Okay furniture, how can I choose how to choose

In the choice of home style, more and more young people are in love with the Nordic style and Japanese style. Both styles advocate simple and natural and humanized design concepts, and use more wooden furniture to meet young people’s demand for beauty and comfort.

But when it comes to Nordic style, many people’s impression is “cheap” and “coldness”. Is the Nordic style really equal to “poor”? How to make the Nordic style simple but not simple, low -key and luxurious? Today I will introduce to you a high -end furniture that is suitable for Nordic and Japanese style -oak furniture.

What are the good of oak family?

Oaks are divided into white oak and red oak. Just looking at the name, some people think that white oak is white, and red oak is red. In fact, the color of the red oak is brown, the wood grain is lighter, and the annual wheel is not clear. The white oak color is white and pink, usually with clear mountain lines, rich in texture. Therefore, white oak is mainly used to make high -end furniture. Red oak is more for flooring, wooden doors, skirting and other positions.

In terms of performance, oak quality and high hardness, so Oaks have good wear resistance. Moreover, the oak texture is delicate, stable, corrosion -resistant, and humid. The furniture made is durable, and the service life is very long.

From the appearance point of view, oak furniture also has good ornamental. Its texture is naturally clear and full of color, no need to process and decorate. Red oak has the calmness and solemnity of mahogany furniture, but the price is lower than the mahogany. Although white oak is small and fresh, it is better than black walnuts and cherry wood that belongs to North American hardwood.

Of course, oak is not perfect. Oaks are mostly produced in the northern hemisphere. High -quality oak in my country depends on foreign imports, and the price is high. And oak texture is hard, and it is prone to deformation and cracking when the production process is not mature. Therefore, oak furniture has a very high requirements for craftsmanship. Generally, the skilled craftsmen will use large board to fight. For example, the oak Nordic bed in Genji Muyu uses large board straight-up process, cutting wood to 5-11cm. This width can ensure that the wood is stable, does not deform and does not crack, but also shows complete and smooth wood grain. Then use experienced woodworking for color selection, pattern and panels.

Now the real oak furniture in the market is expensive, which has also caused some merchants to speculate, attempting to make fishy and earn high profits. Many merchants use rubber wood to impersonate white oak. Don’t look at their names similar. Actually, it is not related to eight poles. Oaks are basically distributed in the northern hemisphere, which is a high -grade wood. The rubber wood is made from rubber trees, and the hardness, texture and performance are relatively poor.

Even “MUJI” was found to use fiber plates to imitate white oak in furniture sampling! You know, the plywood and fiber board belong to the artificial board. The production cost is much lower than the solid wood furniture, and the performance is far from the performance.

So, how to distinguish between true and false and advantages when choosing oak furniture? Here is a guidelines for avoiding pit.

1. The texture and texture

From the material perspective, oak texture is hard and heavy. The weight of rubber wood is lighter, the texture is soft, and the durability is not as durable as oak.

橡木家具好不好 手把手教你怎么选

The texture of the two is also very different, but if you don’t look closely, you can’t see it. When buying oak furniture, you can prepare a magnifying glass in advance to observe the texture on the surface of the furniture. The pipe holes of oak are small, the wooden rays are beautiful, and the clearer mountain -shaped wood grain and wood pattern, the higher the value. The texture of the rubber wood is relatively vague, not only large holes and loose wood grain, but also some mixed spots or black spots.

2. Look at the place of origin

At present, the best oak in the world is produced from the broad -leaved forests in North America. The suitable climate and soil gives a higher density and clearer texture in North America. The American White Oak is known as the “White Emperor”, which is comparable to mahogany furniture. White oak imported from North America, as a fine -worker hardwood within the NHLA standard, is not comparable to cork such as domestic miscellaneous wood and pine woods regardless of quality or appearance.

If the budget is sufficient, it is right to choose the furniture made in North American oak.

3. Recognize “all solid wood”

橡木家具好不好 手把手教你怎么选

The brands of the furniture market are full of various brands, the quality is uneven, and the price span is extremely large. People who do not understand solid wood furniture may think that solid wood furniture is made of 100%solid wood. Many businesses are light when the product introduction avoids heavy, and uses the word “solid wood” to cover up the truth of “solid wood veneer” and sells the price of all solid wood.

According to national standards “The Technical Conditions for Wood Furniture”, solid wood furniture is divided into “all solid wood furniture”, “solid wood furniture”, and “solid wood yield furniture”. Solid wood noodle furniture is the lowest, and the quality, environmental protection and overall beauty of all solid wood are the best. If the budget is sufficient, you can close your eyes with all solid wood furniture.

Some people may usually be busy and like to watch furniture online. So be sure to pay attention to whether the brand highlights the keywords of “all solid wood” or “pure solid wood”, and whether the details page has a clear text description.

橡木家具好不好 手把手教你怎么选

If you go to Tmall to search for “oak furniture”, you will find that many brands will highlight the term “whole solid wood”, which is the confidence of the big brand home.

橡木家具好不好 手把手教你怎么选

For example, the two products of “Genji Muyu” will directly indicate “100%pure solid wood” in the product introduction and “Select North American FAS -Class Oak”. This is a real all -solid wood furniture.

橡木家具好不好 手把手教你怎么选

In the West, many countries regard oak trees as holy trees, and they are symbols of strength, power, and longevity. Whether it is the French Palace and the floor of the Louvre for hundreds of years, or the British Downton Manor, oak can be seen. It can be said that oak naturally has a low -key, elegant, and distinguished temperament, and the furniture made of oak is also very improved.

Friends who like small fresh Nordic style and Japanese literary style, if you want to improve the sense of high -level home improvement, choose oak furniture.