Is it good to use a toilet pad? It is worth studying!

With the improvement of living standards, each of our families will have their own independent bathrooms. There are toilets in the bathroom. Buy a toilet pad on the toilet on the toilet. Health brings threats. Is this true?

Is it healthy with a toilet pad

Like the toilet, it is a relaxation and pleasant thing. It is more convenient to use the “tiger” (the toilet dedicated to the emperor in ancient times) to the toilet!

It is gratifying that many folks can also use the “tiger” now. No, the saying that the toilet is really a good thing!

You can also “put on” a layer of coats for the toilet. There are various materials and various materials, and there are convenient disposable ones. It is collectively referred to as the toilet cushion. It is said that when using the toilet in the toilet, it can “protect” the health of the folks. Is there really something?

What is a toilet pad

As the name suggests, the cushion on the toilet, when the toilet is in contact with the toilet, it plays a protective effect when the toilet. ~

Its material is the same, including cotton cloth, leather, bamboo charcoal, paper, etc., and general public places are more common. Its color style is also colorful. It is no wonder that this is the “coat” of the toilet …

I have to mention the toilet here. This great invention makes the villagers’ toilet problems comfortable, convenient, and more hygienic! Forgiveness, this, this “make the toilet is hygienic” I really didn’t see it, do you seem to be more hygienic?

But it seems that it is not hygienic? Just as Xiao Jiu is worried, it is not necessary to “close contact” with the toilet appliances, but the toilet has to be “forced” …

Especially the toilet in public places, or “indirect intimate contact” with many strangers, it is terrible to think about it ~~ Although the toilet cushion is born for “saving”, if the toilet itself is caused by the to the folks, The psychological shadow is imposed on the toilet pad, so wronged!

The toilet pad is “injured” in the name of the toilet

Speaking of which, the entanglement of “whether the toilet is cushion is good” is no longer tangled. Under the popularity of “toilet such as toilet”, the use of toilet cushions correctly is necessary sanitary measures.

Of course, if it is placed in the “toilet” environment, the “toilet pad” problem brought by the toilet itself will become a problem.

According to scientists, there are 3.2 million bacteria on the inner wall of the inner wall of the toilet of the toilet of 30 cm. On ordinary cushions in contact with human skin, 32%of dysentery of dysentery that severely endangered human health was detected.

One of the dysentery named “Song Nei” survived on ordinary cushions for 17 days. Especially for public toilet pads, there are many users. Many germs may be transmitted to others through polluting the toilet cushion, especially for women’s vaginitis!


Even some experts refute: “Sitting pads are indeed not the root cause of infection. Even if they may look dirty, they are in contact with the point where your body is hidden in the pants all day. You need to worry more about you. Pants. “However, health and safety things are not careless after all!

The right toilet is the right to choose the right to be healthy

If the folks choose the toilet as the toilet, they cannot ignore the protective “coat” -toilet pad. The toilet is often easy to breed bacteria, and the toilet was originally humid. In addition to paying attention to using clean toilet pads, paying attention to replacement or cleaning in time, it is also very knowledgeable for home toilet pads.

Generally, the main principle of choosing toilet cushions is antibacterial and breathable. For example, toilet cushions made of bamboo charcoal, fiber, leather and other materials can meet this requirement. It is a dangerous behavior when washing is often washing!

In addition, although the cotton bucket cushion is comfortable and comfortable, it is also easy to produce bacteria. It is not recommended to choose, and some chemical fiber materials should not be selected.

For comfortable consideration, it is best to choose thicker and hard, and higher toilet pads, which can make the toilet feel more flat and easy to force, and the bowel movement is more comfortable. The soft and smooth toilet pads easily make people slide when they sit up, and they will collapse, which is very uncomfortable.

The toilet pad is itself a “benefit” object. If you reject the toilet to the toilet, you can choose to be a squat or stable “convenient” (but resolutely despise the public toilet foot on the toilet as a squat meter ~~), the toilet cushion is not a problem; Toilet, you have to consider the hygiene of “intimate contact” with the toilet or toilet cushion!

In addition, many people like to wipe the cushion with toilet paper in front of the toilet. This move may allow the bacteria on the toilet cushion to spread; Bacteria.

Sitting to the toilet is more likely to be infectious than the toilet. Use the public toilet to avoid contact with the toilet ring as much as possible. In addition, you should wash your hands before and after

Before the toilet was invented in the 16th century, most humans were squatting to the toilet. China ’s wide use of toilets was in the 1980s and 1990s. Many people were worried that they did n’t clean and sigh when they used public toilets. Some people dared to use paper towels. Some people even squatted directly on the toilet.

Through the above explanation, you know that if we want to keep infection, we should use squats. Each pot is not safe, so no matter what you put on the toilet, we cannot root the infection of the bacteria. We only need to pay more attention to our hygiene in life.

Sitting to the toilet is more likely to be infectious than the toilet. Use the public toilet to avoid contact with the toilet ring as much as possible. In addition, you should wash your hands before and after