“Not a travel” to return to the Sichuan -Tibet line, share my setting equipment

Departing on May 15th, I embarked on the road of the riders: the Sichuan -Tibet Line

After 27 days of running, it was successfully completed. I don’t plan to write a travel notes, because there are already a lot of travel notes on the Internet. I just recorded what equipment I had prepared from a long -distance rookie, and commemorating this exciting journey. Hope to help students who want to start.

The reason why I choose these equipment is mostly because of sex (stool) prices (should) compared, but anyway, it is considered to have completed the task. I believe that students who are like me (poor) (poverty) will have a reference value

Bicycle car

Riding, a good bicycle, unfortunately, good bicycles are very expensive

I am a used car received from salted fish


Trek X-Caliber 7 (2015)

It is Cuke’s entry -level hard -tailed mountain car. The basic configuration is similar to the Duke 500 of the “Entering Tibetan Artifact”. Classic, enough “, strong reliability, can be repaired everywhere.


There is no reason for choosing this car,



, To 1500, it’s Cuke. The entire frame combat color, there seems to be a trace of running mountains many times. But it has nothing to do. Well, there are no fighting, and everyone else treats you as a rookie.

Because the car has been 5 years, it is an old car or a second -hand. I do n’t know the use of the car owner at all. The conscience is still a bit worried, but it ’s shy. You can only wash and wipe yourself.

Bicycle modification

1. brake system

Because I do n’t know the mileage, in case, I bought two brakes to make a movie.

When I arrived in Chengdu, I found that it was not serious to make the film wear serious, and it was relieved. However, it seems that a bit of brake oil, the power of the piston is not enough, but it is not very tight. It is better to be slower when going down the mountain.

2. Footsteps

The original factory is a nylon foot, which is slightly not very followed, I bought one from Taobao

The cheapest

The pedals with anti -slip nails are replaced. Anyway, we don’t care about weight with so many luggage.

3. Internal and external tires

This car is equipped with a pair of 29 -inch rounds, not the mainstream 27.5 inches.

The original 2.2 off -road tires are domineering, but walking on the pavement road is a tired, cruel heart, and changed a pair of World text 1.5 semi -light travel to prevent tires.


There are some strategies on the Internet that it is best to take the Sichuan Tibetan line to be more than 1.75 or more tires. Before departure, there are still some worries.

However, in practice, in the case of 99%, there is no problem with 1.5 semicircular tires. The remaining 1%is basically the rainy ground when it rains.

In addition, while buying foreign tires, I bought two inner tires in the original factory of the Shiwen + two large inner tires and four new internal tires. I don’t believe it.

In the end, it was really a penny, and the anti -spiny marathon had not burst into the fetus at a time. It was really worth investing.


4. Foot support

Because the car also took the role of buying a cars before leaving, all the feet were installed a long time ago.

I bought the cheapest one on Taobao (actually almost the same)

Let’s talk about the conclusion: It is recommended to buy a reliable

On the road, a foot support will be much more convenient, otherwise you can only push the car down on the ground many times

However, it is not possible to live without foot support

This cheap foot support, failed to support it. Essence It’s not a case, the companion’s same model foot support is also broken

When you touch the same feet, if you want to buy it on the road, more than 60RMB. Essence Essence Black -hearted vendor. Essence Essence



In the 19th year of Double Eleven, it was claimed that there were 2,000 lumens front lights.


The reason for the purchase is mainly bright enough to supply USB power or charging battery. I match a 14000 mAh battery pack

Although there is no situation of the night road, when the tunnel is passed, it is still necessary to turn on the front lights, let alone some tunnels with no lights. With the battery pack, I only charged once before the departure, and then I did not charge the entire journey again


The light itself is good, but the lamp support is still sacrificed in the bumps on the road.

, I can only use the tape to repair it to make up for the rest of the journey.

6, rear lamp


The frog lamps sent by buying accessories do not take up the place anyway, bring 4 or 5, and can be divided into companions by themselves.

