Bi Ya Bi: Prada Prada Saffiano series long wallet $ 449.99

Whether you have seen “The Devils of Prada”, you will know this famous Italian luxury brand-PRADA, no need to repeat it.Compared to some LOGOs full of LOGOs, the design of the design has been voiced, and Prada’s brought out is much more formal.

比呀比: Prada普拉达 Saffiano系列长款钱包 $449.99

Saffiano is a leather that has been deeply processed. It is stiff and stylish, with fine cross texture on the surface, which looks exquisite and beautiful.Prada started using Saffiano leather as early as the 1970s.Small compact lattice is the iconic feature of the Prada Saffiano series bags. This series of bags are made of Spanish calfskin through special processes, showing a unique texture grid, tough and durable, and have anti -scratching effects.

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比呀比: Prada普拉达 Saffiano系列长款钱包 $449.99


比呀比: Prada普拉达 Saffiano系列长款钱包 $449.99

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$ 449.99

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比呀比: Prada普拉达 Saffiano系列长款钱包 $449.99

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