Simple and classic tasting Tianguan Junya Series Essence Steel quartz ladies watch

[Watch House Watch Tasting] Pursuing a Tissot watch that pursues precise performance and fashion appearance. Since its establishment in 1853, its high performance and high quality have been recognized by multiple parties. The Tissot Junya series watches carry the Tissot watch tradition, and decorate the fashionable watchmaking process with proper nostalgic elements to combine the cutting -edge contemporary craftsmanship and retro design to create a precise and practical and beautiful watch. Today’s Watch House brings you a simple and classic Tianguan Junya series watch, the official model: T063.

Tianglun Junya Series T063.

This watch with a diameter of 33 mm and a thickness of 7.3 mm is made of stainless steel, which is simple and retro. The shell uses a simple white dial with a simple style. The dial uses a large three needle instruction time. There is a date display window for three o’clock positions, covering the sapphire crystal glass mirror. The case is matched with the black belt, and the fine steel is folded. The watch also has the function of waterproof 30 meters.

简约经典 品鉴天梭俊雅系列精钢石英女士腕表


简约经典 品鉴天梭俊雅系列精钢石英女士腕表

The exquisite watch crown is made of fine steel, with pits on the side to facilitate grasping the adjustment of the watch; there is a consistent identification “T” on the top of the crown.

Black belt

The watch uses a black leather strap. The texture of the strap is clear and beautiful, and the edges are sutured with black stitching; the leather strap is soft and tough, and it is comfortable to wear.

Seizure case

简约经典 品鉴天梭俊雅系列精钢石英女士腕表

The case made by the watch is polished and polished, round and bright, exuding the unique luster of the metal. The case is sharp, the three -dimensional sense is full, and the case and the surface of the sheet are smooth, the lines are beautiful, and they are more beautiful.


The watch dial is classic retro and simple style. The white dial uses a large three needle instruction time, with 10 hours and Arabic numerals “6” and “12” as the current label, which is easy to read; and the second hand of the watch is specially designed by special design. , Novel and unique shapes. At three positions, there is a date display window, which adds the practicality of the watch.


简约经典 品鉴天梭俊雅系列精钢石英女士腕表

The ears are short but very slender. The processing of front polishing and sibling sides looks more three -dimensional layered. The ears are slightly arc to ensure that the watch is wearing more fits the wrist.


The black belt of the watch is linked by a folding buckle, which is not only convenient for opening and closing, but not easy to fall off, safe and reliable; Press the Tissotmark “T” on the button, after polishing and polishing, round and shiny.

简约经典 品鉴天梭俊雅系列精钢石英女士腕表


简约经典 品鉴天梭俊雅系列精钢石英女士腕表

The bottom of the watch is the bottom of the fine steel, and there are some related information of the watch on the bottom of the table. The bottom of the surface has been polished and polished, the touch is smooth, and the contact with the wrist is very comfortable. The internal quartz movement is equipped with F05.111, while the battery of general quartz watches can be used for 2-3 years. It is durable and accurate.

简约经典 品鉴天梭俊雅系列精钢石英女士腕表


简约经典 品鉴天梭俊雅系列精钢石英女士腕表

This watch is simple and classic and elegant. In addition to walking and date display functions, the watch also has a 30 -meter waterproof function. It is classic and practical, which fully meets the needs of daily life. The inside of the watch is equipped with a quartz movement, so don’t worry that it will stop running, which is very convenient. (Figure/Watch House Zhang Sen)