Meng Properties -Mori Girl and Beast Mother

Forest girl


(Mori ガ ー ル, MORI GIRL) refers to advocating a simple lifestyle, dressed like girls who come out of the forest, like natural and comfortable items, and love the comfort of nature than ordinary people.

The Mori girl’s attitude of life is very leisurely. She especially likes to bring a camera with her at any time, so she can record beautiful memories. Mori Girl Meng Niang’s daily necessities and clothing characteristics are natural, low -carbon, simple, casual and overall light -color tone.

Beast Mother:

Refers to the role of a girl with animal characteristics, which is the cute attribute of ACG’s sub -culture.


The animal elements of “Beast Mother” are mainly “animal ears” and “animal tail”, and there are types of “beast claws” and “beast foot” on this basis.

But basically the face and body of the owner, compared to the orcs (orcs), have fewer animal elements, and relatively wide audiences.

If “beasts” are anthropomorphic for animals, the “Beast Mother” feels more like a “girly beastized”.


(However, the setting may be the opposite in setting. Some orc characters are changed from humans, and some beasts characters are changed from animals.)

Like “Beast”, it is mainly but not limited to mammals.

Typical characters with this attribute (Mori Girl)

Four 糸 ——- “Dating Battle” (official original case)

Flower Ben Jiumei- “Honey and Four Leaf Grass”


Xiantian Love- “Agricultural Forestry”

Gao Sen Lanzi- “Idol Master Cinderella Girl”

Gang Qianbo- “Youth Journey”

Typical characters with this attribute (beast mother)

In front of Yuzao ———————— “Fate Series” (Beast Ear+Beast Tail)

Jade Cat ——————— “Fate Series” (Beast Ear+Beast Tail+Beast Claw+Beast Foot)


Jiuzhong A. Mallumie ——— “Cangyi Inscription Records” ((Orc+Humans) ÷ 2 = Beast Mother)

Thor ———————— “The Maid of the Kobayashi Family” (crawling beast mother)


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