How to wear more than the autumn “small boots”? It is recommended to start from these four aspects, keep warm and fashionable.

The temperature in autumn is plummeted, and the boots gradually replaces sandals, shallow mouth shoes, becoming the standard of fashioninery, like Chelsea boots, chimney boots, ankle boots or in boots, warm and comfortable.

But many people are wasting the fashion value of boots themselves because they have no short boots or not very matching, causing a sense of passerby. If you like boots, and autumn want to do a better look, then it is recommended to start with these four aspects, keep warm and fashionable, come and see it!


First, starting from shoe

The small boots mainly refers to the length of the length of the boots near the knee, the foot near the ankle, but according to the style, it can be divided into a variety of types, and the prerequisite for small boots is selected to choose the style.

1. Handsome

For middle-aged women in different clothes, we must also have differences in picking boots. After all, some boots are very handsome, and some little boots are typical single items of elegant and soft winds, the style is different. The impact will also be different.


When a woman arrived in four or five or six or sixty years old, if she likes the fashionable and modern style of her, then it is recommended to wear Tiercy boots, chimney boots or Martin boots, they will make your shape more flavor.

2, elegant and gentle

A small boots mainly focused on the crude ankle boots or flat ankle boots in the pointed ankle boots, focus on highlighting the gentle temperament of the wearing a warm and fashionable, and the autumn wearing a pretty and gentle and relatives.

Like beige, white, light coffee or milk camel boots, good matching and temperament.

Second, starting from the shoes

The short boots are different according to the shoes, there are flat, cats, middle thickness or high heel, usually, the longer, relatively difficult to control, naturally difficult to wear a pleasing effect.

In the fall, whether it is in a light-cooked stage or a journey, it is recommended to start from some better driving small boots, such as flat boots, neutral with boots, or kitten with ankle boots.


At the same time, the thickness and short boots can be used to stretch the leg-type length. If the body is not tall, then the autumn may wish to increase and optimize your body.

The flattening boots that superimpose is cool and handsome, and the flat bottom design is easy to release the feet pressure.

Choose a pair of black or white, which can be combined in the tooling pants, jeans to create a crazy style, or combined with a knee to create an elegant and fashion mix.

Third, from color


Many times, we always wear high-level feelings when wearing boots, and the problem is on color.


About color can be divided into two aspects, the first is the short boots itself, more recommended in the fall, use black, white, beige, coffee, milk colors or brown boots to create a warm and elegant autumn atmosphere, and create a familiarity Age temperament.


These colors are more practical than a variety of high saturation colors, how to wear it too ugly.

The second is to pay attention to the connection between the short boots and other items in the shape, especially for middle-aged women in the age of four or five, you must have a subtraction in color matching, you can emphasize the overall feel .

Similar to here with black short boots with black half-length skirts, smooth techniques have both color differences in shape, and play an extended effect on the line of sight.

Fourth, start from matching

Middle-aged woman wants to put a short boots fashionable and nice, then they are absolutely unable to be too one, like some older trousers combined with boots, naturally, “knee skirt + boots” is more elegant.

Small boots are trendy, priests, and gentleness, these two single items are often easy to easily take care of the simple and elegant woman, and the autumn wear can add a bit of light beauty.

Like high waist bag hip suit skirt, high waist pleated skirt, high waist textile skirt or denim dress, is very common with boots.


In this combination, there is a distance between the length of the short boots and the knee, which can improve the bright spot by revealing the ankle, and will not give people a sense.


If you are concerned that wear temperature is not enough, you can stack a leggings in your knee.

When using the knee with short boots, the choice of the top can not be too casual, generally more recommended that middle-aged women consider knit sweaters, knit cardigans, knit vest, suit vests or overlay, simple and easy to learn.

The above is this short boot to everyone, the short boots are popular, and the autumn boots are popular. If you want to do it better, then you can get started from these four aspects!

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