Fingerprint lock evaluation of the face value and cost-effectiveness-Xiaogi 727 smart door lock

Recently, I made a simple renovation for the family, and I finished hard. Thinking about whether a number of bloggers (HUO) (huo) should not have a set of “mellow” smart homes. One by one, today’s first smart home product to start with Amway: Little K Shi 727 smart door lock.


This brand may be a bit strange to the little K & Bian, and it also supports Huawei Smart Home. I started to support Hongmeng Zhilian at the beginning. I didn’t expect that not only the face value and cost -effectiveness moved me, and the experience really did not lose high -end products.

Forced Amway waves.




When I received the product, I was really a little excited. Just look at the rendering of the box on the box. The face value is too resistant.

Appreciate the face value of the door lock first.


There is a QR code directly on the back to scan the code to make an appointment for installation. It is very convenient. You can complete the appointment in about one or two minutes, and the master phone comes within an hour or two. After that, who can bear this is efficiency.

The installation is also fast, and it is done in 20min. After the installation, the master will also carefully guide the use of the door lock, that is, the whole process is very fast. Except for the word “efficiency”, you can’t think of other words that can summarize this process.



6 door opening methods

The convenience of the smart door lock is that you don’t need to bring a key at all, you just need to go out with your hands, or bring your phone. This little K is supported by six unlocking methods, including fingerprint unlocking, mobile phone unlocking, password unlocking, temporary password unlocking, door card unlock, key unlocking.



The fingerprint unlocking has been applied on the mobile phone for many years. The security has been verified by countless mobile phones. The fingerprint application has been on the door lock. It has been many years. It has only reached the degree of popularity in recent years.


The fingerprint recognition rate of the little K is very high. At present, I have not had a failure of unlocking, and I have sweat slightly when my fingers sweat slightly. I do n’t know if the recognition rate in summer will decrease.

Huawei mobile phone unlock


Huawei mobile phone with this door lock is a bit of the tone. The mobile phone opens the door as soon as it is swiped.


Password/temporary password

In my impression, many hotels or homestay rooms are password locks. I used to rent a house for a while, and the outer door and the room’s lock were password locks. After that, it was a bit unaccustomed to using the back key.

This door lock has been used for a while, and the passwords are relatively small. After all, the fingerprint and mobile phone unlocking is really convenient. It is opened in seconds. After all, the fingerprint will be more tedious.


Although the password is rarely used, I am more commonly used this temporary password. Recently, when my friends came to my house to find me, I set up a temporary password directly on the smart life app and then sent them directly. In the APP, you can set the time and number of temporary passwords. Deleting changes at any time, which is quite convenient. It also saves me time when I run the door. I will never be scolded by my teammates because of playing half of the game. This use scene is simply for me. I suggest you try it, and you will come back to thank me.


Door card

The door card of the little K is a CPU encrypted magnetic card. It is said that the data can be prevented from being leaked. At present, there are not many use in the home, but it will also prepare a copy in the car to prevent it.



Although it is a smart door lock, it must also maintain the most primitive unlocking method, but the hole position of the key is very hidden, directly below the door lock. The key is to prevent it in case, after all, the door lock requires a battery, so the key should not be released at home.


At first, I also fancy the security of this door lock. The C -Class lock core. You must know that the price of the C -Class lock core is not cheap. Generally, it is used by high -end locks. It is really a big conscience to refer to the price of the little K at this point.


The lock body is also used in 304 stainless steel, fire prevention, anti -sawing, do not dream if you want to open it, and you will notify the reminder on the mobile app, anti -prying alarm, hijacking alarm, banning the alarm, the fault alarm will notify the app on the app side of the APP. There is no need to worry about it.

There are insurance and locks on the side of the house.


Automatic scene


As the entrance to the intelligent scenario, how the smart door lock is the first step in opening smart homes. You think about it, moving home every day from the moment you open the door, all the smart home preparations are in place. The lights of the living room and the corridor are turned on. The water heater began to burn water. Hot rice … As long as you think, everything you want to move with your fingers, get it in minutes.


As the door lock comes with 4 batteries, but you will see that this door lock can be installed with 8 batteries. It does not mean that 8 batteries are required, 4 batteries can be used. According to the frequency of general families, the battery life is said to be one year. If 8 batteries are installed at the same time, it will be used for a long time.

It is also noticed that the battery’s power will be displayed on the mobile phone. When it is out of power, it will also give a reminder to replace the battery. In addition, if the door lock and the low-power notification of the mobile phone end are ignored, there is another way that the power supply is emergency power supply. There is a Type-C charging port on the outside of the door to emergency.


After -sales service


Smart devices still value after -sales. Fortunately, the public account can be done. If you have any questions, contact customer service directly, or submit maintenance directly. I can cooperate with Huawei. I am still at ease in the after -sales aspect.



It should be said that the surprise brought to me by this door lock is really not small. The highest -level safe lock core, as well as this face value, and the blessing of Huawei Zhichuan and Hongmeng. The most important thing is less than 1000 s price! Isn’t this the rhythm of explosive? Intersection

I basically had this smart door lock with all my friends around me. I ca n’t wait for Amway to give you it. Do n’t be stunned, rush.