Don’t wear “thin leg pants” in summer, the cropped pants are thin and long legs, stylish and versatile and temperament

The heat of summer shorts has continued to rise, but its design sometimes stuck in the knee position, which is easy to make the calves look stout. Girls who are more concerned about this aspect do not have to use shorts with various items in summer. If the legs are thick, you can use suit pants to create a thin effect of legs, and you can also make you more capable and mature temperament.


The style of suit pants is stable and mature, but it does not mean that it can only be in line with such styles. As long as the color is selected well, the tops of various designs can be combined with it as a whole.

Most classic

Black suit pants

, Never fall behind, never be outdated, the versatile effect of the color is extremely strong. In combination with a leisure T -shirt in the upper body, the style of style can be used to reduce the old sense of oldness it contains.


In addition to the advantages of suit pants, in addition to allowing women to create a strong aura, it will also bring unparalleled obstruction effects to your legs, which is a thin role that people like.


Suit pants

It is very in place for the modification of the leg shape. It can quickly shrink the lines through the shape of the pants, and the suit pants have obvious lines. The vertical texture can have a stretching effect.


The suit pants itself will bring obvious neat style because of the relationship between the version settings. No matter what the appearance of the appearance, it will not affect the display of its characteristics. Black and white suit pants are extremely popular, and white is more fresh than black.

Such as this

Green T -shirt

It cooperates with white suit pants, green and white, which can greatly reduce the maturity of the suit pants itself.

When using suit pants in summer, you can adopt a naked ankle design, that is, the form of a pooling pants nine -point pants to wrap the thigh position, and it will not expose any curve. In addition, the suit pants itself have the advantages of strong compatibility capabilities. Various short boards such as tolerant legs and thick legs are more than enough.


This white suit pants are matched with the same color T -shirt, but the T -shirt has a waist design, which leads to a good sense of body proportion. In combination with black pointed high -heeled shoes, this extended effect on the proportion of the lower body will be more prominent.

The surgery of suit pants is somewhat similar in terms of pants, and even forms a fixed length, and the color is variables, which is convenient for girls to change at any time to maintain different styles.

Khaki suit pants

It can break through the sense of restraint, break the professional attributes of suit pants, and create a gentle image. Like this khaki pants, it matches the same color high -heeled shoes to integrate a few soft sense.

When controlling suit pants, it is very outstanding in modifying the legs, but if you want to reflect the high effect, you still have to pay attention to whether the balance between upper body clothing and suit pants can be in place.


For example, controlling short T -shirts, highlighting the waistline, it will be more likely to look aesthetic and slender leg lines than wearing a wide long top. And this way of dressing will not feel procrastinating, but it makes individuals look very neat.

Compared with a variety of color systems that have no bright effects, you can try to try a bit of sexy color as much as possible in summer. It will not affect the thin effect on the suit pants, but it will have your color combination ability capabilities. Request.

It’s like this

Yellow suit pants


Its color is a bit light type, and it will not have a fluorescent eye -catching effect or too eye -catching. With the black T -shirt, this method is also very natural and comfortable.

Among all colors, the black and white gray three colors can be commonly used in various occasions, and there are no age restrictions. The same is true for suit pants, but it is more gray compared to black and white, which can combine the advantages of both of them to maintain the characteristics of mature but not dull.


Gray suit pants,

It can help the leg shape to obtain stretching and straightening, especially for people with obvious calf belly, it is also a artifact to modify the leg shape. With a white top, the color combination of color is simple and atmospheric.

When using gray suit pants, we must also consider the balance with the shirt and the combination of shoes. When you hope that the shape is comfortable, the shoes you can cooperate can be small white shoes and sneakers. If you want to keep a little mature feeling, the design with the heel is more suitable.

This gray suit pants can be

Reveal the ankle

This is also the slender position in everyone’s legs. After presenting it, there is a sense of stretching of the lower body. If you combine the design high -heeled sandals, you can set out this stretching effect more obvious.


In summer, you don’t have to rely on shorts to create a variety of wear. Although the style of suit pants is longer than it, because the pants can be slightly wider, there is no burden or obvious constraints to wear.

This gray suit pants can be combined with a printed T -shirt. The main style of the two items runs counter to the style, combined with harmony and certain recognition. Coupled with the tolerance ability of the gray suit itself, you can choose your favorite T -shirt color.


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