What is the customization of Chengdu suit and overalls?

What kind of suit is customized in suit and dress pants, has always been the most popular in all suit and workfuffs, but there are many places to pay attention to customs of suits and workfuffs.


1, the same fabric and other overalls in the suit. The first thing to pay first when choosing a suit is a fabric. In general, it is necessary to pay attention to wear resistance, dustproof and gas permeability when the work suit selects fabrics. However, the suit is needed, it is best to use free-free fabric, which can keep the divergence of the suit and the direct version of the Chengdu professional installed.

2, the size of the suit is different from the general work clothes, it is a comparable dress, so the customization of the general set needs to be customized at home to ensure that each set is suitable for wearer’s body lines.


3, suitcase suitcases including buttons, leaders, tie, etc. The quality of these accessories also determines the texture of a suit. Good accessories can not only increase the beauty of the suit, but also to make a career to improve the temperament and image of the wearer.

The above is the content of Chengdu’s workmanship to organize, and the articles related to our hard-collected Chengdu workmanship. I hope everyone will like it!