Warm Winter Day | White single product interprets the sense of girl feel pure and soft

How to dress in winter? Compared to the handsome and sexy European and American Fan, it seems that the pure and beautiful Japanese style is more suitable for gentle Chinese women, and the simple and generous look is pretty easy to learn.

How can I lack the winter experience brought by white items in winter? The warm, pure and elegant pure white look is properly revealed in this snow season.


Inner class


White sweater × quiet blue hair woolen skirt

Simple white knitted sweater cuffs are full of cuteness. With the most popular tranquil blue hair skirt this year, the overall look is more vivid.


White sweater × ruffled skirt


Pure white and light blue are the best combination of Japanese pure beautiful style. The beautiful and clean thick needle twist sweater with a quiet blue ruffled skirt is playful. The lively white pure beautiful shape is also very good.

Plush white knit sweater × white skirt

The furry dress like a rabbit makes people want to get close to you to touch you. With the same color short skirt or skirt, the sweetness of mixing princess skirts through the slightly seductive princess skirt will definitely make the male ticket around you love to death.

White lace -up sweater × red bag hip skirt

The butterfly tie of the white knitted sweater has a slightly Sexy girly feeling. It is purely sexy with a beautifully sexy bun skirt with the body. Choosing a soft lotus leaf decoration is the key to creating a pure beauty shape.


White knitted cardigan × light color dress

In addition to the knitted sweater, knitted cardigan is also an essential matching item in winter. The white knitted cardigan is born with a soft and gentle temperament. It has a light -colored dress inside. The overall style must be sweet and cute.

White sweater × tea color gauze skirt


Simple plain color matching is the combination of the most prominent girl’s temperament. The gentle and romantic tea color gauze skirt is naturally not delicate. The loose basic white sweater with the tea color gauze skirt is a gentle and elegant little woman ~


White tall shirt × lace skirt

When white and lace meet, there is a change in pure white. The cute white short sweater can best highlight the fresh taste. With the gradient skirt of the lady style, it is full of fairy skirts!

White look of the whole body


The original marshmallow is sweet and soft, just like pure white items, no matter how mixed and matching, it will not make an error. The overall white on white is perfectly echoed by small details.



White knitted set × light color series hat

The white knitted set is inherently with a strong pure girl style. The light color of Mengmei’s heart will continue to be popular this year. Applying such a cute color into a soft white knitted suit in the hat decoration will be used. Provides one more choice to add playfulness.


White loose knitwear × retro glasses


You must have a pure and beautiful white sweater like a girl. The random and generous loose style is matched with round lenses to perform retro ribbons in pure beauty.

White rabbit hair sweater × gray scarf


The gray -wide wool scarf deep shades of the atmospheric geometric patterns, around the neck, with a warm and clean white rabbit woolen sweater, gentle and atmospheric, girls who refuse to refuse the sweet wind can learn from.


White long sweater × white socks


The pure and lovely girl shape will make people feel at first sight. The simple and clean white long sweater with white socks is fresh and beautiful! ~


White short jacket × same color dress

The same color of white on and white is very popular this year. Pay attention to the comparison of different materials to increase the sense of layering. The ALL White shape added to the white dress makes the overall look more girly.

White suede coat × bright color high -heeled shoes

暖冬日|白色单品演绎少女感清纯柔美1/snidel麻花毛衣 9072日元

In winter, you must not miss the coat. At this time, the white suede style of the woolen fabric is very novel. The shape of the white environmentally friendly fur is noble and atmospheric, and the bright colors are decorated in the details. Essence


If you say that so many white items can’t be bought at all, then I recommend girls to start a white knitted bottoming shirt. The pure knitted fabric is simple and generous. The overall winter look is full! ❤❤❤

Create a purely beautiful modeling single product recommendation:

1/SNIDEL Tingle sweater 9072 yen


2/mango white knitted top new products are not priced

3/zara white turtleneck sweater 299 yuan

Titty & Co gray rabbit hair pearl earrings 2484 yen

1/lily brown white long coat 30,240 yen

2/Snidel White Fur Decoration Liecelon 37800 yen

1/Ank-Rouge light pink knitted beret 3,500 yen

2/Buona GIORORNATA white hair ball knitting cap 4,600 yen

3/gyda light blue butterfly ribbon 5990 yen

4/NENET Pink orange thread knitted hat 7560 yen

Superme.la.la.la Ball ball decorative handbag new products are not priced

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