Lulks are not fragrant! The “casual sports shoes” in early autumn is too sturdy, only 3 o’clock, quick -change shoes control people

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Hi, I am Luo Wei, continue our fashion trip, and never get lost.

How can I make a stunning appearance in the early autumn? Today is its specialty.

Daily, one day, four seasons. Every day when he slipped away from his fingers, Luo Wei could realize the welcoming and hug of the morning, to the hotness of noon, and then handed over to the dusk in the afternoon until the night was completely covered with water …


Through the four seasons, the reincarnation is clear and the feeling is true. From the rejuvenation of the new, to the eager bloom, it turns into a dead silence. Life is ups and downs.


How to live up to every second, every minute, every time, every day, every year, or even the whole life, it is worth thinking and planning. Regardless of the process, when you look back, you will not leave regrets or regret it, which is great.

We don’t need to let everyone be honest, as long as we “serve” ourselves, we can

A gang

Going with this world is the most pleasing to life. How about you? Can you feel the same?

After some emotion, return to today’s dressing and sharing. It is still the old saying, but because of the influence of the early autumn, it is not new. The unable to hold on the beauty of beauty has long been eager to try the next season.

From which items or elements? For example, autumn

Casual shoes


Intersection The small scenery, undertakes many fashion functions in style and embellishment. Want to start fresh, how can you dare to miss it?

First: color matching

Autumn intention is coming,



Become a clear sense of changing appearance. Whether it is clothes or accessories, it is imperative to have a touch of earth color that is in line with autumn. At the same time, it must be bright and beautiful to meet fresh definition.


So, what are the fashionable colors of autumn sneakers? The following colors are all love.


Light pink


grayscale value

After sweeping all the bright colors, the tone of the presented is the high -end color of the popular. Reduce saturation, filter bright and exaggerated, leaving the turbid and soft vision, which is very popular with elegance.

Based on this, light pink casual sports shoes are arranged for the first place in autumn. It can keep the overall color tone properly bright, but a layer of hazy gray is always followed. With dark green casual pants, the same red is green, but it is intriguing.


The saturation of the pink is reduced and the grayscale value is increased to the soft pink of the free pink, and the elegant atmosphere is significantly enhanced. It is gray, and it is a beautiful match that will never be wrong. Sweet, atmospheric, and demeanor are all vivid.


Creamy yellow

Vitality yellow, lowering brightness, elegance and atmosphere are equally desperate. It is slightly thicker than rice white, softer than butter, and elegant cream yellow, attached to casual sports shoes, with its own elegant charm.

I don’t like too lightness to upgrade saturation. Egg yolk, ginger, pumpkin color, banana yellow, corn yellow, there is always a love at first sight. Yellow sports shoes, it is best to choose and

White stitching


The style of the style is not worried when matching.


Retro green

The range of retro green is very wide, from olive green to dark green, but the common characteristics are

Deep turbidity

Essence Without the vitality, and the old days passed through the time and space, it was called “retro green”.

The retro green in the clothes is far less controlled by shoes. Letting retro and leisure lively, the fashion of contradictions is the key. The versatile wearing brought by white stitching is the same, which is the commonality of color sneakers.


Sunset orange

Different from yellow, the joy of orange is even more annihilated. A touch of the end of the feet coincides with the curtain of autumn. It also reduces the brightness, just to get the beauty of the season. At the time of time, the fun of dressing may be here.


2 models

Bright color, each with its own characteristics. The orange -white match is more cheerful and the orange is more gorgeous. When matching, you can generate the beautiful scenery at your feet when you choose. One elegant, one leisure, subtle place, must not know.

Wearing minimalist black and white, with a pair of orange sports shoes, this bright mood is difficult to change.



Gray blue

Gray and blue mixing is the wisdom of advanced. While calmly and rational, there is still a tenderness that has won people’s hearts. A pair of cold -blue sneakers, in a crowd of earth color, can be regarded as a clear stream.

The atmosphere is good -looking, it is neat and stylish, and it is too advanced than the common black and white. The style is not limited, as long as


It’s worth trying. White, black, dark blue, gray blue, let these 4 colors be adjusted back and forth.



Compared with the color sneakers above, is the beige more dim? This feature is destined to match the character:

supporting role

Essence It can only be cooperated to produce elegance and high level, but it cannot be loud. However, this is also the root cause of the beige, isn’t it?

Beige is close to skin tone, suitable for shorts and skirts, and will not destroy the proportion. When matching, try to make it matched with light colors to obtain a safe proportion to strengthen the overall mild atmosphere.

The pattern of beige casual sports shoes is also in


Essence The soles, laces, and shoe type are all refurbished sources. A little brightly involved, instantly changed the appearance of beige. Live and cheerful, exciting, and elegant fashion, everyone wants.


