“Sweater+skirt” is the top spring of early spring

Recently, there are no melons to eat in the entertainment industry. Do you have any sisters who want to chat! Everyone together

It feels great about chatting with skin care+expression pack!

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“Dressing in March and August”

In the cold and hot season of early spring, I feel that wearing whatever is not as good as our old partner.


Comfortable ~

CR: a bottle of purple potato milk

After all, the sweater is too capable, and in the face of changing weather, it can be flexed and stretched.


Cold can stack warm, hot skirt.

CR: Wang Jiali Suki/Wang Jiali Suki


With various skirts

No matter what body or occasion, you can stand up!

CR: Is it Xuzhier/JJ///lamb?

Today is the first issue

“Love Story of Sweater and Skirts”

, See who your sweater and CP!

To ask

Sweater and skirt

How much matching, I feel that they are young bamboo horses, not to mention 80%, and 90%!

Just take it together, and there are parents on both sides to go up!

CR: Bold pineapple

So when you don’t know what skirts are matched with a sweater,

The skirt must be the first place

Intersection She is also a frequent visitor to go out of the street in early spring ~

CR: Tang Miaoyu/Lin Shiqi nicki/A sister

Of course, sweater skirts cannot be selected casually!

Especially sweaters, the best choice

The printing is slightly larger and the position is on the position


Style, the whole person

The center of gravity moved up instantly

, The little or pear -shaped figure quickly copied this job ~


Like many sisters voicing the short Oversize sweater,

With a short skirt, make up for the shortcomings

~ Covering the hidden meat is high! It is also more youthful than wearing trousers!


CR: Xiao Hu wants to eat planer ice


Round face or short neck

Sisters, remember to stack a shirt in the sweater, or choose the style of Polo directly.

Qian Mimi extended her chest lines!


The neck is long and the face is small

, Details We must be in place ~

CR: Xiao Jiao Genius/Xiao Hu wants to eat planer ice

In the past two years, the American -style campus style that has burst into fire and has continued heat is adapted to this combination.




Pure -colored or checkered,

It feels like “Gossip Girl” next second


CR: Liangzi

If you want to be a bit sweet, you can pick

Hip -in A -line skirt


Be sure to try a try

You will find that the recessed curve is so simple ~

CR: Sanjiayi


The choice of shoes is more free!

Sports shoes or Lefu shoes


All ~

However, if you want to be more dressed as a whole, remember

Socks choose rough knitted texture

In actual life, taking pictures or actual life are both fashionable!


CR: Akitten.mggie/a sheep

What should mature lovers look like?


I want to give this profound problem 要 要 要 要

Sweater suit skirt

: Together with 200%, separation is still a beautiful individual ~

CR: Card Dai San

Athflow, which started last year, still caught people’s attention to this year. I guess it must be because of this

Bi (BU) than (yong) Shu (da) service (PEI) ~

Although the combination of sweater+pants is very filming,



Set, the hot girl index is soaring to 200%!

CR: Lee Tou

Although it is well matched, I recommend the best choice

The sweater is short, and the waistline is suspended!

Not only is it friendly to the slightly fat girl, but also

Visual optimization ratio


The effect is in place than the physical pads!

If you can still show your stomach, you haven’t had time to reduce the work.

Small belly, meat thighs can be hidden in A -line skirts in the lower body

A whole perfect COVER live!

CR: Yoshida Kaizi Vicky/Marigolds


The waistline alone is not enough to become a C position! Some careful brands will do some on the waist and abdomen

Tighten or bind

the design of,


While emphasizing thin waist, abstinence is full!

CR: yayin./ Bear Sweet Ni

Others will do something at the hem of the skirt

Small open split

Don’t underestimate it, the effect of pulling the leg is quite good!

