Thirty years ago, there was a kind of “sleeping bamboo bed” in the south. Do you remember?



Introduction: How did Sanfu Tian spend 20 or thirty years ago? There is a kind of “sleeping bamboo bed” in the south, do you remember?

The summer solstice solar terms have arrived, which means that the hot sky is coming. As the saying goes, “Summer solstice in San Geng countlessly”, the third “Gengri” after the summer solstice is “Sanfu Sky”, which is the hottest period of the year. The “coldness in Sanjiu, hot in the three volts”, the hottest period of the hottest and coldest period of the year.

Today’s living standards have improved a lot, and every family has a fan, and even many people in the countryside have installed air conditioners. However, in the 1980s and 1990s, two or 30 years ago, the rural areas in many places had not been powered on, and air conditioners and fans were even more dare not think of home appliances.

How did the hot Sanfu Tian spend it? In fact, there was a kind of “sleeping bamboo bed” in the south at that time. Do you remember it?


Bamboo bed, one of the three treasures in the countryside

In the south, even summer is much hotter than the northern region. In rural areas 20 years ago, there are three treasures in the summer. It is estimated that many people can say that the fan and mosquito nets can actually have a very important furniture, that is, a bamboo bed.


It may not be seen in the northern region. After all, it is not as hot as the south in the summer, and the bamboo in the northern region is rare, so many people do not know what the bamboo bed is.


Bamboo bed, as the name suggests, is a simple bed made of bamboo, while smart southerners will get materials on the spot. After all, there are bamboo in many places in the south. The bamboo mats are much practical, and the hot days sleeping on it is very cool.

Twenty or thirty years ago, most families in rural areas had a bamboo bed. It is also a “summer artifact” necessary for many families, but now it is very rare.


Do you know why?

“Sanfu Tian” bamboo bed in hand in hand in large field

I am a post -70s person, but I have a deep impression on the bamboo bed. It can be said that the summer time is always inseparable from the bamboo bed.

As soon as you enter the “June”, people with bamboo beds in the village will lift the bamboo beds on the attic and clean it, and it will start to accompany the family for several months.

It is also because of the bamboo bed, even Sanfu Tian will not feel hot.

Whenever the sun is about to go down the mountain, the children will start to be active. They will carry their bamboo beds to the yard, or on the open space in front of the room. Most of them are under some big trees. There are rivers in some villages, and that is the most ideal “holy place”.

Some villages are relatively large. You can see dozens of bamboo beds outside the night. Every family does not close the households at night. It is very spectacular and lively.

This place is quite sought after. Children have to occupy the site in advance, because at that time, they were cooling outside in summer, unlike the air -conditioning “Ge You lying” at home. The children took a bath early, and went to the yard and the village on the ground for dinner. The bamboo bed is often discharged together. Adults gathered on the bamboo bed to say that some short things among parents will also tell the children some stories.

At that time, parents would tell stories very much, always have various strange stories, and many of them would say what they saw.

When the children are tired, they will climb on the bamboo bed to rest, or play games in a bamboo bed. Most of them are listening to adults, or watching stars and catching fireflies. I clearly remember that at the time, the elders told me how to identify the Beidou seven stars, and if I recognized the direction through the stars.

By the time of eight or nine o’clock, the family also squeezed directly on the bamboo bed. Just sleep directly outside, not moving home to sleep. Although there are mosquitoes outdoors, it is much cooler than indoor. And there were no mosquito coils at the time. They used some earth -to -site methods to drive mosquitoes. Parents would occasionally use Pu Fan to drive mosquitoes.


Think about the sound of the frog lying on the bamboo bed at the time, watching the stars, accompanied by the sound of the Pu Fan of the parents, this picture is so beautiful, but it is unfortunately it is difficult to see it now.

I don’t know if it was not as hot as the current summer at that time, or the bamboo bed was really cool. Often, I still had to cover the quilt until the middle of the night, otherwise it would really be a bit cool. And many children can’t sleep at home, but they can sleep on the bamboo bed.

Many parents were worried that their children were cold and slept outside the night. When they woke up the next day, they found that they were sleeping on the bed at home, and this was all their parents woke up and took them back.

Some people who are particular about will also explain the children. When they are dark, they use well water to scrub the bamboo beds. Originally, the bamboo bed was bamboo, very cool, and scrubbed it with well water. Sitting on it, or lying on it, it would be cooler. Sometimes it can sprinkle some water to avoid dust and cool down. In order to cool, at the time, many families had to eat and take a nap on the bamboo bed.

It is also because the bamboo bed is light and convenient. If you do n’t need it, you can put it on the attic and put it away. It is too practical. Many families will try to buy a bamboo bed twenty or thirty years ago.

Now this scene is rare


In the past summer, there were many people who came to the yard in the courtyard. Adults gathered together to talk about their homes, and children chased to make trouble, catching fireflies, catching and hiding, etc., very lively. Even if there are mosquitoes in the yard, just use a fan to fan a fan, and rarely hear people complain about the weather.

But now the level of living has improved, every family has a fan, and many families have air conditioners. However, many people are talking about too hot, and it seems that they can’t live if they leave the fan and air conditioners. So few people went outside to get cold.

Even in the countryside, they are blowing air -conditioning in their own house, watching TV and playing with mobile phones, and even children don’t like to go out and play.

It is also for these reasons that the bamboo bed seems to have been unable to play a role, and it is basically replaced by sofas, air conditioners, and fans.

Therefore, it is difficult to see who has a bamboo bed in the countryside. Because the demand is not large, it is difficult to buy a bamboo bed now.


A few days ago, my friend asked me to buy him a bamboo bed. I asked many people to buy it because no one had produced it.

Dear friends, have you been called “sleeping bamboo beds” in your childhood? It is estimated that you have slept at least 40! Welcome to leave a message!

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