The mechanical structure composition of the balancer

We all know that the balancer is a mechanical and device, but we are not very familiar with its mechanical structure, so what are the mechanical structures of the balancer.

The mechanical system of the dynamic balance machine is mainly composed of the driving system, the setting system and the vibration system.

1. Transmission system: It is mainly composed of motors, transmission devices, braking devices, transmission methods, and coupling. Ending a turntable at the end of the main shaft represents the unbalanced phase of the workpiece, and the photoelectric sensor is installed on the main shaft to generate reference signals. According to the motor of the motor Driving power and torque, according to the size parameters of the transmission component, combined with the specifications and types of the balance of the workpiece, and the requirements of the balanced accuracy, the loading and unloading fixture is designed to determine the connection method of the workpiece and the spindle.


2. Set up system: mainly include bearing, rolling wheels, swinging, elastic elements, etc. The bearing is connected to the swing, and the workpiece is installed between the two brackets, forming a vibration system with the swing. During the rotation, due to the imbalance of the workpiece, the vibration of the hem is forced to vibrate under the action of centrifugal force. Convert the vibration of the arranged into a electrical signal through the sensor and enter the measurement circuit. We must choose the appropriate support method to determine the structure and corresponding components of the framework. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the balance workpiece needs to have a certain size stiffness within the weight range of the balancer. At the same time, in view of the need to ensure a high sensitivity of the balancer, the appropriate weight of the pendulum is also required. “

3. [ENDIF] Vibration System: The vibration system is mainly to calculate the vibration frequency of an unbalanced rotor with a degree of freedom, mainly to balance the vibration system, which has good phase frequency and amplitude frequency characteristics to ensure the stability and accuracy of the balanced measurement measurement measurement measurement. The two basic requirements should be met. Within the range where the incentives can be achieved, the relationship between excitement and displacement is linear, and the rotation frequency corresponding to the inheritance of the vibration system and the balance speed must meet the law.

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