Although this kind of set does not need to consider the color matching, it


Details are best to control

for example


Hat of the same color or the same color

, Strengthen the sports atmosphere; or

Cross -body bag

, Write youth into the DNA of LOOK ~

CR: Edage99/Mizuno Qinzi

If you don’t want to buy a new one,

It can also get with old sweaters to get ~

The top can

Form the natural curl edge

It happens to cooperate with the popular trend this year! After changing it, it is just a matter of judgment ~

CR: _Elsz

The reason why many sisters love and hate sweaters are -showing fat, then I think you must have never seen it

Sweater and H -shaped skirt

This pair of CP is thin enough to doubt your eyes ~


CR: Mao Mao

After all


It will narrow the lower body visually


Small meat and imperfect leg shape

They are all friendly ~

CR: Cool Cool Gate/Tianzi Riko

But when these two match,

Very easy to lose proportions


But don’t panic! Want


Overall optimization, at the same time it looks fashionable

, I can say a basket of small tips ~


The most basic thing is to add a reconnaire–

White T


CR: sssslin

When you wear a white edge, a small detail can improve the overall proportion a lot!


CR: Blue Blue_/Movement Movement


Choose a split skirt directly

, Create new eye -eye Point ~

Compared to the latter, I admire it even more


Positive & side split

, Let your legs look up, only the split is as thin as possible ~ (Legs and meat girls focus on !!)

CR: Caulian Lord/Paper Zhang-

So, we are still working on color!

The contrasting color or shallow and deep


, Can all be able to divert the proportion of attention ~

Use dark color to create natural visual contraction effects!


CR: Fanfan Da Moon/Meat Ancient Tea 🍵/AAAAXBBB


If these above feel too difficult, you can also add some in the matching


Bright bags, hats, shawls




Small problems that are ignored ~

CR: Short -legged Aunt/Movement/It is a virtual branch


Sisters asked me before:

Why can’t I wear it when I enter the workplace?

I don’t want to wear it like to sell insurance, I think


Sweater+hard fabric


The skirt grasped this degree just ~

CR: Syri

There are elements of age reduction, and at the same time, there are hard fabrics that can show attitude! Combining hard and hard, the fashionable essence on ins all loves this ~

CR: Haruka Sauce Sauce/Wang Xingzi Sauce/Jelly_kitty

Insert a:

What are the hard fabrics?


Denim, leather, workwear, suit, woolen son

Wait, they are bias, not only tolerance, but also ingeniously modifying!


CR: Dog Brother 164.4


You can choose what you have for a stiff fabric!

The most daily wear should be

Denim skirt


Let’s have introduced it many times before. This time I passed first. Remember to go shopping just right!


CR: It is a virtual branch

These two years

Leather skirt

I returned to the fashionable field again and wanted to wear a supermodel. Let’s say don’t let it go ~

CR: VERAN201711/What is iced


Because the leather skirt itself is quite feminine, when it is matched, if you want to be less mature, you can use some

Hard item



Boots, square bags, etc.

, And with a trace of handsomeness ~

CR: VCJessica/Guru face

In addition, I still recommend everyone to try



Essence The road you have traveled will become a daily street shooting road.

The length is basically the ankle

Help you resist the cold of early spring!

Avoid being said to be arthritis!

CR: Haruka sauce sauce

Daily commuting is also very convenient ~ I put on a hat if I have time to sleep too late at night,


The super -installed canvas bag or Tot bag on the back

The entire look is very good!

CR: Eggggs/is a virtual branch

-The end-

Speaking of the item of sweaters, it is loved by people! No matter what style you usually like to wear, you can’t escape the “law of sweaters”.

Can learn from the daily, grab the horse, Ke Mengmei, and the sister of Ke Yu, quickly learn! Which set of sweater do you like best?

I will choose a messy message to send the essence of Perlaya!


Female health topic

Don’t show your ankle anymore


What kind of animal you are?

Domestic goods yyds

The whole spring! Bleak

CR: Bold pineapple





CR: Card Dai San

for example