7, code watch

I used Bai Ruiteng’s R310, which was bought in salted fish many years ago. Wireless GPS code watch.


The code watch is a very needed tool, mainly when your spirit is about to collapse, see how far the distance is.


It is recommended to buy the mileage to display a little bit. My code watch can only display kilometers after more than 100 kilometers.

It can also be replaced by the person app, and the mobile phone will be more electricity.

Luggage system

1. Luggage rack

Because the 29 -inch car’s luggage rack is not easy to buy (more expensive), I use the universal semi -fast luggage rack

Let’s talk about the conclusion first: as much as possible

Not recommended

From the perspective of the intensity, this luggage rack has completed the task, bumpy along the way, no damage or disconnection (there is a small wear at the screw fixation, but fortunately the problem is not big)


There are two disadvantages:

1. Because it is directly fixed on the frame, although it will be wrapped in the rubber, it will still wear out the frame. Students who cherish the frame should not use this type!


2. The width is too narrow, and the width of the design of the camel bag is narrower. After the camel bag is placed, it will be oblique on one side; after putting on the rain cover, the rear wheels often pinch

If possible, it is best to buy the luggage rack that can be fixed in the reserved screw hole

2. Camel bag

Doite Doet 6189 camel bag

The advantage of this camel bag is that the top bag can be removed independently and transformed into a backpack. This function is quite practical. When I set off, I first sent the bicycle and side to Chengdu, and I took a plane on my back. The same is true when returning. And when staying in the inn, you can remove the top bag and put the side bag on the car for convenience to prepare daily.

The disadvantage is that even if the rain cover is on the cover, the side bag will occur!

I do n’t know if it ’s because of the above -mentioned rain cover. Pay attention not to put on the side bag!

In the end, my luggage is allocated like this:

Top bags: electronic bags, washing bags, changing laundry

The active rope above the top bag: bundle the warm layer or windproof layer, which is convenient for instant wear (hereinafter)

Left bag: bicycle accessories

Right bag: Rain 包

3. Tail tube tail bag

Buying a camel package can be used to put the battery pack with the front light

Bicycle Accessories

1. Explosion -proof tire tool


Inner tire x 2 (especially those who think that the inner fetus is different from others), don’t save money to use the old inner tire. When you encounter slow breath, you can get angry every day.

Tmall selection

Jianda Highway bicycle inner tire 700*23 25 28 32 35 43C 700C Dead Fly Fly Flying Tire Fa 11.0 yuan to buy

Tibetan tablets + tire replenishment (with 48 tablets, only 6 yuan)

High -pressure hand -held air tube

Pry tire stick X 3 (buy internal tires, buy fedling pieces to send)


Although these are basically useless, I only played twice, but maybe because I am lucky, I still take peace of mind

2. Multi -function maintenance tools


It is okay to be free to screw tightly. The brakes can be loosely piston, which is still useful.

3. Chain oil

I bought Finishiline red covered dry chain oil, 120 ml

To be honest, it is relatively lazy, only half of it, and the remaining half cannot be mailed or on the plane, so I have to throw it away. About 60 ml is enough.

Personal accessory

1. Helmet

Can you still play with people who do not wear helmets?

Don’t say that you do n’t need to wear it on the mountain. You can always wear it honestly.


I use the entry -level helmet of Lightning, ¥ 350, and also with a MIPS system. It looks not ugly, it is simply

Cost -effective

s King.

2. Gloves


It is said that the long fingers and short fingers have a pair, but in my trip, 90%of them are wearing long finger gloves, and sun protection and frost.

I use the long finger gloves of the “Inbike” brand. The reason is because


, ¥ 99

The performance is not very good, especially the palm, the palm compression brought by the long -term cycling is still obvious, and the fingers are oppressed in the last few days.

Not very waterproof, then buy a pair of rubber gloves on the road, cover outside the ride gloves, and use waterproof

If possible, you should still buy it.


