I want to save some white tea, but there is no carton in the family. Is it okay to use plastic boxes, storage boxes, and music buckles?

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One of the most impressive words in “Zhen Huan Biography” is called “Wanguan class”.

A poem written from Yongzheng Missing Pure Yuan Queen:


“Mind and sorrow, Du Yusi is good at this, often with his heart and dreams, worrying and unforgettable, you can get rid of the Wan Wan, you can still think about it, but also the Wushan is not cloud.”

Wanguan class, it means you look like you, but it is always not you.

Zhen Huan is similar to the Queen of Chunyuan, but in Shiro’s heart, no one is comparable to her.

Since then, Zhen Huan realized that he was just a substitute, and everything was gray.

The love and time of these years have been wrong after all.

The reason why it is called a substitute is because in the hearts of everyone, it is never comparable to the original existence.

In the tea circle, similar dramas are often performed.

One day, the tea friend came to ask: “

Can the three -layer packaging method be replaced with the XX brand large plastic box?

It is replacement again.

In fact, I have received a lot of questions from a long time ago. Can I ask the carton to replace it with purple sand pots? Can you replace it with a wooden box? Such such.

Of course, we were rejected without exception.

The reason is also very simple. It is nothing more than sealed, poor moisture, water vapor is easy to run in …

Later, some people understood, and some people were still obsessed.


The kind of boxes said by the tea friends also have our family.

It is a product of a home home daily necessities brand. It is very common in life. The main purpose is storage.

Under the bed at home, there is also one, and there are debris that are usually not used.

In terms of storage, it is excellent.

If it is scattered in all corners of the house, it will not only occupy space, but also not beautiful.


Plastic storage box

It can make up the debris, and when it is to be used, you can clearly see something inside.


Can it be used to store white tea?

Personal suggestions are not recommended.

After all, white tea and ordinary items are different. Tea is food, it is imported, and the storage is more particular.


The biggest disadvantage of plastic boxes is not to avoid light.

And we know that one of the storage conditions of white tea is to “avoid light”.

The chlorophyll in the tea is easy to decompose, and some nutrients will also be lost under long -term light.

Therefore, the storage of white tea must be avoided, and it is stored in a densely light container, otherwise it will produce chemical reactions, accelerate oxidation, and increase fermentation.


Ordinary plastic storage boxes may not meet food -level requirements.

In our three -layer packaging method, the plastic bags used must be food grade and safer.

If it is not a food -grade plastic, it is unknown whether long -term use will release bad substances and whether it will cause health problems.

But for the sake of insurance, don’t be better.

Finally, some plastic boxes are not sealed.

A variety of plastic sealing boxes on the market, materials, sealing, and useful life are important.

But many of them are yellow when they are used, and the sealing properties will become worse and worse. As it no longer seal, water vapor will continue to enter.


After white tea absorbs a large amount of water, it will deteriorate, and eventually go moldy.

In life, plastic products around us are around us, but if it is not used properly, it will have negative effects.


Plastic things are not expensive and easy to get.

However, people are mainly storage of debris and whether they can be used for tea. The probability of merchants has not been tried in person.


They just make reasonable speculation for the performance of the product itself.

But in case the real tea is damaged, the quality is deteriorated, and the merchant will not be responsible.

You can only bear the consequences for what you do, so you must think twice.


At the same time, I have to admire everyone’s imagination.

Any container that can be thought of and has a storage function may be thought of using tea.

In addition to plastic storage boxes, it also includes purple sand tanks, ceramic tanks, wooden boxes, tin pots, etc.

Whenever I encounter a tea friend asked: When I can use XX to save tea, we all want to sigh to the sky: Why? Why is the carton so not to be seen?

in my opinion,

Carton is the best, most practical, cheapest, and lightest tea storage tool.

However, the reality is that everyone is an appearance association.

One of the main reasons for cardboard boxes is not good, and it is not good in appearance, too ugly and bulky.

In contrast, those beautiful, generous, elegant bottles and cans throw a large carton in the shape.

As a result, as soon as everyone compared, the carton was abandoned gorgeous.

The position of the carton was placed in the home, and the purple sand can, ceramic can, and wooden boxes were replaced by the home.

But I don’t know,

These containers are only available and not used.


Have you ever thought, we looked happy, but is the white tea really happy?

In a container that is not sealed enough, not enough moisture, and insufficient insulation, it must be invaded by water vapor at any time.

Over time, it is gradually moisture, fermented, and mildew.

Take the purple sand can as an example. Although it looks mighty, it can protect the safety of white tea well.

In fact, the purple sand can because the material is very special, and there are large and small pores in the body, just like a hut that can leak.

Every day, water vapor and odor run in, so that white tea is in a humid environment.

It can only be said that Jin Yuqi is out of defeat.

It is used to give gifts, or as a decoration, it really has face, but it may not be really suitable for white tea.

If you really want to save good white tea, you have to think about tea.



Three elements of white tea: production areas, craftsmanship, storage, indispensable.

The production areas and crafts are like the innate conditions of white tea, and storage is the acquired efforts.

White tea with good production areas and good craftsmanship must be equipped with good storage conditions in order to continue this advantage.


When we only pay attention to the appearance and don’t care about the safety of white tea, we have decided the results.

In terms of practicality, its unspoken carton can be said to be free of charge.

First of all, the carton is very cheap and can be reused.

And those exquisite tea containers not only increased the cost of tea depository, but also did not benefit.

High -quality white tea is not cheap in itself.

There are extra money, it is better to buy a few pounds of good tea back. Isn’t it better to have a carton?

Secondly, the cardboard box is sealing well, moisture -proof insulation.

The carton is soft, not like a jar, it is a hard object, and it is easy to leave extra gaps.

We use aluminum bags and food -grade plastic bags to tighten them, put them in the carton, and seal the gaps around the surrounding areas.

In this way, even the three -layer packaging method was completed.

As the guardian of white tea, the carton is super qualified and can block most of the interference from the outside world.

But if you really want to be true, you can only be taken out and say.

No wonder the owner doesn’t like it, because it is too grounded.

Who would have thought of the dull carton, and it turned out to be fresh and mellow white tea? Maybe this is the so -called “contrast cuteness”.


As the saying goes, the vulgar is the elegant.

The vulgarity is the extreme, which is the extreme of elegance.

Just like literary works, there are Yangchun Baixue, piano and calligraphy, and also Liba people, oil and salt vinegar.


In the eyes of everyone, the good -looking tea container is elegant; the thick corrugated carton is vulgar.

According to experience, the carton is better than most exquisite tea pots.

Old white tea with superior quality is still from the hands of the three -story packaging method, and the help of the carton is indispensable.

The beautiful appearance is just to satisfy the visual enjoyment.

And practical is the essence of good white tea.

Therefore, it is the long -term way to abandon those who are a whistle in the flowers and keep the three -layer packaging method.

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