Paulwei swaps Dongjia! The second brother and the third brother reunited

Not much to say, first picture first!

Paul and Wei Shao swap the Dongjia! This news is really fried! A sentence is verified again: What the general manager of the NBA team said, a word or a punctuation symbol could not be believed.


But this news really came suddenly. I thought about the operation of various teams this summer. This is the end of this year. Yesterday, my brother began to say about 2021 …

It can only be said that at the last moment, NBA may happen.


The specific transaction solution is: the rocket sent Paul, the first round of 2024 and 2026, and the first round of signing the right to replace the rights in 2021 and 2025. Next, let’s talk, the impact of this transaction:

Thunder: completely rebuild

The moment the George trading was taken, it actually announced the beginning of the reconstruction of the Thunder. From the Thunder Sanxiang to the Thunder Shuangxiao, to the Thunderbolt, now there is no Thunder, leaving only a bunch of first -round signs.


Brother has never seen which team has so many draft rights and swap rights …


The Thunder traded Welfare, and my brother thought of a few lyrics: “I love you very much, so I am willing to let you fly to more happy places …” “I think you love me, I guess You can’t bear it … “

We can’t deny the feelings of God and Thunder anyway. Before that, he was a representative of one person and one city. But it’s time to make changes …

The Thunder also loves Western, so under the premise of the proper chip, let him join a team with the strength of the championship. And this time it is the best choice for the second brother and third brother of the past.

Now the question is that the Thunder left Paul as a mentor, or did he choose to discuss with him to buy off, so that the President of the gun also joined to the team with the opportunity to fight for the championship?

Anyway, the Thunder has no hope of fighting, so be a good person to do it. Besides, the remaining three years remaining in Paul is too big …

Before this incident was concluded, Thunder fans and Paul were the most worried?


Zhan Mi Mi, who once told Jianjian, has already been a family, and the fire and turtle densely sprayed for many years will also become a family.


I have to say that the NBA has made an indelible contribution to world peace …


But for Paul, is the road to winning the championship? Distressed Brother! However, all of this must be talked about from Sterne …

Rocket: Change is only the crown


It is not to say that the combination of the second brother and the third brother must be better than the bulb combination. But the reality is that the Rockets must change.


Judging from external factors, Luocheng Shuangxiong strengthened unprecedentedly and lost Durant’s warriors. It has not fallen. Teams like jazz are also strengthening.


From the perspective of itself, before the transaction came, the Rockets just repaired and renewed House, Green, and Xiaoli. In the case of Paul’s old age, it was almost fantasy to win the championship.


Therefore, even if you set up the right to draft in the future, you must make changes. Although the effect has to be tested through the game, it is better to do something better than pressing the soldiers …

As for the running -in and the distribution of ball rights, this is indeed a big problem. In the next season, it will test the level of coaching of D’Antoni.

After all, both Harden and Wei Shao need the ball to play the greatest power.


From a more optimistic perspective, D’Antonni’s bonus for guards are obvious. From Nash to Jeremy Lin, to Harden, it is a very obvious example, so it is worth looking forward to.

So when it is not sighing, after all, Paul and Harden of the past have conflicts in the distribution of ball rights. Moreover, the second brother and the third brother are true love. They will all sacrifice each other because of each other.

For the elder brother of the melon, to what point the Rockets can fight, we will not conclude. But the two people’s playback, the ornamental of the game, will increase a level.

Next season, Harden and Wei Shao cut 60+, I believe it will become the norm.


Alliance: Dual -core era starts

This is actually the new trend of the league. There will be no real three giants next season. None of the unique one. The league starts with the new era of dual -core leadership.


It is represented by the James+brothers, water brothers, Leonard+George, and the newly entered Harden+Wizard.

The Lakers, Warriors, Clippers, Rockets, these four teams, it is difficult for you to judge who is strong and weak now. From the perspective of paper, there are strengths that kill the other party.


Therefore, unlike the “presented championship” in the past few years, the NBA next season will be full of suspense.

Therefore, my brother can’t wait for the new season to start tomorrow!


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