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National Day, celebrate the country, and make the Chinese chapter, make Chinese red more bright and bright! On this special day, only red can express our mood. Therefore, today, please come out with red gemstones to celebrate the eleven with us and welcome the National Day.



As one of the five gems of color gems, ruby ​​debuts first and shines.

Ruby is a kind of red corrochemical, which is the birth stone in July. It is also known as “the stone of love”, symbolizing beautiful and loyal love, and the fortieth anniversary of marriage is called ruby ​​wedding. In ancient times, rubies were considered the most precious stones of the 12 gems created by God, representing sacred and blood, and the source of life.

According to the theory of Montel’s color theory, the Guild Gem Lab has established the color grading system supported by ruby ​​than color stones, and divides the color level into 4 levels: medium (medium), intense, vivid, and (vivid), and (vivid). Deep.


Guild ruby ​​color grading system example


Vivid Red represents red with a relatively high saturation and brightness. Pigeon’s Blood refers to red and bright redness in Vivid Red (Figure 2). This is the highest rating of ruby ​​colors of ruby. Guild Report’s Note is Vivid Red*(*Also Called Pigeon’s Blood in the Trade).

Ruby that meets the blood red must meet the following requirements:

1. Color is natural cause, reaching the vivid red level, higher lightness and saturation;

2. The factors of the origin of the origin of the pigeon blood -red color level, as long as the ruby ​​of any place of origin can reach the standard as long as its hue, lightness and saturation can be reached.

Vivid red (left) and pigeon ’s blood (right)



Red spinel stone is commonly known as “big rubber”. Because spinels are symbiotic and ruby ​​and have similar appearances. Before the 18th century, red spinel was mistaken for ruby. As a ruby ​​stand -in, of course, it will be closely coming with the footsteps of the ruby.

Burmese Milk Gallery Red Speed ​​Stone. Shooting: Deng Kaiyin. Copyright u Guild Gem Lab.

The color of spinel is caused by trace elements in its crystal structure. Speed ​​stones are rich in color, including red, pink, orange, blue and purple, yellow and green are rare.


Red spinels are common in Myanmar, and they usually show high -saturation pure red, low to medium brightness, as shown in the figure above. Vietnam and Tanzania also produced pink spinels. However, pink pinks of spinels in different places are large.


Vietnam’s pink spinels are usually high, and they are called “hot powder” in trade. Shooting: Zhao Huixin. Copyright u Guild Gem Lab.

Tanzania’s “hot powder” spinel. Shooting: Zhao Huixin. Copyright u Guild Gem Lab.

In November 2019, Guild Gem Labs Comprehensive Market demand and many years of spinelite research, officially launched the “spinel appraisal grading and origin judgment service”, and at the same time launching the business name of Syntholi “Jedi Samurai”, becoming the world’s first first The international gemstone laboratory of the systemic research and testing of spinels is the continuous fiery push of red-pink spinel spinels in the gem consumer market at home and abroad, and there is also a commercial name of hot powder and lotus color.

“Jedi Samurai” spinel. Shooting: Deng Kaiyin. Copyright u Guild Gem Lab.

One left and left: Jedi Spinel; right and second right: Exceptional Jedi Spinel. Shooting: Deng Kaiyin. Copyright u Guild Gem Lab.


“Hot Powder” spinel. Shooting: Zhao Huixin. Copyright u Guild Gem Lab.

The “lotus color” spinel has pink and orange, like Papalachanty. Shooting: Deng Kaiyin. Copyright u Guild Gem Lab.


Ruby Le tourmaline

Rubilai, the English name is Rubellite, the source of the Latin “Rubellus” (red). Rubellite pronounces similar to “Ruby-Like” (like ruby). This name is considered to have a similar appearance that originated from Rubiley, and Rubiley is also called “Red Tourmaline” in the market.

A brightly colored Lubiley with diamond ring. Photographer: Deng Kaiyin; All rights reserved © Guild Gem Lab; jewelry provided by Eka Gems.

Some high -quality Luble can be comparable to rubies in appearance, so they were mistaken for rubies in the early days. Anna Ioannovna Crown, the fourth emperor of the Russian Empire, was inlaid with a “ruby” and was later proven to be Rubilai. Caesar’s Ruby, which weighs 255.75 carats, was not confirmed until the 20th century.

Queen Anna’s Crown and Caesar’s “Ruby” (Tuyuan Network)


Rubilai is bright, rich in red, and sometimes with a small amount of pink, purple and other secondary tones. The color of Rubilai is related to MN and FE elements (Merkel and Breeding, 2009). Tourmaline is mainly produced in the Ganyan Weijing rock mines and gas -forming hot liquid mining beds. Symbby with Tapo, Crystal, Green Pillar Stone, Symphony, Phosphorus, and other gemstones (Proctor, 1985).

