The face value and strength are doubled, and the forward tablet hoods fully realize the “win -win”

Recently, the reporter found in the kitchen and bathroom market that since the launch of a hood, it has not only created a new category in the hood industry, but the sales volume is far ahead in the industry. What kind of hood can I receive the favor of so many users? What is the difference between it and other hoods on the market to attract the audience? What kind of function can be so impressive? As a result, the reporter visited the store with these three questions and conducted field investigations on the hood.

It is reported that this well -known hood is a new category launched by the forward group of the Chinese kitchen appliance industry technology pioneer -in -chief -type enterprise -striker tablet hood at the end of 2014. Its debut is not only the first industry, but also a new category in the hood field, breaking the situation of European -style hoods and near -suction hoods, and forming a new situation in the hood machine category in the hood market. Since the market, striker taurele machines have been respected by merchants and customers with unique appearance, excellent smoking effects, and convenient user experience.

The first tablet patent, the cabinet is invisible

The reporter went to the forward store that this new type of flat hoods gave a great impression that its innovation and unique appearance image. It broke the “bulky” appearance of other hoods on the market in the past. The light body design is like invisible between the cabinets, giving a different kitchen experience.

It is learned from the forward staff that the design of the striker charter is cross -border inspiration. The designer pioneered the “L” shape, showing fashion. Tablet fuel range hood, innovatively introduced the tablet concept into the range hood, the “L” type invisible design combines the advantages of European and near -suction hoods. It can be installed independently, and it can be embedded in any hanging cabinet, just like One. The unique tablet structure, without the protruding of the European hood, the body of the fuselage is completely covered by the door panel of the hanging cabinet.

Exterior innovation brings a new experience in kitchen cooking

The striker pancake machine forms a “mouth” 3D space from the side wall ultra -thin cigarette cavity and the top hood. There is no room for the fuselage of the traditional hood machine to increase, thereby increasing the cooking space and allowing consumers to be in the kitchen You can spoon freely, enjoy cooking fun, and easy to match the kitchen to satisfy the various home improvement style.

It is reported that the nose of the traditional hood on the market is very close to the head of the cook, and if you accidentally meet, you will meet and hurt. And this striker does not have the protruding of the traditional hood head. The average distance from the head interval is widening by about 15 cm. It eliminates the trouble of meeting.

Sticking like a whirlwind, no healthy smoke

At present, the biggest criticism of traditional hood is: always wait for the oil fume to rise to the head position to be sucked away. At this time, a large amount of oil fume has rushed to your skin, or puppies into the lungs. Health hazards are very great! Therefore, the reporter interviewed the professional and technical personnel of the forward tablet hood on this function.

During the interview, we learned that the body of the forward tablet was composed of two parts: First, the side wall of the installation surface was close to the super large large cigarette cavity, and the bottom was an ultra -main cigarette port, and it was also a flue. When the oil fume has not risen to the chest, it is absorbed by the strong wind of the main smoke port; the other part is the main device with core components, with auxiliary smoke ports to form a second flue. In this way, the double air ducts make the oil smoke difficult to escape, and the smoke will not stay. When working on a strong motor, you can form a dual -vortex flow through the dual -air duct, and you can suck the air to 20m³/min per minute. Let the oil fume instantly transform into a artificial tornado. Skin, also care for health.


Lightly words are quiet, enjoy life and slow life

In daily use, the problem of cleaning the hood has also become one of the most headaches for consumers. And here the striker tablet hood, cleaning becomes super simple!

After the fuel fume turning in the cigarette cavity of the side wall, due to the effect of rotating the rotation, the oil molecules were quickly separated and attached to the wall of the cavity. Therefore, 92%of the ultra -high oil separation is separated. Do not worry about the normal operation of the oil fume pollution motor, let alone worry about disassembling or cleaning the motor impeller. This is a truck hood that is really free of disassembly and washing.

During the interview, the striker sales staff also revealed to reporters: The structure of the original tooth hoods and cigarette cavity guidance plates created by the flat hood can make the cigarette board turn it out to 90 °. Essence At the same time, this technology has obtained a national patent and has become a leader in the industry.

Among the users of this tablet hood, the reporter also interviewed a lady randomly. The lady said: “When using conventional range hoods, I want to call my family to eat, and I basically roar! After the striker tablet hood, the kitchen was missing the sound of the machine, and it was not effortless to communicate with the family. “

After various investigations from reporters, the striker tablet hood combined with European and near -suction advantages, inheriting the characteristics of European -style hood’s large cooking space, while maintaining the advantages of quickly sucking the fuel fume in the cooker, realizing the cooking oil fume “0 “Shengteng, the human body” 0 “inhaled. As the pioneer of the internal hood in the industry, the striker did speak with quality and strength, successfully created the market, and achieved a win -win situation for sales and consumer reputation!