Favorites 50 classic Song poems that must be memorized in your life, each capital has an eternal sentence

Each of us must be able to carry a few Tang poems, so how many Song poems can you carry?

In addition to Tang poetry, Song Shi is also a pearl.

Song poetry is reasonable, “with literature as a poem”, “with discussion as a poem.” Whenever we read Song poetry, we can feel the charm or philosophy.

Today, the editor summarized the 50 classic Song poems. Many of them were selected as elementary and middle school textbooks. Each capital is a classic masterpiece. Let the children collect it!


Being a person as a person, death is also a ghost.

So far, Xiang Yu is unwilling to pass Jiangdong.

——Li Qingzhao’s “Summer Questalism”


I entered the city yesterday and returned to tears and scarves.

Those who are all over Luo Qi are not raised.

—— Zhang Yu “Silkworm Women”


People on the river, but love bass beauty.

Jun watched a boat, and in the storm.

——Fan Zhongyan “Fisherman on the River”


Looking at the mountain side of the mountain, the high and low and low are different.

I do n’t know the true face of Lushan, and I am only in this mountain.

——Su Shi “Title West Forest Wall”


The water light is good, and the mountains are empty.

It is advisable to compare the West Lake to Xizi, light makeup.

——Su Shi, “Drinking the Lake on the first sunny rain”


There are three or two peach blossoms in bamboo, and the Prophet of Chunjiang Water Warm Duck.

The reeds are short and the reeds are short.

——Su Shi “Hui Chongchun River Evening Scenery”


There are several plums in the corner, and Ling Han opens alone.

Knowing that it is not snow, it is a dark fragrance.

——Wang Anshi “Plum Blossom”


There is no rain cover in the lotus, and the chrysanthemum residue has proud frost branches.

A year of good times, Jun must be recorded, it is the time when the orange, yellow and orange green.

——Su Shi “Give Liu Jingwen”


Four o’clock in the Spring of the Luofu Mountain, Lu Orange Yangmei was new.

There are three hundred litchi in the sun, and they are not resigned as Lingnan people.


——Su Shi “Huizhou A Jue”


Between the water of Guazhou, Jingkou, Zhongshan only counts the mountains.

The spring breeze and the south bank of the river, when the moon will return to me.

——Wang Anshi “Bo Bo Guozhou”


Fei Lai Mountain Chihiro Tower, hearing that Ji Ming saw the sun rise.

No fear of floating clouds, self -consciousness is on the highest level.

——Wang Anshi “Dengfei to the Peak”


The sound of firecrackers was divided by one year old, and the spring breeze was sent to Tu Su.

Thousands of households have always changed the old runes.

——Wang Anshi “Yuanri”


Mao eaves sweep no moss long, and the flowers and trees are planted.

One water guard field will be green, and the two mountain rows are sent to green.

——Wang Anshi “Mr. Board of Shuhu Yin”


Quanyan has no cherishment, and the trees are shining.

Xiaohe was exposed to sharp corners, and dragonflies standing up.

——Bang Wanli “Xiaochi”


After all, the West Lake is not the same as in the middle of June.

The lotus leaves are infinitely blue, and the lotus lotus is red.

—— Yang Wanli, “Xiaolu Jingci Temple Send Forest Fang”


The fence was sparse and deeper, and the trees were not overcast.

Children rushed to chase yellow butterflies and flew into the cauliflower.

——Bang Wanli “Xu ​​Gongdian, Suxin City”


The child’s golden basin took off Xiao Bing, and the color silk was worn as a silver.

Knocking into a rangal sound of the forest, suddenly making glass of the ground.

——Hang Wanli “Children Follow the Ice”


Mo Yan has no difficulty in the ridge, and earns pedestrians.

It is entering the Wan Mountain circle, and a mountain blocks.

——Bang Wanli “Passing Songyuan Morning Cooking Public Store”


The grass pond was full of water, and the mountain title was soaked in Hanyi.

The shepherd returned to the back of the cow, and the flute was blown without a cavity.

——Li Zhen “Village Evening”


He died and knew everything, but he didn’t see Kyushu.

Wang Shibei Ding Central Plains Day, the family sacrifice did not forget Nai Weng.

