The old mother taught you to use the old woolen toilet cover with the old wool

It is a pity not to spend money to buy a toilet pad. It is a pity that the old sweaters in the home are thrown away. It may be removed and woven the toilet cover with the old wool, which is environmentally friendly and saved. Next, Xiaobian takes you to see the old mother’s hand -to -hand tutorial.

Prepare materials


The old wool is more than two points, the thread is estimated to be 280, and the old toilet is rotten.

Preparation tool


There are 2 short sticks 8 and a knives. No. 8 stick needle, more than 2 medium coarse wool

Specific weaving

1. From 30 stitches;

2. Weaving 2 rounds and 4 lines;

3. The last 8 stitches of the fifth line of the fifth needle (keep the toilet hard circle);

4. Line 6 last 4 stitches;


Switting finished product

5. Last 2 of the 7th needle is not weaving;


6. From the 8th line of line 8, weave all the non -woven stitches in the past, and go back and forth;

At this point, a complete flower shape is over, and the eight lines are loop! Starting from line 13, repeat step 3-6!


Everyone understands the latter. After the length of the weaving is enough, squeeze the circle with the head, and then choose the wide edge of the 8 stitches and 2 stitches. The side of 8 stitches is folded into 4 stitches to sew the toilet hard circle.

Then if it is

How to weave a two -color toilet cover? The method is as follows

1. 40 stitches (old stitches) of the red line, 6 rows of weaving back and forth, 6 rows.

2. Change the white wire weaving, leave 6 stitches on the left and right (red) without weaving. In other words, it is 28 stitches when changing white wires, which is also weaving 6 rows.

3. Change the red line again. At this time, the 6 stitches left on the left and right are woven together. (Can be scratched while weaving)

4. Two -needle for a certain length of the length, the remaining 20 stitches are also weaving back and forth, and finally a circle.


5. Pick the needle to knit a piece of 10 stitches with left and right widths, and nail the buttons.

6. When the red and white line is weaved, there will be a gap, which can be used as a button hole.

The above is two methods: the old wool woven toilet sleeve, can you do it?

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