Several common desk styles and corresponding prices

There are many styles of desk, but there are only a few common ones. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and long service life. It is an indispensable part of the office environment. Today, the editor of Fuhai Meile Office Furniture Co., Ltd. will share with you several common desk styles and corresponding prices.


1. Classical desk

Classical solid wood desk is a relatively luxurious furniture. It is generally made of solid wood, coupled with its production process processing and classic carved design, details are detailed and smooth. The overall design is very simple and elegant. This style retains deep ones. The cultural heritage perfectly shows the unique aristocratic atmosphere, and is favored by middle -aged people with economic strength. Because it is made of expensive mahogany and sandalwood, the price is generally expensive, generally from thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan. This large and bulky home desk is suitable for high -end residences and high -end residences with large units. In the study of luxury villas.

2. Simple desk

Simple solid wood desks have added fashion elements on the design of traditional solid wood desks. The surface of the furniture has not been treated as a special process, retaining the original clear and natural texture, making the whole desk look very fashionable. Simple design is more practical, at the same time, beautiful and fashionable, which is very in line with the style of contemporary young people’s pursuit of personality. Simple solid wood desk is cheaper than the classical solid wood desk, and the price can be afforded by many consumers. Generally, hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan.


3. Steel and wooden desk

The big feature of solid wood steel hybrid desks is that it uses solid steel materials as the support foot of the base, and the exquisite wooden panel with wood grain as the desktop. This design allows the entire desk to withstand greater pressure and weight. Essence The design of the steel desk is beautiful, strong and durable, cost -effective and economical. It is the first choice for many companies and young people. It is a very popular product today. Most of the prices are hundreds of dollars, a little more expensive is more than 1,000 yuan.

The above is the relevant content compiled by the editor of Fuhai Meile Office Furniture Company. The price and material, production process, and appearance of the desk are very related. Pay attention to appearance and ignore its practicality.