Who can save the Yuanshen? How to find the spiritual light in life! # #

Those who are sitting are needed for twelve hours, sitting and sitting in the middle, all the movements in the middle, the heart is like Taishan, and the four doors are broken: the eyes, ears, mouth, and nose, do not make the outside scene inside. But there is a slightest motion, that is, not named sitting. —— “The 15th theory of Chongyang Lijiao”

Everything has Taoism


Everything has a thing that is inseparable, that is, Taoism.

Either butterflies or flying birds, we are dealing with everything every day. This everything is not just a person, except for viviparous, eggs, and transformation. Many sentient beings who have lives are invisible beings, and invisible sentient beings do not mean that it does not exist. In addition to yin and yang mixing the human body, we also have a wish of Chengxian.

Immortal is a kind of higher than us, and there are lower than us, in the dark.


We can also enjoy the sun, we can waste, enjoy, listen to music, and watch movies. But those living beings in the ghost world are as good as the year, and they can’t see a little light in their lives.

How do ghosts live? It’s as if in the haze day, gray, everyone is walking down, you are fighting for me, you are cold, want to eat, your throat is blocked, his throat is as thin as hair, diet is difficult to swallow, uncomfortable, and there are still inside your belly. A mouthful of resentment, swelling like watermelon, and could not vomit, this is an objective existence, all in the space -time we are in.

Tracking is to find the Taoism of Foreign things

As for whether you can feel, can you see that it is because of our physical and mental fascination. So we have to meditate, who to meditate, and how to fight, and to meditate on those things that are inseparable from all things.

You and the butterflies outside, the bugs you walked around, you and the puppies downstairs, you and these things have nothing to do, that is, Taoism. Not just tangible life, but also invisible life.

Including some plants, flying dives, what we can see and perceive is in the wrapping of Taoism, and at the same time, it also contains Taoism. This is what we want to fight.

There is a saying that the capture of the thief must capture the king. Everyone can’t find how to fight, just like the two armies fighting, there are too many soldiers and horses, drowsy, you hit me, I hit you, most of the deaths and injuries, the victory and defeat, and the entanglement. Wrong, like a soldier in the war, is actually very blame. At that time, he had no honor and disgrace at all, or the honor of the home country. Even the purpose of a war may not be there. Say why I hit him. He is forced by the environment, just like you are in the environment and pushed away by the environment. He is blank.


Get the innate life with the heavens and the earth

For him, what I want is actually very simple, that is, I have to fight, and only in this way can I live. Even the whole spirit is numb. The same is true for meditation. What do we seize with God with God? Take our congenital destiny and take our true nature.


We were corrupted by material things, and the true nature was blocked. We have to take it back, take away our things, protect our homeland, protect our true owner, and protect our country. The person.

Don’t be taken away by those foreign objects. I want to fight with these illusion and fake things brought by the eyes and ear nose. There is no way. There is no direction. This battle is very confusing, chaotic, and bitter. It is easy to get myself in it, and there are many and many people around them. The questions and connections between three and five inquiries are missed. After walking, what do you say, he quoted his qi, cited, and couldn’t get up and couldn’t come up, holding it in his brain.


Another person just said two days ago. He studied inside and turned his eyes up. As a result, there was a problem, the eyeballs were incorrect, and God couldn’t go back. These are not joking.

Who can save the Yuanshen?

You are not in line with the atmosphere of nature at four o’clock. The medicine can be cured. The medicine contains five elements.

You broke the Yuanshen, and you messed up the three souls and seven souls. What should I do? If you ca n’t save it, you ca n’t save it. It ’s not anyone who ca n’t save it. The fairy ca n’t save it. The most terrible disease. Therefore, it is not as if the Wanjun melee just mentioned, and it was dull and confused. So how do you fight this battle?


Let’s watch “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms”, watch some other kung fu films, and the thirty -six schemes also talk about capture king. This king is our innate foundation, that is, all things contain this Taoism. In other words, it is your parents before you have you, then you go to find you, what is your parents before you have you, you have not formed an embryo in the mother’s body, the three souls and seven souls have not fallen, he is already in he It’s right.

Then go to find it, in other words, leave this, wait for you to have this shape, everything you want to be attached is fake. It’s all fantasy, all of which are magic.

The innate light

Do not fall into dust, clear and clear, as a person, from the moment of birth, starting with the a little bit more spiritual light.

For this innate light, this is all the practitioners. Whether he is practicing saints or cultivation, it is or what religion is or other religions. Thousands of people looking for things with life are the innate light.

And this spiritual light is a manifestation in the human body.

It is never born, and it will always be there, just when you are reborn, it will be contaminated, dirty, dirty, but it is still there, just like water, you add dirty things, it is Still. It’s just that it has changed. After changing the color, you found that it found that it was dirty. It could not see that its light transmittance changed, but it had never left. Everything cannot leave this Taoism. Whether there is life or no life, it does not exist after leaving.

Including us, we can even think that time and space are the expression of divineness and the embodiment of Taoism. In other words, everything we see is the scriptures, and it is expressing that thing. Then go to find it, where is the porch who knows? No, no down, no left, no right, no inside, no outside.

At the same time, at the same time, everything is everything. Sometimes we talk about sexual merit and fate. “Taishang Laojun said Chang Qingjing Sutra” is a collection of sexual skills.

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