Why is pearl white car paint more expensive than other color cars?

Introduction: When buying a car, what is the problem first? More people will consider the color of the car. Generally speaking, the white body and the black body are the best, followed by the gray body. Remove.


Is it the best white car paint?

I asked myself, hey, I think I asked this question very well. Although many people like a white car, his car paint is not the best in the same model. Many people will find that the white car will be yellowed after driving for a long time, so congratulations, when you choose a car, this car is ordinary paint. And some people buy white cars for ten or five years. Why? Because this person buys a paint with metal paint or cloud mother paint. Usually these two systems are the highest stability. It is not easy to oxidize or corrosion.

What are the main types of car paint?


Generally speaking, there are three main types of paint on the car. The first paint surface is ordinary paint. Its main component is composed of pigments and resin. The stability of this paint surface is the worst. The second is metal. Paint, metal paint contains a wide range, such as pearl paint, silver powder paint, etc. The paint surface of pearl paint is relatively common, which is added with pearl powder, so the stability will be higher. Lacquer, Yunmu paint is relatively stable, but its price and cost are also the highest.

About 100,000 yuan of household cars, pearl paint is used more.


Generally speaking, there are more colors in any model, and there will always be a color that is metal or pearl paint. If the white of this car is pearl paint or metal paint, then you choose white It will be better, and the colors of some models are red or other colors. If you personally do not require the color when you buy a car, you can choose a model with metal paint or pearl paint color.