continuous shorts is really very much,

So everyone should pay more attention to the skills when choosing.

Choose the appropriate style based on your own characteristics.

For example, a good little sister suggests with a slung tapered shorts to match himself.

Songning shorts show a pair of long legs

It also highlights the upper body lines, and exhibits the neck of women, exquisite clavles, and slender arms, cool and sexy.

Sequoise continuous shorts


I want to make the shape more fashionable,

Or in some special occasions I want to wear a continuous shortage

It is recommended to use a sequins to connect with yourself.

The sequins element of the sequins is also very important when choosing.

The laser is very stylish,

If you are going to go, then the laser sequins continuous shorts are definitely preferred.


Shirt continuous shorts


If you want to make your temperament more neutral,

Shirt continuous shorts is a good choice, and the shirts have both a shorts of shorts, and there is a use of shirts, so it will be more neutralized together.

Shirt continuous shorts recommended white or light color

Such a color will be more cool.


White shirt shorts is very casual,

The loose version is more suitable.


Or can add some print patterns on a light-colored shirt shorts to dotted.

Cortical continuous shorts

Of course, there are many women to have a certain age.

Will want to make your temperament retro

Then you can use the cirrush of gestures to match yourself.

Leather material retro among unsuccessful

It is a lot of choice for women who are loved by women, while cortical fabrics also have a lot of options.

Ink green cortical shorts is a good choice,


Ink green is used in cortical fabrics

It is possible to make the shape show a noble feeling in retro.

Siliteric shorts style selection


The style of the continuous shorts is also that many people will notice when they are selected.

Different styles will give people a different feeling

The selected continuous shorts is different.

in daily life,

The casual shorts of the casual style is of course the first choice for many people.

From the material, the casual shorts will choose some relatively thin materials. From the version, it is recommended to use loose version.


Of course, there are also some women who want to enhance their handsome shorts.

Then it is recommended to choose a handsome-fitting shorts,

For example, black functional wind content shorts is a good choice.

Black itself is a style full of handsome colors, plus machine wind.

It can make women’s shape more stylish temperament, even if the dull color can wear a sexy.


I want to create a charming,

Can be used with a wingdish shorts designed by deep V


The design of deep V is perfectly highlighted by women’s body lines.

The continuous shorts of deep V design, it is also recommended to choose black models.

Because it is possible to show the upper liner, it can be used to form a color contrast to the skin color, so that the skin is more white.

When you pick a joint shorts, it is recommended to use some special style designs because these special design can make the shape more personality, and you may wish to act.

What match suggestions do you have? Welcome to leave a message, comment!

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