Take you and take you to fly and wear you to wear a thick sole shoes. Which one is strong?

Once, Sister felt that as long as she lost weight in all the clothes in the world, she found that only one pair of long legs could be “superior” when she was thin. So this issue of the shoe and paddy sister will take everyone to go to the thick sole shoes of the foreign style. From the big name to the Gaojie Pats, I have turned it over, and even the discount information has been inquired.

The thick soles of shoes are also our commonly known puffing cake shoes. In recent years, we have changed several faces, fading the previous dross. The designers have given it a new sense of fashion to help women out of time from the needle. Now the fashion essence has put on these foreign shoes to flatten the clouds.

From Oxford shoes, lazy people’s pedals, loafers to sports shoes, thick sole shoes drawn the most fashionable elements of these shoes and re -create a more modern and thick -bottomed bottom. I couldn’t bear to take it off when I put on my feet, and I couldn’t wait to take it all day on the street.

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

Big coffee is wearing

The celebrities are even more affectionate about them, and they can finally be comfortable with high heels all year round ▼ ▼

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

– Olivia Palermo ——

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

– Kendall Jenner-

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

—Rita ORA-

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

– Gigi Hadid ——

The best brand this week

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?Miu Miu ¥4347


带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?Joshua’s ¥1568(原价¥2240)

This pair of thick flowers is rough and beautiful, and it is incorporated into the fringe wheat ears of the high fire this year. The thin colors also make the sister very excited.

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?Alexander McQueen ¥2578(原价¥3966)

Msgm ¥ 2047

You can buy in ssense.com

Although SSENSE is still discounted, these pairs are not within the scope of discounts, but the price of more than 2,000 is really cost -effective.

—Sestella McCartney-

This year’s Stella’s popularity has not been reduced at all, everyone loves it ▼

Compared to the Pentagon Star, the sister believes that the plain color is easier to control, and the high -end bangs are absolutely invincible.

Stella McCartney ¥ 5284

You can buy it at matcherSFASHION.com

Matchesfashion is also a good place for everyone to buy goods in the past two years. The page is simple and clean, and the intentional matching scheme is launched. This 38.5 yard has been sold back, and the small size has been sold out, letting the sister cry.

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

– miu miu-

The reason for these pair of shoe Bazai is very simple, and she is really pierced by that metal pointed. I believe that everyone has also seen a lot of plagiarism, but the genuine top is beautiful.

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?Opening Ceremony ¥2347

Miu miu 4 4347

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?Stella McCartney ¥5284

You can buy in myTheresa.com

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

After being manually searched by Sister Bak, only MyTheresa can be sent to China, but unfortunately this website does not have a Chinese interface, and can only accept Visa, Master, American Express, Paypal and other methods.

– Alexander McQueen——

So many sneakers, the thick soles of the McQueen’s family are interesting, allowing you to stand out from the white shoes on the street.

Alexander McQueen ¥ 3678

You can buy in net-a-porter.com

Net-a-Porter was discounted hard last week, but in the United States, the Chinese version did not, which made her sister unhappy at all. But if you have good goods, you will have a ruthless chopping hands, after all, Buy Now or Never.

This week’s big name is the most grabbing mirror

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?


The momentum of the metallic color this season is very strong, and the whole body is not forgotten. The sister thinks that this pair of Ceremony’s pair of clothes is not a shot!

Opening Ceremony ¥ 2347

You can buy in lanecrawford.com

Sister Bai is looking at the official website of Lian Carver. In various places, there are friends from Lian Carver’s stores to go to the store to see the real models, and they are more convincing on their feet.

The discount this week is the best

If you think the brightness just now is too high, then this matte gold color is much low -key ▼

Alexander McQueen ¥ 2578 (Original price ¥ 3966)

You can buy in nordstrom.com

Seriously, Sister Bad rarely buys on this website, but they can often pick up cheap goods. This shoe is 35%cheaper, saving more than 1,000 yuan and can buy pair of shoes.

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

– Joshua’s ——

How hot this year’s hair shoes are hot and don’t need to say more about Bar sister. Compared to other hair shoes, these thick soles seem to have the cuteness of Teddy Bear. Although there are 3 colors, this will definitely not make mistakes. choose.

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

Joshua’s u 1568 (Original price ¥ 2240)

You can buy it at Saksfifthavenue.com

All the number of code is the most gratifying to the sister, and it seems that the discount is not pitted.

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

The best parity this week

—Chiko ——

The sister -in -law admires the color of these shoes, and orange black will also make your winter look more interesting.

Chiko 7 697

You can buy at chiko.com

Sister Bai studied that Chiko was a vertical shoe shopping network for women abroad. It is not easy to hit the shoes and it is true, but the page is not particularly advanced.


带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

No way, the color of this pair of ZARA is very good, and the retro British style strikes and cannot resist.

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

ZARA ¥ 675

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

You can buy in zara.com

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

Don’t worry, Zara will start to discount on December 8th. First add it to the shopping cart, and then buy it.

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

– Forever 21—

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

In fact, this pair of sister -in -law sees its dark pattern embroidery, which makes black shoes a little personality.

Forever 21 f 191

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?Chiko ¥697

I believe that many people will clap their hands and call it. I’m not sure if there is this in the store.

After so long, it is heavy. This is the thick -soled shoes that the sister is worth buying this week. It is cheap and well -western. HOLD can live!

ZARA ¥ 362

By the time of the No. 8 sister, I don’t know if there is any these shoes. In short, seize the opportunity, first join the shopping cart and go to the store to see it.

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?

Well, this issue of the shoe and paddy sister, supplemented by comfortable fashion, take everyone to the world to find a meal. Is there a stylish style that moved you? In the next issue, you want to let Sister introduce what shoes, come and leave a message.

带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?



带你长高带你飞 好穿不累的厚底鞋到底哪家强?Forever 21 ¥191

– Alexander McQueen——

You can buy in zara.com