A pink porcelain bottle lamp in the US Senator’s home is worth millions?

In 2002, in the shooting field of Sotheby’s Sotheby

Qing Yongzheng Pink Pink Manta Peach Tattoo Olive Bottle


It has caused great interest in the market.

In the end, Ms. Zhang Yongzhen, a Hong Kong collector

41.5 million Hong Kong dollars


The bottle was competing, setting the highest record of porcelain auctions in the Qing Dynasty, and instantly shaking the news of domestic art.

▲ Yongzheng Pink Bat Peach Tattoo Olive Bottle

The legend is that this bottle has been used as a table lamp in the Ogden Reed family in the United States.

Augden Ride, a celebrity of the United States, a former American Senator and the Ambassador of the United States in Israel. He has more interactions with Ben Gurian, who has been honored as the “Father” of Israel, and was also published by the Pioneer Tapers. People and editor -in -chief.

Led’s family is prominent. His grandfather Weiro Ride is one of the founders of the United States Republican Party. He has been engaged in news magazines and diplomats in his life. Establishing; mother Helen Rogers Reed is the chairman of the board of directors of the University of Banard, a director of the Metropolitan Museum in the United States, the advocate of the famous women in New York in the 1930s … is also the best friend of the Chiang Kai -shek and his wife Song family.

According to Ogden, this light was discovered in the New York mansion of his mother’s family.

At that time, the bottle was also filled with sediment in the garden and was placed on the coffee table. It is reported that it has been 40 years.

At that time, Americans liked to drill a hole in the bottom of the vase and convert them into lamps. This Yongzheng Pink Pink Manta Tattoo Bottle almost created this destiny, but fortunately, it was not achieved.

Regarding how this bottle enters the Ogden Reed family, there are currently two sayings:

One is

It was brought back to the United States from the United Kingdom before the 1920s;

two is


During the World War II, Song Meiling gave the United States Ms. Hyon, the mother of Ogden Reed, both of these claims from the Reed family and none of them were verified.


In 2004, Ms. Zhang Yongzhen donated the Qing Yongzheng Pink Pink Bat Peach Tattoo Bottle to the Shanghai Museum.


As a result, this rare treasure finally returned to the perspective of the Chinese people.

▲ Dr. Zhang Yongzhen took this from the buyer of Mr. Ogden Reed in the hands of the Qing Yongzheng Pink Pink Bat Peach Tattoo Bottle

What exactly does the pink color exist?


It should be said that pink color is a porcelain species last in the history of ancient ceramics. It was burned in the late Kangxi period. Due to the rich colors, the color is elegant and soft, and the workmanship was exquisite.

It appeared at the time that it had shaken the market position for hundreds of years, and hundreds of years later, this preference continued to modern times.

Following the olive bottle of the Qing Yongzheng Pink Pink Batout Life Elephant, in the above

year 2006

On the Jiadechun shoot, a Qing Qianlong pink color opened the Eight Immortals across the Haitu Cup,

The sky -high price of 52.8 million yuan was shot again, and the record was refreshed again.

▲ Qing Qianlong Pink Fanci Eight Immortals Passing Haitu Cup

Why can Fancai have this status? This is mainly due to its expression:

Fancai is also known as soft color. On the basis of ancient colors, the glazed color developed with Chinese painting techniques.

It can be described as another royal porcelain category in the Qing Dynasty.

Its firing process should first hook the outline of the pattern on the plain white porcelain, then fill the outline with a layer of glass white, and then fill the color on the glass white. Different levels of depths are equivalent to bone painting in Chinese painting.


Due to the pink and milky effects of glass white, the painted color looks powder and soft, the picture is delicate and neat, the image is vivid and realistic, and it has a feeling of relief.

By the Qianlong period, the fans of the fans reached the heyday, and the post -dynasty continued.

▲ Qing Qianlong Pink Three Lion Bowl View Museum Collection

The wisdom of the ancient people is used by the people today

It has always been pursued by Guanfu Culture. Pink color is beautiful and unattractive, and it can be perfectly integrated with life.

As a result, the special observation of the Museum of Museum collected the Qianlong pink color three lions was made of a blueprint [Three Lions Plates of Ruyi (one pair)]

, Yiyang Yiyuan

▲ Everything Ruyi Three Lions Plate (one pair)

The Museum of Guanfu Museum [Qianlong Pink Three Lions Bowl] uses three lions as the main decoration; the pink, goose yellow, and emerald green glaze color is applied. From the perspective of a hundred years later, these dancing lions are still lifelike and joyful.

[Three Lions Plates of Ruyi (one pair)] The rhyme is completely taken, and its wind is re -fired.

Three lions, can also be solved as the third generation, representing

In the past life, this life, the next life -auspiciousness of the world.

The three colors are also said:

Red is Guan Gong, yellow is Liu Bei, black is Zhang Fei

Represents loyalty respectively

Filial piety, benevolence, bravery

Three beautiful qualities.

The so -called “device to carry the way”, which can be used for life, can also be used for life, can enjoy its color, observe its rhyme, and get more …

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Everything Ruyi Three Lions pairs

¥ 158