Mobile phone case manufacturer broke the news: Huawei P30 may follow the water droplet -shaped bangs screen

In order to eliminate the ugly “bangs”, Samsung has introduced a variety of alien screens represented by Infinity-O in SDC 2018.

However, the latest rendering released by the mobile phone case protective case (Olixar) shows that Huawei P30 / P30 Pro will continue the bangs screen design.The difference is that the P30 is a rear three camera, and the P30 Pro is a rear four camera.

It should be pointed out that the news of the mobile phone protective case manufacturer is not necessarily accurate, and the final design may still change.

After the introduction of the front punch screen in Huawei Nova4, the P30 / P30 Pro, which is the main flagship, still uses a water drop -shaped bangs screen, which is a bit difficult to understand.

However, the situation in Samsung is also the first to test the market’s reaction on the Galaxy A8S mid -range model, and then decide to introduce the high -end Galaxy S10 product line.


[Compiled from: MSPU]