AB6 Jetquad drone: Inject jet fuel into the four -axis aircraft, the maximum speed can reach 402km/h

Two years ago, AB5 Jetquad was born in the air. This is a jet VTOL (vertical take -off and landing) drone. It’s time to see its brand new and improved successor-AB6. It is reported that its maximum speed is estimated to reach 250MPH. AB6 Jetquad is manufactured by FusionFlight, a aerospace company in Texas, and is considered a quad -rotor aircraft with four micro -turbine jet engines instead of rotor.

Compared with AB5, the engine has been improved, and fuel and electrical systems, frameworks (now can protect the engine) and thrust vector system have also been improved-the latter allows the engine nozzle Vertical take -off and landing, hovering in place and transitioning to fly forward.

AB6 JetQuad无人机:为四轴飞行器注入喷气燃料,最高速可达402km/h

Alex TAITS, FusionFlight CEO and founder, told the media that according to computer simulation, the drone should be able to fly at a speed of up to 250MPH (402km/h)-this is under its existing practical but clumsy framework. Adding a aerodynamic kit can theoretically increase this number to 400MPH (644km/h).

AB6 JetQuad无人机:为四轴飞行器注入喷气燃料,最高速可达402km/h

The 20-liter fuel tank of AB6 is said to be used for 25 minutes or 15-minute speed flight. If it is carried with a maximum effective load of 18 kg-these performance numbers will increase under lighter load. The cargo can be installed on the landing gear, or (if it is small enough) to place it in a compartment in the drone. The new airborne generator can be used to supply power such as cameras or sensors.

The aircraft itself weighs 24 kg-the fuel is increased by 20 kg-the size is 1205 mm long, 931 mm wide, and 402 mm high. It uses diesel, kerosene or jet type A fuel, and its four engines can provide a comprehensive thrust of 700 Newton. Users can set air points or real -time remote control of drones for autonomous flight, with a maximum range of 50 kilometers. In other words, if a SATCOM receiver is added, the AB6 can perform satellite control from almost anywhere in the world.

Some possible uses of the drone include the transportation and remote monitoring of emergency medical supplies. Since it does not have any ingredients that may be frozen, it should better deal with harsh weather than rotor or fixed -wing drone. In addition, its jet engine enables it to reach a height of 11 kilometers.

AB6 JetQuad无人机:为四轴飞行器注入喷气燃料,最高速可达402km/h

TAITS also told the media that AB6 Jetquad should be purchased in the summer of next year (northern hemisphere) for $ 100,000. The prototype is currently undergoing qualification testing.