A piece of crystal shape with a complete crystal shape; picture source Mindat website

Many countries are rich in tourmaline, such as Brazil, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Russia, Italy, Kenya, the United States, Afghanistan, China (Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan) and so on. Among them, high -quality Lubiley is mainly produced in Brazil, the United States, Russia and other countries.



Red pillar stone

There are also red varieties in the green pillars. The value is very high and comparable to rubies. However, due to difficulty in mining and limited yield, it is not famous in the green pillars.


Red green pillar stone (Figure source network)

The red green pillar was originally discovered in Tomas, Utah, USA


And many years later, only

There are a small amount of output here, and the particles are very small


At present, there are also a small number of outputs in Italy, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Pakistan.

Red green pillars Photo by Eric Welch; Picture source “Gem & Gemology”


The color of red green pillars is dark brown from dark pink to dark.

The important difference between red green pillars and pink green pillars is the difference in chemical composition.

Studies have shown that the alkaline metal content of red green pillars is very low and does not contain water, while the content of manganese is 0.08%, which is about 20 times that of pink green pillar stones. The healing cracks composed of visible gas liquid wrap under microscope.


Red diamond

“Muzayev” triangular red diamond

Yes, there are red varieties in the diamond, and the red diamonds are extremely rare. The color cause of the red diamond is similar to that of pink diamonds. Although there are still doubts about its color cause, it is generally believed that the color of such diamonds is related to the crystal structure defects. Essence

The Mansaglas in Brazil, Gorcom in India, Calimantan Island in the Republic of Indonesia, and Agael mining in Australia are the main producing areas of red diamonds.



The garnet family is a large family. Because of the extensive alternative of the same quality, it has a family member with rich colors. Common colors include different shades of red, green, and yellow.

The garnet is an island silicate. Its chemical formula can be represented by X3Y2 (SIO4) 3. Among them, A represents the second price cation, such as MG2+, Fe2+, MN2+, CA2+, etc.; CR3+, etc.


Face -to -face garnet of various colors (Figure © GIA)


Depending on the composition of chemistry, garnet is usually divided into two series: aluminum garnet series and calcium garnet series.

The aluminum garnet series is a two -valent cation with a smaller radius MG2+, Fe2+, MN2+and other two -priced cations based on AL3+. Aluminum slot.

Calcium garnet series is a two -price cation with large radius CA2+and a three -valent cation with AL3+, FE3+, CR3+. , Chrostine.


The red garnet is mainly magnesium and aluminum, and iron aluminum utensils.

Magnesium and aluminum g uter

The color of magnesium and aluminum is purple-red-orange-colored tone. Gem-grade magnesium-class magnesium and aluminum gadgets are common in purple-red, brown-red, pink, orange-red and so on.

Studies have found that magnesium and aluminum garnet is mainly caused by FE, and some of the red magnesium aluminum garnets produced are related to CR. Magnesium and aluminum garnet produced in Kimbeli Rock has a discoloration effect.


Magnesium aluminum g uterns (Figure k krattalk.com)

Iron aluminum field

Iron Aluminum Gry (Picture Source Network)


Iron -aluminum garnet is a common variety of gemstones. The common colors of gem -grade iron -aluminum garnet are mainly red colors, including brown -red, pink, orange -red, purple red, etc.

The refractive index is relatively high, strong luster, and common needle -shaped parcels in iron aluminum. When these wraps are discharged densely, the starlight effect can be produced, common four shots and six -shot starlight.




The blood of the blood is red to the wine red, and it is formed for a long time (in the units of thousands or or thousands of years) and the air.

Source network

Its main origin is Myanmar. Most of the natural amber contain impurities. Therefore, it is bright and translucent, and the blood wire is uniform. It is the best in natural blood.



Southern red

Nanhong’s full name is Nanhong Agate, which is unique in my country.

There are many types of south red agate, and the color system is relatively wide. The ice fluttering south red agate is one of them. The complete name should be “ice fluttering red” South Red. The term “ice floor” comes from the name of a kind of jadeite, which means that the background color is relatively light or colorless, giving people a crystalline feeling.





The scientific name is rhombus manganese ore, which comes from the Higan language “Rhodon” and “Christis”, which refers to roses and colors to symbolize its special colors. The earliest part of Argentina, therefore “Argentine Stone”, “Inca Rose Inca Rose” alias, is Argentine Stone.

Red -patterned stones are not crystals, and they are more valuable among natural gems.

I share here about red gemstones. What red gems do you know? Welcome to leave a message to discuss!

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