Suitable for the student party, there is no routine for simple formulas, who knows who wears it

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The student party in the north said that it was really too cold, and it was almost the rhythm that was about to cry. It’s really difficult, so cold still gets up early to school, and sadness flows into the river.


However, I am online again, and I am ready to be hot

“Wear formula”

Let you get it easy to get, let you get warm, and make you easy to get fashion.

TIPS1: short down cotton clothing+grid scarf, comfortable and age -reducing matching look

I have to say that the plaid scarf is really very versatile, and you can play with the upper body.

Casual fashion


, Matching with down cotton clothes complement each other, especially temperament.

The essence of the whole set is a grid scarf. Although it is a classic black and white color matching, it has enhanced the sense of fashion at once, which is very trendy NICE.

TIPS2: Standing collar cotton clothing+straight wide -leg pants, warm and warm Looks covering meat

To say the most suitable match in winter, it is still a variety of cotton clothes, especially the cotton clothing of the stand -up collar, which is even more versatile and beautiful.


Cotton clothes are easier to clean up than down jackets, so it is also very suitable

Student party

We. It only takes one step to match, and one straight cowboy can be done, which is particularly high.

TIPS3: Baseball uniforms are stacked+show high Martin boots, easily playing in autumn and winter fashion

It is said that the most popular matching fashion in recent years is a variety of sportswear mix and match.

Girls who love beauty can also add the elements that the student party likes can be added on this basis. For example, baseball uniforms can be mixed and mixed with such stacks. It has a good feeling. The effect is pretty good.

Fashionable girl


TIPS4: Colored top+solid pants, you need to grasp the temperament in the inside



Then let’s just talk about the inner stacking methods. The most common method of stacking is a variety of solid colors with contrasting color.

The solid color can be inward, black and white color matching can be presented in stacking items, mainly shirts and stacking, with a sense of fashion.

TIPS5: Letter design+leggings, leisure fashion with width and tightness

The items of letters can usually show a kind of


Lazy fashion

So most of them have loose version and wear very casual fashion temperament, so it is suitable for matching with tights.

The collision between the two can form a tightly tight matching fashion.

Tips6: Lamb hair jacket+small dirty shoes, cute and age -reducing look

The cute age of the student party is essential, and the lamb hairy jacket can present this style, so it is especially suitable for the student party.

Recently, the popular lamb hair jacket, in addition to black, is a particularly personalized beige, a bit of “dirty” beige, so it is especially suitable for small dirty shoes, and the upper and lower colors echo each other.


Leisure and fashionable

Tips7: dark hat+brown Martin boots, handsome cool girl is you

When many girls match, they usually ignore accessories, but accessories are a very important link in the matching. For example, in winter, all kinds of warm hats are very practical items.

Not only keep warm

The shallow and shallow match of the upper and deep, just echo the shoes and hats, form a sense of layering with the jacket, so it is very thin and very fashionable.

Tips8: Well coat+jeans, casual elegance and fashion doubles

Although the coat often appears in the workplace matching, in fact, the student party can also control, especially the student party who has been in college, which is very suitable for wearing


The coat with suit pants is easy to appear too formal, so it is just right with jeans. It neutralizes this effect and makes the matching more casual and stylish.

TIPS: Summary


In fact, the student party is very simple, full of vitality


It is already a very bonus existence and does not require any routine. Therefore, the practical formula can be applied directly, and wearing the upper body can have a sense of fashion.


I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!

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