With a beige atmosphere, please do whatever you want when matching. How to be comfortable and how to come, the confidence and confidence naturally come.



To be honest, gray casual sports shoes are not as fashionable as imagined. Although it has a high -grade gray name, it is not so exciting to wear. Try not to choose all gray styles,


The jump make it look better.

Like beige, it is also in a supporting role in the matching. It is low -key, and it will never dare to call the king, let alone change the style at will. You can consider the color of the wardrobe before deciding whether to choose it. If the closet has color clothes, you must choose it.


Conversely, most of the wardrobe black and white gray, gray is not as versatile as color sneakers.

Look, as long as it is staggered with the color stitching style, is it more versatile? For gray costumes, always remember

a little

: Personality or style must be added to make it fashionable. If you can’t do it, it is even more ashamed.

Second: material articles

The material of casual sports shoes will affect personal temperament and style. Although it is subtle, it must be known. The common materials on the market can generally be divided into the following 2 categories:

Suede/net cloth

Non -normal leather can be classified as this category. in



The style of casual shoes is the most cheap and low -end. Of course, this is not all, it depends on the style. After that



Materials, high -grade scrub also have texture, and the style is neutral.

Although the overall style is leisure sports, understanding these details is clearer to match what clothes to ensure that the overall style is not wrong. Brown and beige, etc., can improve the insufficient texture of the material.

These three suede casual shoes have simple shoes, small sense, and obvious elegance. They are just right with casual dresses. Grasp the overall tone consistent, the color is paired, and the water will be completed later.

Black, beige, and blue have echoed with clothes. Extend the thinking and change the position separately, where should I adjust it? Of course it is a bag! Shoes and bags can be regarded as a whole.

Leather material

Leisure casual sports shoes,

A comfortable

Two to show texture

Essence If you wear small white shoes, you can experience what you mean to step on the clouds. The shoes focus on the material, and the feet feel comfortable.


In addition, the skin that is particular can improve the refinement and quality of casual shoes. The demand for mature women is the most consistent.

Leather casual shoes, there are

Stunning. Little LOGO embellishment, or unique additional addition, is much more fashionable than solid white shoes. But elegance decreases. Please grasp this point.

Try to avoid the full black style in the figure below. Anyway, it’s white, and it is not dark. No matter what clothes with, it will be boring and boring.

Third: matching articles

In this link, Luo Wei analyzes the two categories of casual sports shoes from the perspective of matching. By cooperating with different styles of accessories to create the desired dressing demand. Casual shoes are tangled, it is worth polishing.

Sweet wind

Casual sneakers are the leisure style in itself. How can it make it sweet?


the answer is

: Cooperate with cute feminine jewelry. This set, using the natural elegant characteristics of the pearl necklace to change the overall style and change the overall style.


Think about it, is it elegant to remove the necklace? Extend, what if you replace it with a large gold necklace? Does it become a cool wind? Not only necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hairstyles, and makeup, they are all cooperative points.

When you are sure you want the style you want, choose 1-2 main decorations to enhance, and the style immediately emerges.

Make casual shoes and

Sweet top

With matching, the overall style naturally becomes gorgeous and sweet. At this time, the casual shoes and small black pants are supporting roles, and they are fully rendering the gorgeous style of white shirts.


: When choosing a gorgeous wind coat, combine your temperament. The lace collar type in the figure below will be fat and tender, picking people. If the jacket wearing is not sweet enough, you can use jewelry to reconcile.

The cute and sweet A skirt is the standard for gentle women. Sleeveless, placed, light and light material, showing the coolness and joy of summer. A brown, just need to be decorated with white shoes under your feet.

All elements of the whole body are feminine from clothing to hairstyle. If you want to combine sweet and cool, where should I start with adjustment? Luowei


: Gold jewelry. Gold and rice/brown are also a pair of perfect match.

Minimalist wind

Minimalism means that there is less modification and a simple and simple ingredient. For leisure sneakers, its minimalist style is naturally used by leisure or sports. It does not add feminine elements to reconcile, showing the original style.

The gray vest with a black skirt is elegant and simple, all of which are rising with bright leisure leisure shoes under the feet. Originally black, join






After stitching, it becomes different and bear the highlights of the shape.

Blue and white matching, without modifying the original color scheme, as natural classics as blue sky and white clouds. The blue shirt is obvious leisure style, and the blue pants are even more handsome. They are combined and full of casual neutral flavor.


The small white shoes are also completely in the leisure style to release their own style and nature.

There are only 3 minimalism in the whole body, black and white gray, don’t you echo the simplicity? If you feel bored, add some jewelry.

Well, the above is the early autumn of casual sports shoes. I hope to inspire you a little bit!

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.


I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!

If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!