3. Riding glasses

Especially need! Although the scenery is infinitely beautiful, it is also full of sunshine. Many times, I feel that I have a polarized film, let alone what it will happen to wearing sunglasses!

I use this one Taku TSR818, and also


The king of the king, even with close -up video, is only 218 yuan, and there are two replaceable lenses of polarization/discoloration.

The disadvantage is that the windproof ability is average. It is difficult to open the eyes when the mountain wind is big, but in this price, it is endured.

Like the helmet, it is 100%of the equipment.

4. Facial towel

It is also 100% equipment, Decathlon is the best cost, two changes to use

In terms of conscience, at the beginning, it was planned to be blindfolded to achieve physical sunscreen. Unfortunately, after masked, I really couldn’t breathe.

Later, it turned into a collapse, and when he went down the mountain, he was masked.

Of course, the face is also a few color numbers.


5. Upper body

The upper body equipment is occupied by Decathlon, who calls it


Woolen cloth


1) Quick dry layer

Decathlon short -sleeved fast dry clothes (black)


2) Warm keeping layer

Decathlon fleece coat

This dress has been bought for 5 to 6 years. It is worth it for every autumn and winter, which is really worth it.


3) Wind -proof

Decathlon single -layer jacket


Decathlon city skin jacket

Both of these are newly bought, the jacket is wearing 90%, the skin jacket is 10%, and the jacket is almost completely the role of the raincoat


If you feel hot, tie the charge clothes outside the top bag, so that it is convenient to deal with changing weather at any time.

6. Riding pants/cycling underwear

Super important! I brought two long -legged ride pants, only on the first day, and the rest was a pair of ride panties with pants.

The disadvantage of riding chief pants is that it is difficult to match according to the weather, and the combination of riding underwear + pants can win all the weather.

Both trousers and shorts are Decathlon

The style is simple and unreliable, but it is still reliable.


Because I only brought a pair of cycling underwear, I was washed when I was washed when the weather was not good. I could only wash it a few days.

Because riding a long time, it will give PP and DD unimaginable oppression. If you come again, I will bring two ride panties, and

How good can you buy




The pants are paired with the “Inbike” velvet windproof ride pants (without pads), or because of


Buy with long finger gloves, it is still satisfied.

7. Kneeling

Still 100%equipment, or Decathlon

I bought two, one left and one right.

For a long time, the machine wounds the knee, and the knee pad is still the vertex. And it can be used when going down the mountain.

8. Shoes


The shoes have only one pair, that is, 100%equipment


Adidas Terrex Swift R2 Low Outdoor Running Shoes

This pair of shoes is really satisfied. I wanted to buy a pair of outdoor shoes casually. When I came back, I threw it away. It turned out that the price of outdoor shoes was really. Essence Essence

When I saw these pairs in Ole, Gore-TEX + horse brand, Ole’s price is about 300+. Although it is still more expensive than the Internet Double Eleven, considering the season, it still starts.

GORE-TEX holds it. After a wading road, it is not afraid of splashing wet, but when it is raining, it will still get in water along the legs. And it is not easy to dry after entering the water!


The horse brand is good, the soles of the shoe are clear, and it is just paired with anti -slide foot. The whole sole is hard, just right for cycling.

Because the positioning is off -road running shoes, the weight control is also good.


After a trip, there was no other situation except the hail was wet once, but it was just a pure black shape.

It is recommended to bring a pair of shoes more to prevent extreme weather. It is also good to bring hole shoes, but my feet are afraid of cold, and I think it ’s best for ordinary shoes.

9. Other clothing

Socks, ordinary underwear, ordinary outer pants, are mainly used for changing when laundering after laundry


(Actually it doesn’t work much. Look at the season, you can not bring it completely)


1. Skin raincoat

It can prevent heavy rain, and impulse clothes can’t prevent that kind. There is a transparent mask that can prevent rain and snow.

After wearing the shirt, I wore a special simmer.

