Cancer and heavy metals exceed the standard, and multiple batches of unqualified cosmetics exposure!

From March 8th to April 8th, 2022, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hunan, Gansu, Sichuan, Jiangxi and other provincial and municipal drug supervision and administration bureaus announced the cosmetics spot check information, including 82 batches of unqualified cosmetics, masks, hair dye cream “The hardest hit areas” for unqualified products.

Mask and hair dye cream are unqualified and accounted for high proportion

Of the 82 batches of unqualified cosmetics, 26 batches were masks, accounting for 31.7%. Most of the non -qualified projects are the total number of colonies exceeding the standard, including the total number of molds and yeasts exceeds the standard.

The total number of colonies is the indicator of microbial indicators. According to the indicator, the degree of cosmetics can be contaminated by bacterial pollution, so as to understand and check the sanitary conditions of the raw materials, production equipment, production processes and operators selected by the cosmetics.

The “Technical Specification of Cosmetics Safety” (2015 edition) stipulates that the total number of colonies in eye cosmetics, lip cosmetics and children’s cosmetics should (CFU/G or CFU/ML), and the total number of ≤ 1000 (CFU/G or or or or in other cosmetics should be CFU/ml).

During this sampling, products involved in the total colonies are mainly fighting colorful skin -nourishing skin masks, Yuan Yangnin small tender film, makeup buds silver water supplementary mask Hyaluronic acid infant muscle mask, Xindir graphene soothing beauty membrane, among which the “national product” brands have been detected to exceed the total number of colonies.

Earlier, the National Drug Administration’s “Notice on 50 batches of cosmetics did not meet the prescribed cosmetics” issued by the State Drug Administration on February 15 this year also showed that multiple batches of masks were not compliant, including a batch of new brands of Zhiyouquan’s batch of Yiyouquan. Facial mask.

In addition to the mask, another unqualified product “severe disaster area” is hair dyeing products. In this round of random inspection, the 24 batches of hair dyeing cream were 29.3%.

Most of the problem of sampled hair dyeing cream is that the label (approval) is not identified as the ingredients such as phenylramine, aminoly phenol, and phenylphenol. In 2017, the list of carcinogens published by the International Cancer Research Agency of the World Health Organization was preliminarily compiled. The skin absorbs and causes dermatitis, which can cause high -speed rail hemoglobin disease and asthma.

The “Administrative Measures for Cosmetics” stipulates that the content of the label should be legal, authentic, complete, and accurate, and consistent with the relevant content of product registration or filing. Therefore, the Chinese label of cosmetics should include full composition.

It is reported that hair dye products have not been highly scheduled for two consecutive years. On October 20, 2021, the 82 batches of unqualified cosmetics released by the State Drug Administration were hair dye products.

It is worth noting that the hair dyeing cream brands such as makeup, congratulations, and honor have previously been detected by the provincial and municipal drug supervision and administration bureaus many times, and even contain carcinogens.

Many companies have denied the production of related non -qualified hair dye products. Some provinces and cities have ordered relevant operating enterprises to immediately stop selling counterfeit cosmetics, investigate the purchase channels, and find illegal acts, investigate and deal with it in accordance with the law. Transfer to public security organs in time.

In addition to the mask and hair dyeing products, the chances of skin care products are not qualified, including moisturizing milk, acne cream, freckle cream, sunscreen, etc. Bath gel/powder, hand washing solution, shape gel, refreshing powder, etc. There are also individual products that are not qualified.

Heavy metals need to be vigilant

Some cosmetics heavy metals still exist. For example, of the unqualified cosmetics released by the Jiangsu Provincial Drug Administration on March 22, 7 batches of freckle removal products were exceeded the standard, and 1 battery was exceeded the standard.

The products include: Hippoton 2nd generation Danqi white freckle cream, red beauty whitening freckle a little spirit, Qingzhimei 7 -day speed efficiency freckle cream, Mo Li change face king Jingbai essence cream, Yuki hall all -around whitening freckle cream, Chinese medicine freckle (Wuxi Wuxi (Wuxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Family Beauty Company), Ancient Rhymes Farm Paquan Grass White Red Beauty Set [Two -Piece], Meiyubao Qiao Qiao Bian White Freckle Cream. The hormone exceeds the standard of Chinese Medicine Freckle Day (Taobao Angel Beauty Institution).

Among the 3 batches of unqualified cosmetics issued by the Sichuan Pharmaceutical Supervision and Administration Bureau on March 1, one batch of acne cream was detected by the “arsenic” exceeding the standard (Antereida Acne Cream); the Shanghai Drug Administration in March On the 21st, 15 batches of inspection of unqualified cosmetics, 1 batch of cool body powder “lead” exceeded the standard (white beauty honeysuckle cooling body powder) 1 batch of mask powder “lead” exceeds the standard (Xiao Xiaozhu grass mask powder No. 2).

The heavy metals in cosmetics mainly refer to four kinds of mercury, arsenic, lead, and cadmium. Comecades have the greatest harm to the kidneys, liver and spleen, and may cause skin cancer; inorganic arsenic has been included in a class of carcinogens by the International Cancer Institute; Inflammation and ulceration; cadmium is found to cause carcinogenic and teratogenic effects, and can cause renal failure.

If you use heavy metals to over -standard products for a long time, heavy metals will accumulate in the body and have certain carcinogenicity.

There are many problems with small shops, online shops, and beauty shops

The place where cosmetics are detected in this round are mainly concentrated in small operating units, such as small cosmetics shops, small supermarkets, beauty hairdressing shops, etc., and most of them are hair dyeing products and skin care products. Most of the mask with a total colonies comes from beauty salons and barber shops providing beauty services. The unqualified hair dye products are mostly based on barber shops. For example, the Gansu Provincial Drug Administration released 14 batches of inspection of unqualified cosmetics information on March 4, of which 11 batch of hair dye creams came from 8 rated shops.

E -commerce platforms have also exposed many problems. Most of the freckle creams that detect more mercury are online for sale, involving shops: Taobao store Nanjing Hippoton cosmetics sales center, Taobao rescue skin care, Taobao fencopic skin care shop, Taobao Veius, Taobao angel beauty institution. As of April 13, Taobao could not search the above shops.

In addition, there are several freckle creams sold by online stores, which are recognized as counterfeit cosmetics, or indicating that manufacturers have confirmed that they have never produced the name product.

E -commerce platforms have a wide range of operations and many products, which have brought great challenges to supervision, and because there is no regional restrictions, the impact on consumers is more universal.

With the improvement of the relevant supporting laws and regulations of the “Cosmetics Supervision and Management Regulations”, cosmetics supervision and random inspection will be more closely carried out. Whether it is a mask or hair dyeing products, online stores or physical stores will be key spot checks. Related enterprises must strengthen production and operation standards for production and operation standards. , Ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics products.

In order to avoid being infringed from unqualified cosmetics, consumers should choose a certain scale of merchants, online stores, and regular brands when they buy cosmetics.

Content source: Chinese cosmetics