Family album production for family members to make family albums

Regarding the joy of the production of family members’ albums, after making a family commemorative book, each member obtains the influence of the family atmosphere, and once again strives to organize the family’s happiness. This time we want to “retain” these images. Extract stories from hundreds of mobile phones and camera albums, collect the joyful time of some families, and use the simplest way to make these pictures into a memorial book. To understand the method of making family albums, carefully make a unique gift.

1. Meet to make family albums

The memory of a album, so that you can read those happy memories in countless day and night. The production of the family portrait album, let us gather together, we may carry out the design of the commemorative book after a family gathering. One year, I always passed unknowingly. The elderly, grandparents and parents in the family are getting older. Maybe one day, you will find that you want to cherish it, and you will not have much time.

Life and years are just different ideas. Then when the family is together, take some family portrait photos for the family, and then customize it as a family album. Making through family albums, we will keep the time and stop the mark of the years in the family memorial book. Even if we missed it later, we can still review the warm memories here in family albums.

2. How to make a photo album

In the past days, although ordinary things are very busy, we still take out time, participate in the free time, and design the electronic version of the family album with the design company, write a brief preface album, and use black and white, colorful versions Two colors represent. At the same time, it was printed out, and the effect was initially looked at it. There was still a lot of content. Next, we had to prepare information to prepare for the improvement of family albums.

家庭相册制作 为家庭成员制作家庭相册

3. Precautions for family albums

Who is the time and content of making home video albums? After the doubt, after the family gathering, everyone agrees to make a commemorative book. Next, there must be a stage of information preparation. In order to describe the scene of the party at the time and the previous life stories, we often hope to display multiple photos on the same screen. Talk together.

When watching a picture, there will be more commemorative album design suggestions in our minds at this time for use. With its own album design ideas and functional concepts, there are a variety of split -screen frames for designer choices, the concept of album design among family members, selection of the required photos and information, list the main activity content, etc., fill in the corresponding photos To explain the text, you can achieve preliminary family album content. In order to display the effect of better album page, we need to seek designers with graphic design.

家庭相册制作 为家庭成员制作家庭相册

The communication with the designer had previously determined the design plan of the album, and also had to communicate with the designer. Before the design, the customer’s own ideas needed to be fully expressed, so that the designer realized the style, content, layout of the family album design, content, layout, layout, , Effective design information.