Can’t control? LACE-up Shoes between the United States and Ugly


驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

Which one is the most favored shoe this summer? Absolutely it must be LACE-UP Shoes (strap shoes). Regardless of whether Valentino, Chloé and other brands on the fashion table have appeared with strap shoes, or the elaborate interpretation of many actresses and Icon on the stage, LACE-UP Shoes (Broken shoe) is definitely the first first person at the moment!

驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

American ladies Olivia Palermo, Kim Kardashian, and Charlene Hogger all love it!

Although LACE-Up Shoes has no limelight this summer and has a variety of changes, many girls are defeated in their hands, and there are many people wearing the back of the feet! The looming small sexy on the back of the skin is the key to choosing the right shoe! Here are a few models of controlling the moderate degree of control. There is always a suitable for you!

[Matching Demonstration]: White bat sleeve T -shirt+white long skirt+black thin band high heel

【LACE UP ShOES Recommended 1】

Difficulty: ★★ ☆

驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

Comments: This Valentino lace -shaped sandals with the iconic tapered rivet of the brand, which is full of modern thick heels, greatly enhances the comfort of wearing. The black strip is inserted from the feet to 3cm above the ankle, and interprets the shape of the high street in the summer. It is recommended to match the drooping female shirt and the middle half of the skirt.

[Matching Demonstration]: Hanging neck vest+black long skirt+nude lace -up high -heeled sandals

驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

【LACE UP ShOES Recommendation II】

Brand: Gianvito Rossi

Difficulty: ★★★

Comments: This nude fish mouth is cherished high -heeled shoes, which is 10cm high, which is the key to the most beautiful leg type. The nude color strip extends from the back of the foot to the ankle, giving a hidden sexy. It is recommended to match the same color or black skirt. 9 -point wide -leg pants are also a good choice!

驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

[Matching Demonstration]: Black striped white suit long skirt+black thin band high heel sandals

驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

【LACE UP ShOES Recommendation III】

Comments: This slope -youel is definitely tailor -made for girls with the flesh of the instep. Although the thin band sandals are good -looking, there are no pairs of slender feet. Like a spider web! And this lace -up sandals take one -finger -wide suede as an important support point. The lace is only fixed and decorative, and the fat feet can also be worn!

驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

[Matching Demonstration]: Fun Sleeve Top+Black vest+denim shorts+knee flat bottom lace -up sandals

【LACE UP ShOES Recommendation IV】

驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

Brand: Ancient Greek Sandals

Difficulty: ★★★ ☆

Comments: Stroke sandals are an indispensable item this summer, and the “Sofia” sandals of Ancient Greek Sandals are your perfect choice. It is made by hand -made leather, showing a versatile sand color. The design and style of the calf make it more picky about the wearer. It is recommended that the girl with a height of 168cm or more is worn with a shorter or medium -length dress!

[Matching Demonstration]: Shirt Long skirt+nude high -heeled lace -up sandals

【LACE UP ShOES Recommended 5】

驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

Brand: Aquazzura

Comments: This year’s strap slope shoes have more thicker bottoms than previous seasons, so that the majority of girls who want to lengthen the legs of the legs but also have high requirements for comfort! It is made from all -natural raw materials. The extremely soft leather sandals belt with strong and stable wooden slopes. The decoration is a weaving hemp rope treated by pale gold coating. Put the exquisite shoelaces on the ankle, with a dress, skirt or jeans.

驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

[Matching Demonstration]: Sleeveless low -waist dress+black flat -bottom lace -up sandals

【LACE UP ShOES Recommended 6】

Brand: Bottega Veneta (葆 品 家)

Difficulty: ★★

驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

Comments: Although flat shoes are easy to wear, it is not easy to wear Fan’er! Bottega Veneta This flower leather sandals are refined in Italy, and the workmanship is impeccable. The upper is made of a long band, which passes through the holes of the clamping toe, wrapped around the wrap of the foot. All the naked styles of the forefoot are more suitable for girls who are compared to the instep. skirt!

[Matching Demonstration]: denim conjoined shorts+white flat -bottom lace -up sandals

驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

【LACE UP ShOES Recommended Seven】

Difficulty: ★ ☆

驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

Comments: The gospel of the girl with meat feet. The main two support points of the upper are concentrated on the side of the 2cm wide white leather. The thin band mainly plays a fixed role. And can be pulled up to the calf belly for the longest, which can be perfectly matched with various lengths!

[Matching Demonstration]: suspender vest+printed A -type skirt+black high heels single shoes

驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

【LACE UP ShOES Recommended 8】

驾驭不了?游走在美与丑之间的lace-up shoes

Comments: Must -fatal and sexy shoes! The style of fine heel fish mouth with high -to -calves belt design instantly enhances femininity. It is a shoe that can interpret women’s sexy charm and have the best modification effect!