Exercise of daily life exercise: step machine

Hello everyone, I am a good four seasons, for daily life, clothing, food, housing and transportation, and good body to better invest in life and work. The following introduces:

Exercise the pedal.


1. Puzzle is a small fitness equipment. It mainly exercises the physical and small leg muscles, enhances the function of the legs of the legs, has the effect of burning calories, enhancing cardiopulmonary function and bodybuilding. The general steps have calories consumption calories, time and number of speed functions. As shown below:

2. Use and the various parameters displayed: When you want to exercise, step on the pedal with your feet, press the red button, and then you can start and calculate the parameters of the exercise. Press the button 5s, zero each parameter, and re -calculate.


The above is the use of the step machine. If you are interested, you can try it. At the beginning, the equipment is used for hydraulic transmission. It is more laborious when stepping on the left and right. Everyone has a good healthy body. Thank you for your suggestions and good exercise methods. Welcome to leave a message to discuss.


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