The legs of the pants are not closed. You need to cooperate with the shoe covers to facilitate riding. It is also uncomfortable when you wear it when you go up the mountain. In addition, when it is particularly cold and goes down the mountain

2. High -waist shoes

Put directly on the outside of the shoe as rain boots


It looks very reliable, but it is actually not so reliable. It is more troublesome to wear, especially when the hand is frozen

After putting it on, it will also cause the internal water and gas to wet the shoes. And that time, the hail did not prevent it, the shoes were irrigated

Overall, it is not very useful

Portable electronic device

1. Mobile phone

iphone XR

Double card and dual standby! A certain supplier has no signal in the mountains. If it is a single card, it is very confident! If you are killed, you will not even have less chance of asking for help!


2. Watch

Apple Watch 4

The emergency contact card inside should be set in advance! When a heart problem or a serious fall, you may be able to save your life. Of course, it is very important not to do it alone.

3. Gopro

In fact, it’s not used. Essence Essence Many times I think it’s better to change a small plane. Essence Essence


If you want to bring, it is recommended to bring a few more fixed seats

Water drinking system


(It seems that it is not called the system….)


Two pot racks on the car, brought

1. One unlicensed cycling insulation cup (450ml) one

Drink some hot water when you are cold on the mountain, soak a soaked glucose, and bait. It’s a pity that the capacity is relatively small

2. Decathlon’s cheapest sports kettle (650ml) one

Storage as normal temperature water, of course, it does not heat up at all. When the hot water is irrigated, you can drink it in a while.

As for whether you can irrigate water? I don’t know, I am irrigated anyway.

When drinking water, you can mix the air in the water, you can quench thirst, or save water.

3. One unlicensed large -capacity plastic kettle (700ml) one






Cost -effective


Put in the camel bag as the final reserve. Because it is not a sports kettle, you ca n’t put it in the water pot rack. When you use it, you will first transfer the water to the sports kettle.

These three kettles can basically bear my drinking water all day. Although the spare kettle is often not used, after all, there is saliva in the bag, which will still make people feel at ease, and it is always stronger than the mouth.

Washing system


The washing conditions along the way are quite difficult. There is often no hot water in bathing. There is a hot water for washing the face. It is extravagant. You need to prepare for thought.


1. Washing bag

The gifts given when buying a tent before, the washing bag, are almost the same, just use it casually.


2. Three sets of cleansing

MUJI travel installation

Because the round -trip air ticket does not have a check -in quota, I bought a travel outfit that can get on the plane. The facts prove that the amount is just right and not too small. Of course, buy it in Chengdu.

3. Death

Black toothpaste toothbrush travel

There is no reason, the supermarket caught casually, it is just right, it can be sufficient.

No mouthwash cup? Just hold some water with your hands and save a place.


4. Rust Plasma

Little Blue Bar Medical Lipstick X3

When I bought it, there were three groups, and they all brought it over. Fortunately, I brought lipstick. Under the strong ultraviolet, my lips were severely cracked and blood spurted blood. I could only rely on lipstick.

It won’t be good if you wipe it, and it will be more serious. It wasn’t until the later period adapted that it gradually healed.

5. towel

At first, I used a Decathlon to dry the towel. It was lost in two days, so it was replaced with an unlicensed and casual turtle towel, and it was used until the end.

Of course there is a lack of:


There is no nail tong (not on the plane), so I did not cut my nails for a month. Essence Essence

There is no scraper (the blade type cannot be carried on the plane, the automatic and heavy), so he did not scrape it for a month. Essence Essence

Shampoo and bath liquid: Note that after arriving in a big city, remember to supplement the car carrying of some disposable packaging, and the accommodation along the way has hardly provided

Sunscreen: I didn’t bring it if I wanted physical sunscreen at first, but I should bring it

electronic system


1. Waterproof bag

Li Ning swimbag

Certificate, drugs, and electronic equipment are placed in this waterproof bag, which is protected by multiple protection. My bag can be placed in a small bag on the outer bag of the camel bag. You said that it is unsuccessful

The following things will be placed directly in the swimming bag

2. Small socket board


Accommodation along the way, there are sockets every night, but they are more tense and one -hole per capita. If you want to charge multiple devices at the same time, it is best to bring a socket board.

