What is stinging with skin care products? Is it just a lack of water?

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My previous sharing has also been mentioned. Generally, the use of skin care products will not feel tingling on the face. Unless it is obviously marked on skin care products, there will be a brief tingling sensation after this product is used. In addition, all other situations stop the use of skin care products. Everyone must know this. Next, we analyze and analyze it.

用护肤品感到刺痛是什么情况 刺痛仅仅是缺水吗-松颜老师谈护肤

Many people feel the skin tingling when using the skin care product. At this time, it takes for granted whether the skin is short of water. In fact, this is not the case. Condition. That is, the skin barrier is damaged.

Therefore, water is not only a tingling, and water dehydration is just a manifestation of skin damage.

Reasons for tingling with skin care products

用护肤品感到刺痛是什么情况 刺痛仅仅是缺水吗-松颜老师谈护肤


用护肤品感到刺痛是什么情况 刺痛仅仅是缺水吗-松颜老师谈护肤

If the skin is tingling and swollen, it is recommended to stop using it immediately. At the same time, you can apply the skin platinum ointment at the same time. At the same time, orally, vitamin C, and Sai Geng can be treated with a treatment. Pay attention to the banquet and spicy food.

Excessive cleaning

用护肤品感到刺痛是什么情况 刺痛仅仅是缺水吗-松颜老师谈护肤

When using cleaning products, if you choose a product with too cleaning the wall, such as the facial cleanser containing soap -based ingredients or handmade soap, it will clean the skin, which will make the subsequent skin care.

Small wounds with dry skin

Every autumn and winter changes, the weather becomes more and more dry, and the same is true of the skin. No matter which skin, it starts to dry and dehydration. When your skin has a small wound that is invisible to the naked eye, tingling will occur. When using skin care products, this tingling is more obvious.

用护肤品感到刺痛是什么情况 刺痛仅仅是缺水吗-松颜老师谈护肤

Ultimate question: barrier damage

Our skin is composed of layers of cells. However, when our skin barrier is damaged, cells are reduced, lipids between cells, and gaps become larger, they will form an invisible wound. At the same time, the water locking ability weakens, and the water continues to lose. When the wound encounters a fast -penetrating lotion, it is like a injured person suddenly impacted by external forces. Can such stimuli be painful?

用护肤品感到刺痛是什么情况 刺痛仅仅是缺水吗-松颜老师谈护肤

Is the tingling feeling really due to the lack of water?

用护肤品感到刺痛是什么情况 刺痛仅仅是缺水吗-松颜老师谈护肤

Regardless of whether it is shooting lotion, the use of high moisturizing essence or mask, the tingling sensation caused by the skin in the maintenance steps is caused by incomplete keraton barriers, not the skin’s lack of water, nor the performance of the product’s efficacy. I mentioned before that if the slight tingling will disappear in a while, the problem is not big, indicating that the skin that is slightly stimulated is still accepted. If the tingling is obvious, stop it. Setting the effect of tonic water allows the skin to rest and relieve it.

Finally, I remind everyone: Properly choose some mild skin care products containing skin barriers. It is the most important to help the skin’s keratin and sebum function through reasonable diet and exercise!

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