Angelababy’s rare seaside photo is too charming, wearing bubble sleeve skirts with small white shoes, looking comfortable to look at

Today’s shortflights occupy a large proportion in the wearing of girls. The short style is simple and sharp, which is very simple. It can not only highlight the advantages of girls, but also show different sexy charm. With the changes in seasonal trends, a new avant -garde item can often be derived from it. At the same time, it can also show a bright feeling through different combinations, and it is loved by young young ladies and sisters.

Speaking of short clothes, the first impression in everyone’s mind must be exposed to the umbilical outfit. In the dressing umbilical outfit, Angelababy is definitely ranked. Since the afterbiography, Angelababy’s style has also changed a lot. In the control of private server, I often choose some young and avant -garde and showed clothes. For example, she can often see her use of navel installation to concave shape.

To say that the hottest item of this year’s hottest, it is the umbilical umbilical outfit, but the beauty is not enough. As the controller is increasing, the demand for the navel installation has begun to grow slowly. The chance of hitting a shirt. In order to avoid this embarrassing scene, the designer also worked hard on the navel installation.


For example, adding different cuffs, fashion elements, and enhanced the eye -catching effect. The brightest element this summer is the bubble sleeve. The loose version can hide the meat and the body. The rhythm of the focus of the minute is beautiful.

This time, Angelababy chose the navel skirt with bubble sleeves. The graceful figure curve was so beautiful.

The details of the clothing are always the pursuit of a fashionable girl, especially those women who love beauty and young, and the solid clothes are difficult to control, but the sense of fashion has also reduced a lot.

In order to break this monotonous sense of vision, it is usually embellished on the cutting design and personal elements to enhance the recognition and eye -catching of the overall shape.

Angelababy has done very well this time,

First of all, she changed the back of the traditional exposed navel top to the design of perspective straps, using this feature to show the white back of the skin, making the shape full of sexy models. At the same time, she incorporated the starry sky elements in the solid material, BulingBuling’s of BulingBuling. Visual sense is like the stars in the night sky, which is very showing off.


It can be said that it is both sexy and young girl, and the age of fashion is not wrong.

When girls wear on the dress, they often ignore the shoe wear. In the face of the mirror, I always feel less.


High -heeled shoes, mature temperament

It is indeed a must -have for mature women, but for young women, simple flat -bottomed shoes can also wear a high -level feeling.

For example, small white shoes, simple and atmospheric, can not be too stunning to dress, reflect the theme.

Angelababy’s photo this time is very good. A bubble sleeve star empty navel skirt is already amazing enough. Choosing high heels is obviously too mature, but these small white shoes are different, simple, but not losing the girl fan, showing the stones on the stone Like a jumping elf.

Details should not be ignored. Different hairstyles correspond to different you.

Long hair elegant and elegant goddess Fan, micro -curly hair personality is dynamic, those ball head twist braids are full of age reduction


Essence Angelababy is obviously not mature and age -reducing this time, so it is the most suitable for choosing micro -curly hair. The sweetness is a bit of youthful vitality in the sweetness, which is perfectly consistent with this shape.

Angelababy’s photos on the beach this time are indeed more beautiful. It has also changed a lot in dressing. The fans said that they walked back and forth on the stone like a jumping elf, which was beautiful. However, when it comes to exposed navel installations, the evolution has been too fast in recent years. From a single basic model to a unique style, it can completely create a different style. If you can’t wear it, you can learn from Angelababy’s navel dress.

Deep -out T -shirt+Bid -foot pants: Advantage: Zhang Yang is young and dynamic

Remember: Choose a short stomach outfit, the color should not be too amazing

The umbilical outfit should be said to be classic, that is not the navel T -shirt. This is still an indispensable item for women from out to now. Of course, if you think your figure is enough to control this kind of clothing, you may wish to cut the style for short,

But remember that the color should not be too stunning. Usually a large -scale exposed item, the color is generally saturated, and the same is true.

Essence Angelababy, the airport Look, white dew -stomach dressing with a bundle with footwork, is full of personality and full of vitality.

Loose umbilical T -shirt+pleated skirt: advantage: avant -garde age reducing figure

Remember: coupled with the bottom shirt to avoid glow

If you feel that the short navel installation is too stunning, you can also try the basic navel installation. Relatively speaking, these items will not make an error. In the matching One point, with a short pleated skirt,

But pay attention here, whether it is upper or down, you must choose the corresponding bottoming shirt to avoid taking light


Essence This is the case that Angelababy chooses this black and white match. This is the case. Half -C position appeared in more than 30 years old, and it became young and avant -garde with this dress.


Naveling+jacket and skirt: Advantages: Fashionable casual personality

Remember: Don’t pull the zipper on the coat, lose the charm of the umbilical outfit, look monotonous

When girls wear navel installations, they are more or less adaptable, especially for Xiaobai, they will choose clothes to cover up. This is really good.


Use the jacket to avoid being too stunning, but remember not to pull the zipper on the coat, the meaning of wearing a navel dress is gone, just like a traditional bottoming shirt

Essence Angelababy is doing a good body. The umbilicus is equipped with a short skirt and opens the coat. Although there is no single eye -catching, the inside is also very good. This time, the beautiful photos by the sea are so stunning that Angelababy is really beautiful.

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