——Lu You “Shower”

twenty one

Thirty thousand miles into the sea east, and 5,000 仞 仞 三 三 三.

The survivors were in tears in Hu Chen, and the south looked at Wang Shi for another year.

——Lu You “Autumn Night will show the fence door to welcome the coolness”

twenty two

As soon as the half -acre Fangtang opened, the sky -high cloud shadow hovered together.

Ask Qu to be so clear? Come to live water for source.

——Li Zhu Xi “Watching Books and One”

twenty three

Last night, the river was springing, and the Mengchong giant ship was light.

It has always been expensive to push the migration, and the mid -day flows.

——Li Zhu Xi “Watching the Books and the Second”

twenty four

Shengri Xunfang Surabaya, the boundless scene is new.

Waiting for the east wind, Wan Ziqianhong is always spring.

—— Zhu Xi “Spring Day”


Four Guishan light connected to the water, and the column was ten miles.

The breeze and the moon were unmanned, and the south building was blindly cool.

—— Huang Tingjian’s “Book of the South Building of Ezhou”


Investment in the wasteland, the hair spots were born, and they were born into Qutang Pass.

Before he arrived in Jiangnan, he smiled first, and Yueyang was on Junshan.

The wind and rain of Manchuan alone, the twelve -time Xiang’e.

Unfortunately, it is not the lake and water, and the Yinshan pile is looking at Qingshan.

——The Huang Tingjian “The two songs of the Junshan, Yueyang Lou Wang Junshan in the rain”


Spring and yin weeds are green, and there are flowers.

Under the ancient temple of the lonely boat, Manchuan wind and rain looked at the tide.

——Su Shunqin “Huaizhong and Late Bailou”


Manga Qingshan wants to be oblique, and the long suburbs are green.

Whether the tourists are old in spring, they will step on the flowers in front of the pavilion.

—— Ouyang Xiu “Fengle Pavilion You Spring”


Xiao Xiaowuye sent a cold voice, and Jiang Shangqiufeng moved.

Knowing that there are children picked out weaving, the night of the night fell to light.

—— Ye Shaoweng “Seeing in the Night Book”


I live in the Beihai Jun and South China Sea, and I could n’t do it.

Tao Li Chunfeng has a glass of wine, and the ten -year light of the night rain.

There are four walls of the house, and the treatment of the disease is not three % off.

I want to see that the reading head is white, and the across the apes cried.

—— Huang Tingjian’s “Sending Yellow Several Copy”


Green all over the mountains of Bai Manchuan, and the son’s voice was raining.

In April in April, there were few idlers in the countryside.

——Engjuan “Village April”


Huangmei season is rainy, and frogs are everywhere in the grass pond.

There is no appointment overnight, and knocking the chess pieces to fall off the lights.

—— Zhao Shixiu “Yueke”



When the mountain tower outside the mountain, what time is the West Lake singing and dancing?

The warm wind smoked the tourists drunk and took Hangzhou as a Luzhou.

—— Lin Sheng “Title Lin’an Mansion”


Zhong Fang shakes down alone, taking advantage of the style to Xiaoyuan.

The sparse shadow is clear and shallow, and the dark fragrance floats the moon and dusk.

Frost poultry wants to steal the eyes first, and the pink butterfly breaks the soul.

Fortunately, the micro -groaning can be alive, and there is no need for the sandalwood to share the golden board.

——Lin Ying “Mountain Garden Xiaomei”


The spring breeze was not suspicious of the end of the world, and there were no flowers in the mountain city in February.

The residual snow was still orange, and the frozen thunder was shocked.

Ye Wen returned to Yan Shengxiang’s thoughts, and he was ill in the New Year.

It was once Luoyang’s flowers.

—— Ouyang Xiu “Answers Yuan Zhen”


If you know what you know everywhere, it should be like Fei Hongza Snow Mud.

Occasionally, the claws were left on the mud, and Hong Fei re -planned things.

The old monk has died into a new tower, and the bad wall has no way to see the old problem.

In the past, the rugged was still remembering, and the people were trapped on the road.

