Wear nine pants, how to match the clothes, take the shoes? Learn from the following to wear a law, fashionable and high

The most classic nine pants finally have new feelings! After reading this new fashion law today, you will find that the original nine pants is the fashion treasure that is underestimated by us.

If the wide legs are the veteran of the fashion world, the nine points is absolutely “sweeping the floor”, and the nozzle is already, it is amazing!

Completion of the fashion advancement of nine pants is not imagined, and only three steps can be obtained:

1. Give nine pants with a suitable top


2. Take a pair of suitable shoes for nine pants

3. Draw on several good-use wear

If you don’t say, let’s take a look at the nine pants that we underestimate it, and there is more stunning ~


Step 1: Select tops

>> Select the top according to the needs

1 slim

Recommended sisters choose to have a certain expiration design,


For example, V-neck, round neck or square collar can expose the neckline of the clavicle.

It is also possible to select a wide-narrow contrast to the nine pants.

The upper body line is slim, choose to repair the top; the upper body is fat, and the loose jacket is selected.

2 high

The secret of a high-profile pants is lifting to enhance visual height.


Recommended tops with light or high brightness high waist design.


Sisters with short necks try to design v-neck design, as well as slash cuts with slant lines, and put the V-top fork.

3 showing fashion


Choosing the top, you can also make the original flat pants immediately become fashionable.

I want the trend, and I can’t be too dull.

You can choose printing tops, simple combined with combination; select color jacket, matching basic color nine pants; you can also superimpose some fashion elements in the base top.

>> Select the clothes according to the clothes style

1 unified

To go to the nine pants to match the top, one of the idea is to keep the upper and lower styles.


Leisure nine pants is matched with casual elements.


This type of top is preferably a color pattern in the upper body, and the superposition and the like can increase the fashionable element.

If you are walking, it is a stable heavy air route.

Then, choose the official fitness with official feelings.

. For example, the suit with a suit with a spare trousers.

Don’t want to be too old,

White can be superimposed on the neckline position, or expose the clavicle, and pull up the sleeves.

2 Collision in the upper and lower style

It can also form a style collision and feel different. E.g,

The leisure top can also match the nine pants of the light, leisure, nine pants, can also be matched with a certain official blouse.


When choosing the style of crashing, choose the top,

Be sure to remember that there must be neutral wind or no sex items as a transition ~

Step 2: Take the shoes


(1) It is necessary to expose an ankle

The reason why nine pants is still not lost, because it is just a gold length that is capable of exposing the outermost portion of the ankle. When picking up the shoes for nine pants, you can cover this advantage!


The nine pants is equipped with the shoes that expose an ankle to wear their own advantages and characteristics.


Outside the high heel shoes, short Leafless shoes, flat shoes, etc., it is its good partner ~

(2) Pants and shoes have width

When the thick sisters of the legs, the thick sisters give the nine pants, pay attention to the width of the ankle position.

Try to choose a nine pants that are 1 to 3 cm than the ankle, with a shoe width that is less than the footwidth of the trouser.

This will take out the slender legs!

(3) Shoes have visual extension effects on the foot

These shoes can make you visually have long legs:

Pointer design or narrow surface; light or white shoes; there is a skin-designed shoe, open back or show toes; suitable with height, but height does not exceed six cm shoes.


(4) Shoes and clothing have up and down echo


When you pick your shoes, there is a small detail to help you more fashionable than others, more refined – shoes and clothing have up and down.

Shoes can choose from larger clothing to form the same color echo;


Of course, you can also be like this,

And small-sized bags, accessories, and forming colors.

Step 3: Applying the Wear Law


(French 1) shoulder stack, keep the legs minimalist

Nine pants must choose the foundation and simple style

More details and hierarchical matching are more reasonable.

When the level appears in the shoulder,


You can choose to use a soft cardigan to take the shoulder, and the baseline will be selected or the top of the collar can be used in the big collar.

The combination of shirts and knitted shawhes is the most popular wearing this spring.

The combination of bright green shirts and gray shawls is super point, brown belt with denim nine pants, full spring atmosphere, the world has become clear ~

(Law 2) clothes premise design treatment

Of course, don’t forget the treatment of the waist. Although nine pants is simple, our match can be simple!

The whole plug is equipped with a nine pants. There must be a significant color difference or a narrow drop in the upper and lower. It is more hierarchical with the belt; the clothing position can also increase other irregular designs, but try to choose the buttocks. Short.

Even if it is the simplest black and white match, use this dressing method, and it is also more advanced than other red and green.

The shoulder treatment of the upper is relatively simple, but the waist has increased irregular fork and wrinkled design. When you match the white nine pants, you will make more exquisite and personality.

(France 3) The upper song of the linear nine pants is straight

How do plain nine pants wear a woman taste? It is enough to see the way to look at the sky.

The top is a soft style, and it is outlined from a woman’s body line.

Nine pants must choose a micro-loose and hard fabric, version is linear,

Is it not a good body and a woman?

Even if this is a more thick sports nine pants, with a slimned knitting top, it can also wear sexy and playful feelings.

The fashion and high key of nine pants have taken pens, then take a look at these fashion nine pants that can be completely closed!

First paragraph: straight nine pants + boots

Khaki nine pants with handsome Martin boots, t-shirts with vest, is a teenager who is handsome and shackled.

And use the slim bare boots with white high waist nine pants, with a gentle knitted top, is pure and full of french girls ~

Second article: Micro-leg nine pants + underarm

Self-strap buff’s micro-lam nine pants with the trend of fashion, it is called the kort-fried combination of spring and summer!

Slim upper clothing clavicle, high waist micro-lam nine pants with open shoes.

The underarm clause design of the straight line is a key to the key and fashionable, choose the bright color to more eye-catching ~

Section 3: Shirt + hard nine pants

The classic workplace of the shirt and nine pants is also unable to forget. Don’t choose a thousand unique suit, choose cowboy nine pants, more spiritual.

Overall keep the same color, put it on the upper body with light colored accessories, properly use the textured metal or pearl jewelry,

Exquisite and expensive Bai Fumei said you ~

The same is nine pants, choose the upper matching shoes, use the appropriate clothes, it is better than others.


Trendy is the fashionable feeling of doing people from others with the simplest single. Come and make your nine pants to achieve fashion!