Are you still using leather money to buy fake skin? Xiaobian teaches you to easily distinguish between true and false leather clothes


With the rapid development of the economy, there are more and more people wearing leather jackets, especially in the north. Because the weather is relatively cold, almost the lowest person’s leather jacket, however There are many people, but there are very few people who really know the leather clothes. I accidentally spent the leather money to buy fake leather clothes. Today, I will take you to understand the distinction of authentic leather. From then on, I will not spend any money!

There are many ways to distinguish between true and false skin, such as looking at lines, pores, feel, texture, etc., but for novices, you can only distinguish 99%of authentic leather clothes. The following editors will introduce it in detail.

Each leather jacket will have a placket (one in front of the zipper is called a placket or a button on the button). The placket is positive and negative. The outside is the front. There are leather and fake skin, so the focus is on, what is the leather, and what is the fake skin. The part is made of corner materials, so there is almost no whole leather as a placket, because the whole skin will be placed outside the leather coat. The purpose is to be beautiful. It is a whole, because the fake skin is made by artificial processing, and the length can be controlled, so the fake skin is a whole placket under normal circumstances. Some people may have doubts. This trick can really be able to Is 100%distinguished authentic leather? I have already said that it can be distinguished by 99%. I have been engaged in the leather goods industry for ten years. So far, I have encountered a whole placket used in leather, so the accuracy rate can be completely rest assured. I am asking everyone to look at the pattern!

No one leather clothes are exactly the same as the whole clothes texture, that is, the texture of each part of a leather leather jacket will be different. Some places are thick.


The left and right lines are obviously different

Obviously, the left and right lines in the picture are different. In fact, the pattern of each piece of leather in the leather is different, because they are from different parts of the animals, and the fake leather is just the opposite. So its lines are exactly the same as the following figure

The entire line is exactly the same


How do you learn? Is it very simple? In fact, there are many ways, but the editor thinks that these two tricks are the simplest ways for newcomers. I hope to help you!