In the first round of this winter, the large -scale rain and snow are about to be launched. Can’t we wear cotton and hemp during rain and snow?

Cotton and linen clothing has always been considered a product that is worn by Tiannun, but is this in fact?

Let’s take a look at the materials such as cotton and linen. The cotton and linen are thin and thick, but the cotton and linen in spring, summer, autumn are generally more common. The cotton jacket in winter sounds warm and well -known.

Modern people will not care about materials. Many European designs are designed directly in linen, with the concept of high -end health. When you go out, you can go out in an outer jacket.

Because cotton and linen are rough cloth, they are hand -sewn. During the production process, green and natural environmental protection, environmental protection and health, from planting to hand -woven products, do not use pesticides and chemical dyes, textiles do not contain methanol, nitrogen and other chemical harmful substances. The most suitable personal textiles for the human body. It is also known for its soft texture and warm winter in summer


The permeability is particularly good, which can effectively adsorb the sweat and sweat on the human skin, so that the body temperature will return to normal quickly, and truly achieve the effect of breathable and sweat absorption. Its physical characteristics are anti -static, anti -mites and itching, pH

Value is acidic, no irritation to the skin, in line with environmental protection and health requirements. It is not easy to rub, not rolled, because the cotton and linen wiring is thick, the surface will form countless massage points, and the massage is unexpected to the human body.

effect. Because it is a dye -dye, there is no problem of color loss, dyeing, etc., which is the effect that chemical fiber fabric cannot achieve.

Now having a fashionable cotton and linen clothing, is gradually becoming a relaxation and casual attitude towards life.

An interpretation. Cotton and linen clothing, tea clothing, meditation, and in a new fashion, walking into people’s sight, leading a new way of urban leisure.