Panasonic vertical air conditioner evaluation: summer inflammation, fortunately I have air conditioning

Although the recent weather is repeated in sunny and rainy days, no one can stop the summer of summer. Finally, you can usher in the favorite season. You can hold the watermelon while holding the air conditioner ~ This day is too happy, right? , So friends, are your air conditioners ready?

Please let me introduce my summer winning magic weapon: Panasonic vertical inverter air conditioner! Because the area of ​​our family is relatively large, we choose a vertical air conditioner, which is very good in the corner ~ The ability to send the air supply is also quite excellent. Wind, in summer, the entire living room of the air conditioner can feel cool.

【Appearance Gallery】

In the eyes of many people, the vertical air conditioner is relatively “bulky”, but if you look at this vertical air conditioner, you won’t think so. The top of the air conditioner is the design style of the Cavaliers armor. The soft LED display lamp is hidden on the panel, clear and concise.

【Intelligent Control】

The air conditioner can be controlled by remote control, and it can be controlled with a mobile phone APP. It connects 24 hours and “wisdom” creates the air we want. Sometimes I often forget whether I have any air conditioners. It is very simple. Open the mobile phone for a long -range one -click OFF, turn on the air conditioner in advance before get off work, and feel the cool temperature when you go home, as if you have a housekeeper.


【Double rotor compressor】


When choosing an air conditioner, in addition to comparing the appearance performance, don’t forget the compressor. After all, for the air conditioner, the quality of the compressor is also critical. This air conditioner in Panasonic uses a double rotor compressor. In all aspects, they are excellent.

Under the blessing of the original power, the cold and cold air speed of the air conditioner is more powerful, and it can be kept low and quiet during the operation. In this way, when sitting in the living room to watch TV, do not worry about the sound of “buzzing” air conditioning. Make background sound ~

【Automatic cleaning】

Regarding the cleaning problem of air conditioners, it is actually a point that many people will ignore. This is not blame for us. After all, it is a bit troublesome to clean the air conditioner. Fortunately, Panasonic’s vertical air conditioning has built -in self -cleaning technology to avoid labor -efforted artificial cleaning.

Starting the self -cleaning mode with one key, the air conditioner will perform the four steps of “condensation frost -peeling dirt -frosting -blow drying”. Keep the heat exchanger clean and have efficient heat exchange efficiency, which will not only save power more power, but also save power more power. , Let every time start, the blowing wind is clean.

【Empty Two Ones】

Panasonic air conditioner brings me a super comfortable enjoyment, but the most surprising thing is the function of the air cleaning two -in -one. Using Panasonic’s patented technology, while bringing suitable temperature, it breaks down the harmful substances in the air. The smell of smoke, cooking taste, and pets are removed, so as to achieve real enjoyment.

【Evaluation Summary】

When I think of the companionship of air conditioning this summer, I feel at ease. As a person who is very particular about life, comfort must be placed first. Panasonic vertical air conditioning is the “great hero” I enjoy the road of life.