I just lead to two charging cables, Apple Watch and mobile phones + codes

3. Wireless charging treasure

Romis 20000 mAh

You can bring the plane, sort at low prices, and also in the front row. Generally not used, as spare.

4, 3 port charging cable x 2


The apple interface of this charging cable is particularly easy to break

, Bring one more backup

5. Apple Watch charging cable

6. GoPro spare battery + memory card


The medicine is not very complete

1. Yunnan White Pastoral

I am useless, but I have been well received by my companions.

2. Fast -Effective Salvation Pills


In extreme cases, just in case

3. Nitrate glycerin tablets




These two medicines, when they need to eat, are basically unclear, all need to train their companions in advance!

Where is the medicine, how to take it! Only then can it be too late at the emergency, otherwise others do not know, maybe it is too late!


When you put it, pay attention to the place where you find it. Even if someone needs it, you can take it out immediately.

4. Huoxiang Zhengqi Capsule

Preventing heatstroke, unused


5. Xiaochaihu tablets

Anti -diarrhea, unused

6. Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular slices (red scenery)

Prevent high and anti -high, start taking it one week before walking, and it is not useful.


7, iodine cotton swab, gauze

Preventive injury, unused

In addition, it is best to bring a cold medicine. Although the altitude is not easy to catch a cold, taking a cold medicine after the rain can also prevent it.

OK, that is, the above equipment, support me through the entire Sichuan -Tibet line. I hope that after watching it, I can help you

Same show

Bringing useless and regretful things

1. Rain prevention shoe cover


I have already said above


2. Electric heating gloves


There is a heater on the gloves, which can be powered by a charging treasure

It only used once, and the effect was good when going up the mountain, so that my frozen hand was relieved

But when the rain was wet when going down the mountain, it became colder than ordinary cycling gloves.

And it is not easy to dry

It is only suitable for use in weather without rain, such as plain areas, not suitable

3. Bluetooth audio

Riding is already very tired, and I have no mood to adjust the song. I used it only when there were many flat land a few days ago, and it was quite heavy.


4. Short -sleeved riding service

The weather is cold and can hardly wear it directly.

As a quick -drying layer, pockets are hindered, it is better to wear fast -drying clothes without pockets

5. Sleeve

Overlap with the function of the skin, it is not as reliable as the skin clothing


About high anti -anti

High -reverse appeared mainly a few days ago, and there were light and heavy. If you feel a headache, it is because the plateau does not accept you, or it is reliable as soon as possible.

High anti -countermeasures will occur when the “oxygen consumption suddenly increases”. For example, if you walk, and then suddenly run and sprint, the oxygen consumption will increase sharply, and the brain will be uncomfortable for a while, and the brain will not be uncomfortable.

Don’t suddenly accelerate, suddenly stand up and wait, slowly do movement, just after your body adapts.

Also pay special attention to eating regularly. Once the body lacks energy, it will be uncomfortable instantly. Seeing pharmacies can buy some glucose powder to help quickly supplement energy. The price is not expensive. It is our good friend.

About security

1. The medicine should be placed in a position that is convenient for removing and fixed, and at the same time, tell your companions

2. It is recommended to make an emergency contact card and send it to your companion, which should be indicated above

Real name, blood type, past medical history, history of allergies, emergency contacts

Once an accident occurs, you may save your life

3. Wear helmets throughout the journey! Do not prevent the car still to prevent falling stones!

4. Be sure to go down the mountain slowly

5. Silent center thought: “

I’m here to travel, not here to live

“, Physical discomfort and physical strength, it should be called rescue and rescue, your own life is the most important

PS: The egg that I know after I go: “What is the picture” is really impolite?