In order to solve the urgent “coal -fired” of Jinshan residents, they provide on -site emergency services

Gas supply is a basic livelihood to ensure the lives of citizens. Since the end of this round of epidemic, the gas industry has been quickly deployed and provided on -site emergency services to ensure the safe use of citizens during the epidemic and stable supply of gas.

Shanghai Wanshihong Pipeline Gas Management Co., Ltd. received a call from Mr. Yu, a citizen, saying that his own gas could not be used normally. There was no number display on the gas meter after changing the battery. After coming to the scene, the maintenance personnel judged that the gas meter was aging, and the damage of the components inside caused poor power supply. Subsequently, the maintenance personnel removed the old table and replaced it with a new gas meter for free.

Citizen Yu Shunyao:


“Thanks to these staff, so that I can use it for so quickly and be able to live normally.”


After the maintenance was completed, the maintenance personnel used the gas leakage to detect the surroundings of the gas pipeline. After confirming that there was no alarm sound, the cooking utensils were used to ignit the experiment to observe whether the gas could be used normally.

Sun Gang, a maintenance worker in Shanghai Wanshihong Pipeline Gas Management Co., Ltd.:

“Our gas company has 6 people who go out for maintenance like me. About 6 to 7 people will receive a report call from 6 to 7 a day.”


The gas company reminds that some people should take care of when using gas. When cooking, the soup should be prevented from extinguishing the flames, which causes gas leakage. When the gas leaks, it generally has the smell of stinky eggs. At the same time, when the gas meter is completely without gas, check whether the number in the red box of the gas meter moves around. If you walk around, you can judge that there is a leak.

Cao Feng, a convener of the customer service module of Shanghai Wanshihong Pipeline Gas Management Co., Ltd.:

“If the gas leaks, you should immediately turn on the doors and windows to change the ventilation, then turn off the gas switch and front valve to prevent all the fire sources, and then call the gas company to call the gas company.”

Source: I Jinshan