——Su Shi “Hesuko Yuki Nostalgia”


Ying pity the teeth of the teeth, and the small buckle Chai is not open for a long time.

Spring is full of gardens, and a red apricot comes out of the wall.

—— Ye Shaoweng “Touring the Garden Value”


The black clouds turned in ink without covering the mountain, and the white rain jumped into the boat.

The rolling wind came suddenly, and the water of Wanghu was like the sky.

——Su Shi “Drunk Book of Wanghu Building on June 27”


Meizi golden apricot fat, wheat flowers and white cabbage are thin.

No one has been in the sun, but the dragonfly is flying butterfly.

——Fan Chengda “Four Available Pastoral Miscerity · Twenty -Five”


Days out of Yuntian, and the village children are the heads of the village.

Tong Sun did not solve the plowing and weaving, and also learned to plant melon.

——Fan Chengda “Four Available Pastoral Miscerity · Thirty -one”


The idiot is public, and the Kuang Pavilion leans on the night.

The falling wooden mountains are big, and Chengjiang is clear.


Zhu Xian has been a beautiful woman, and the blue eyes talk about wine.

Wanli returns to the flute, this heart and Bai Ou League.

—— Huang Tingjian’s “Dengkuka Pavilion”



Mei Xue did not want to surrender, and the Sao Ren Pavilion wrote a chapter.

Mei Xuxun Xue was white, but Xue lost a piece of fragrance.

——Lumeapo “Xuemei”


Mo Xiao ’s farmers are muddy.

Mountain darkly, vista.

Xiao Gu follows the Spring Club, and the crown is simple and ancient.

From now on, if you are leisurely, you can take the door at night.

——Lu You “You Shanxi Village”


In the early years of age, the world was difficult, and the Central Plains was like a mountain.

The building at the night of the snowfall, the iron horse autumn wind dispersed.


The Great Wall is over, and the decline in the mirror has spots first.

When you make a teacher, who is really famous, who is a thousand years!

——Lu You “Book Angry”


Shiwei has been like a yarn for years, who has made horse riding in Beijing.

Xiao Lou listened to the spring rain overnight, and the Ming Dynasty sold apricot flowers in the Ming Dynasty.

Dwarf paper is leisurely, and the sunny window is split tea.

Su Yi’s sigh of wind and dust, and Qingming can get home.

——Lu You “Lin’an Chunyu Chu Chu”


The diseased bone is led by the gauze cap, and the lone ministers are gone.

Be humble and dare not forget the country, and it is still necessary to wait for the coffin.

Tiandi Shenfu Temple Club, Beijing Father Lao Wang and 銮.

When I was giving a teacher, I looked at the lights in the middle of the night.

——Lu You “Sickness”


A hundred battles were exhausted, and the Central Plains was difficult to return.

Although Jiang Dong’s children are here today, be willing to roll with the king?

——Wang Anshi “Wastewu Wujiang Pavilion”


When the concubine first came out of the Han Palace, the tears were damp.

There is no color in Gu Ying, and the king is still not self -held.

Return to Dan Qing’s hands, and there have been a few times when you enter the eyes;

The origin of the state could not be drawn, and then he killed Mao Yanshou.

I know that I know even if I know it, and I am pitifully exhausted;

Sending a voice to ask about Saidan, only the year of Hongyan flying.

The family passed the news, but fortunately, Musto Mo Xiangyi;


Jun did not see the long door closed Gillian, and his life was frustrated without north and south.


——Wang Anshi, “Two of Ming Fei Qu · One”


The other courtyard is deep in the summer seat, and the pomegranate is open all the way.

The tree was full of noon, and when the dream was flowing warbler.

——Su Shunqin “Xiayi”


After the hard work, Gan Ge leaned around the star.

The mountains and rivers were broken and the wind fluttered, and his life was floating in the rain.

The beach head was panicked, and Zero Dingyang sighed.

Who has no death in life since ancient times, leaving Dan Xin’s heart.

—— Wen Tianxiang “Over Zero Dingyang”


Most of these 50 poems are selected into the textbooks of primary and secondary schools. They are all classics that must be memorized. It is worth reading again and again. Hurry up for the children. Slowly carry it!

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