Men in the workplace are necessary for work, atmospheric and stylish business package

[Introduction] For the man in the workplace, in addition to suit leather shoes and tie watches, it is indispensable that it is an atmospheric and stylish business package. While helping you to accommodate the items you need to go to work everyday, the simple and atmospheric appearance can also reveal your taste when you negotiate. The business package is a good partner in the men’s workplace. Next, let’s take a wave of business bags in Amway. Hurry up and bring your good partners home.

【1】 Business package

【Brand】 Playboy

The selected leather has a faint luster, a sense of texture, wear -resistant and waterproof, and durable. On the simple black base, the unique brand logo is more fashionable and stylish. Large -capacity main bags can accommodate laptops and daily files. A portable, oblique carrying method can be selected according to your preferences.


【2】 Business package


【Brand】 Kangaroo

Imported leather materials, super waterproof, rain and snowy weather is not afraid of the files in the bag being soaked, at the same time, it has both abrasion and scratch -resistant and scratch -resistant. On the black base, the alloy LOGO embellished with gloss is even more atmospheric. The stiff version will not lie softly, it is more textured and stylish, revealing the unique charm of business men.

【3】 Business package


【Brand】 Demonton


Preferred fabrics, abrasion -resistant and scratch -resistant, super waterproof, allowing you to go out safely and worrying. The large bag capacity can easily accommodate the required items for daily commute work. The arc -shaped hand, do not, do not hold your hands, let you hold it in your hand comfortably. At the same time, a width of a soft cloth oblique straps was added to disperse the pressure and easily bears.

【4】 Business package


【Brand】 Fig

The business package of Oxford Textiles is a bit casual, wear -resistant and water -resistant, and it is better to take care of it everyday. While doing PU’s stitching design and the treatment of the corners, it is more atmospheric and stylish, which can prevent wear to a certain extent. Large -capacity main bags can be installed with laptops and folders, and the attached handbags can be installed with small things carried with you.


【5】 Business package

【Brand】 Gusqi


The main ingredients of the cowhide are flexible and thick, shiny and shiny. The black base is embellished with glossy alloy logo, which is more exquisite and stylish. Soft cloth combines PU’s hand -in, durable, not hand. Large -capacity main bags, a reasonable supporting bag, allows you to get the files faster and more convenient.

【6】 Business package

【Brand】 Tianjiao Mei Nu

The main ingredients of the cowhide of the head layer are delicate and shiny. Flexible and thick texture, durable. Large -capacity main bags can be placed folders and laptops. Two bags added outside can be placed with items, which is more convenient to get. Black base, the luster brand LOGO, is more atmospheric.

【7】 Business package

【Brand】 Padio


The main ingredients of the first layer of cowhide are flexible and thick, and durable. The delicate texture, with a light luster, is more textured and stylish. Large -capacity main bags and reasonable layout of combination bags can be available for work, as well as their own portable items. The splicing of the PU fabrics in the four corners of the bag, which increases the sense of design and avoid wear.

【8】 Business package

【Brand】 Scarecrow


The style of this bag is simpler. The brand’s logo is scalded in the corner of the bag. The atmosphere is simple black. With the gray splicing design on both sides of the bag, it is more textured and stylish. The arc -shaped hand of the streamlined, it is more comfortable to hold it in the hand. Large -capacity main bags, laptop iPad is easy to accommodate, combined bags with reasonable layout, classified and resetting different items, which is more convenient to get.

[Conclusion] If you are a graduate who is about to go to the interview, let go of your schoolbag, put on the atmospheric and stylish business bag, a little change, may be more concerned about HR. The business man who has been walking in the workplace for many years has been accompanied by you for many years. Do you have to do yourself? Your good partner is beckoning to you!